Women's Day: Shine Brightly Women!

Today is Women's Day! Yahoo! This is the day that we celebrate wonderful woman and all of the things that we have accomplished throughout the past few centuries.

Now, there is one woman who I admire. She is not a real person and not exactly a woman yet, but she is the most awesome person that I admire. Her name is Stargirl Caraway, the fictitious character that the author Jerry Spinelli has brought to life. Her real name is Susan, but she calls herself Stargirl because that is the name that describes her. 

She does all sorts of crazy thing that many of us would think as "not normal": having a happy wagon filled with stones, cheering for the opposing teams and even going to funerals of people that she doesn't really know. The reason why I admire her is because she is one of the things that we must do in life: we must go and repair the world.

What do I mean, repair the world? Well, the best way I could put it to you is by a quote from the book 13 Gifts by Wendy Mass: “'(T)he world is broken up into pieces, and...it's up to everyone to help put it all back together. It's about recognizing the spark of life in everyone and everything, and gluing those shards back together.'”

And this is what Stargirl is doing. 

On Thursday, March 7, 2013, a girl on the YWP NaNoWriMo site has died after battling Leukemia. Her username was rainbowbandgeek, but was known as Ash. her real name was Sasha Gray, born on May 19, 1999, who died March 7th, 2013. 

The place has been turned into a mourning site. My reaction? I'm mourning with them. I could feel their pain. Even though I've never talked to her in person, by reading through her posts and by how everyone talks about her, I bet she has made a big impact on there. I am quoting a NaNoer writerlious:  She liked to write, and she was very sporty, always playing one sport or another.. she got mvp a couple times..she’d laugh at almost anything really, she had a really good sense of humor..She wanted to be a pro soccer player or a doctor, and a writer on the side. Her favorite colors were green and blue. 

Beautiful and unique, isn't it?
Many say that the thing that describes her is a rainbow rose.


  1. Thank you. yeah, Stargirl's my definite hero and role model. Not idol, but role model. Idols and role models are two very different things. Oh! That's what i should blog on next!


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