"A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words..."

You know, sometimes, I think, that pictures speak louder than words. So, I am modifying my posts and now, I am going to show some pictures that I have taken throughout my day!

Today, it was snowing. Hard. The snow where I live was almost all melted, and the next thing you know, we were hit by a mild snowstorm! It was snowing hard, and ice sickles were trickling down the edge of my roof...

Ice sickles, taken by me!

A really pretty ice sickle taken by my brother!

And now, for  the things that I did inside my house...

The time stamp on my computer is off, but.... it's a
muffin I made during Home Ec.!


  1. Hey Abby! :) I just read your about me page, and saw that you like the Harry Potter series. I love it too! :-)

    1. Also, you are so lucky that it snowed! :) It never snows here in Texas...haha ;) And you are so pretty <3


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