I Grew! Sorta...

Hi, everyone.

First, I must apologize. Track and Field has just started, and this week were the finals who I have to spend with my fourth period teacher, aka my homeroom teacher. Long story short, everyone doesn't like him because he shouts, is a gym teacher for sixth period. No one really likes him much (and yeah, I admit, I used to not like him) but I'm starting to realize he's actually pretty nice. :D Oh yes, and I must sadly add on homework, my extra-curricular activities out in the community. (I still have to finish up my article for the local teen magazine that's going to come out.)

Now, onto business. Remember how I was at the beginning of my blog? That timid little girl who, in real life, is afraid to speak out? I was very uncertain even how to begin my first blog post, and I wasn't even able start off right!

But thanks to my lovely followers and anonymous viewers.... I have five-hundred page views! Yay! And I all have to thank it too all of you followers and lovely readers. Thank you, so, so much for making this all so possible, reaching 500 views. I actually have 542 views, to be exact.

I, along with this blog, have grown too. I am now a lot more outgoing, for one thing, and I'm growing close ties with batch of people in my second and fifth period class. Sadly, some of them I may never see again, because they said they may move. :(

Another thing that I'm happy about is that I am getting my confidence and leadership skills back, I think. Today, at track practice, was a fun day, where we got to do things that would apparently help us work out too. There was a four-way tug war, and I had to not only scream "PULL!", I also was one of the few who was screaming out instructions and how we would win.

Sadly, I must go today. See ya!


  1. Hello! And thanks for your comment on my character's blog (everybody talks but me).
    Also congrats on getting over 500 views, and getting your confidence and leadership skills back.
    I'm still in the stage where I don't have those (confidence and leadership skills) back, quite yet. But maybe it will come back one day.
    Also, have a wonderful day/night.

  2. Aw I'm glad blogging has helped you grow as a person! I've been blogging for about three quarters of a year, and it has really made me proud to be a complete nerd! :D I love your blog background by the way! :D

    1. Thanks Ruby! :D I still need to follow your blog... I'll do that right now.


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