A Little Update...

Okay. guys, I've been super busy because finals are coming up, so for the next few times I post, I will have short ones, like this.
     I'm so happy. I got one thousand views on this blog!
     I'm contriubuting to two different blogs. More on that later.
     I had my dance recital and my cousins's birthday party. I wish I could show you guys, but all of the pictures are blurry because of the movement.
    It was Mother's Day on Sunday! My mom is awesome.
    And I am going on an end-of-the-year field trip. We're not allowed to bring cameras, so I'll post about it when I can.
     Most importantly, I finally came to embrace and truly know how being diverse and unique is important. More on that in another blog post soon.
One of the blogs I am contributing to have something to do with rainbows....