The Transcript of the Not-So-Average Call From The Scary Teacher

Hullo everyone. What I am about to show you is a transcript from the phone call I got from a teacher (which I sadly had to pick up) and answer. Not exactly something that happens everyday, does it? But before I show that, I have to explain some things.

First off, I'm using cover names. So:

Lion = my brother
Dawn= Me (Dawn will be covering as my actual nickname)
Voices = my homeroom teacher (and language arts)

Secondly, I need to tell you about my language arts teacher a bit. He's athletic; tall, yet whenever he shouts, his face is red, which I suppose earns him the description that everyone calls him sometimes: a "cherry on a toothpick." He also read, and is on his phone a lot, even during passing time. Once, some people in my class caught him on his Twitter account. But he can be very mean too; he gave a detention once to someone who was smiling at him. If I had to pair him up with a book character from a book/manga, it would probably be Mr. Take from ChocoMimi.


Voices (on phone): Hello?

Lion: ....

Voices (on phone): Hello?
Voices (on phone): This is Voices, Dawn’s fourth period language arts teacher.
Dawn: Uh.... um....
Voices: Is this Mrs. Time?
Dawn: No, it isn’t, because my parents aren’t home right now. You’re speaking to Dawn!
Voices: Oh, Dawn. Where’s your parents?
Dawn: ....... They’re not available. Sighs. Look, is this about the writing thing?
Voices: What writing thing?
Dawn: (to herself), No one was supposed to know that I write! (To Voices), .....Um..... d’you know the poster that you hung up in your room?
Voices: The what?
Dawn: The poster that you hung up in your room for the writing thing? Well, I signed up for it.
Voices: That’s cool.
Dawn: Yeah--
Voices (interrupting): I’m calling about the vocab.
Dawn: Oh.
Voices: Will your mom pick up if I call her phone?
Dawn: She’s at work, so I don’t know.
Voices: I’ll just leave a message.
Dawn: Okay. Bye, I guess.
Voices: Bye.

*end of transcript*