Hope Is More Than Just A Word

What is the first thing that you think of when you hear the word “hope”? Do you think of the the girl who is at school, that you may have heard of or just seen around? Or the word that you of, but never really thought of before? Or is it something else?
     Well, to me, hope is very important. It’s more than just a word-- it’s an important emotion that we all feel.
     Hope is what makes people believe that a loved one is still alive or can make it through, when it doesn’t seem like it’s possible. Hope is what makes people look to the future, like the people affected by this week’s tornado. Hope is the thing that leave DGs who aren’t chosen for the summit yet still believe that they have a chance (like me!).It’s the thing that keeps book characters striving until the end. It’s the thing that keeps the people doing state tests and finals right now going strong from the start to the finish. Hope is the belief that at the end of the clouds, there’s always the sun there. That there is a rainbow at the end of the storm.
     And hope is important, more than you think.
     It’s more than just a word-- it’s an important feeling that keeps us going strong.