The Positive Party

Hullo, everyone! Once again, I'm back after several days of being gone from the blogging world due to various reasons and my hectic schedule. Just two more weeks until track and field is Do you guys love the new background and header? It's made by Emma Kate of The Ramblings of Emma. She makes awesome designs, by the way. :D

Well, yesterday, I was planning to blog about something else, when my dad interrupted me and said that it was his friend's child's second birthday and that the party was at a play studio inside the university mall. He told me and my brother to come along, because he's the godfather of his friend's child and that his friend's stepdaughter, who is my age, would . Both of us decided to come along, of course, since we had nowhere to go over the course of our weekend.

When we got there, my eyes just grew wide and my jaw dropped. It was awhile since I last been to the university mall, and several things surprised me. First off, it stood in the place where my favorite science store used to stand. Later did I realize that the store closed down. The other thing that surprised me was the studio itself. It was for the younger kids. That part didn't surprise me, of course, until my dad said, "Go on in and play."

I was surprised. Play? Here? I took a deep breathe in. I knew that I had to be a good sport for my dad. So, trying to must all of the courage that I had, I stepped inside, and walked in.

There were adults that were also party guests playing with their kids. I stood there nervously, uncertain about what to do, when the birthday girl's mom came up to me, handed my a crazy headband and told me to loosen up. "Just go play," she said. "There's some things in your childhood that you can experience here again." So I walked around, and drew on the blackboards that were available.

I guess when everyone said that it was time to dress up did I really begin to loosen up. Adults, too, were not embarrassed by the fact that they were dressed up in cowboy outfits and tutus; in fact, they seemed rather cool about it. In the end, I began to dress up. Luckily, I had my camera so that way I could take pictures of the event! (My parents are letting my post pictures of myself, just for today.)

In the end, when we had to leave, I do have to admit that I really enjoyed the experience. I was really happy about, though, that I took in my time there positively. And we must look at everything in the world positively, don't we? Because out of there, that's how we see the goodness that's in everyone and in everything, right?