Snippet In My Life: What Happened All Last Week While I Wasn't Blogging

Hey you guys!!! *waves* Last has been hectic, so I suppose that I am going to have to write up a short summary about what has happened in the last week, starting last Saturday.

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Saturday- went to the the 2nd annual young writers' conference that my town hosts. I thought that it wasn't going to be great, since the one last year was kind of solemn like. But I got to learn so much more about writing in those four hours that I was there, from how to make characters that readers would love to catching the readers' attention from the beginning. Got to eat pizza and lots of COOKIES!!! I'm so happy. And the best part is, I knew some people from my school that were there, so I was not alone!!!

Sunday- Last day at my church Sunday School classes for this year, so we had to wrap it up. We got to play this really fun game and have lots of brownies.

Monday- It was a normal school day, but I had to work on an online project. Oh, and I wrote 5,000 words for Camp NaNoWriMo!!!!

Tuesday- Got to play games and have freetime in seventh period.

Wednesday- Sang a lot in fifth period with my friends! (Our teacher strongly dislikes noise of any sort.)

Thursday- I laughed in fourth period, even though I claimed that because of the negative atmosphere in the room, I couldn't laugh.

Friday- Our homework and classwork for classes? Go and watch movies because we worked hard to get our grades up high!!!