Wacky School Week!

School this week has been so much fun.

At my school, omy science teacher is in charge of the science department, and she is in charge of doing the egg drop for the Middle School Family Fun Night last Tuesday, where the upcoming sixth graders and current students go and have fun with their families. Well, I was one of the few from my class that decided to volunteer. I remember when I was a sixth grader last year, wandering through the middle school walls with my eyes wide open. I decided to volunteer not just because we would get extra credit, I would also:

1) See my circle group from my second and fifth period classes! I have as much fun with these guys (okay, I'll admit, maybe just a teeny-bit more) as I do with my old group from school. There's about 10 of us, but we had a lot of fun anyways.

2) See my sixth grade friends that I haven't seen in a year! Yeah, I hang out with people that are younger than me, and although to some, playing and hanging out with kids several years younger than me is amazing. When I hang out with them, I remember that I am trying to savor the last several months of me as a kid before I turn into a teen. Sigh.

3) It's fun! 

Me and one of the girls from my fifth and second period classes (but isn't part of the circle of friends I have, sadly) were trying to go through the halls and get people's attention to go and do the egg drop, because not a lot of people were going there. It was absolute fun, and honestly, I haven't had that much fun since the summer before seventh grade.

Today is the final day of the quarter! There's only one more quarter till the end of the school year. It's sorta depressing really, because we won't see the two interns that teach Geography and Integrated Science. They gave everyone a test (which had questions saying: This teacher is awesome teacher who is witty and charming, giving students candy when they do good on the the test, and answers, such as "Napoleon retreated to eat beef jerky). Hilarious, right? I love my two interns. Thank you two so much for teaching me all of the wonders of science and georgraohy.

Yesterday, I watched Back To the Future  as a field trip. This movie is very good, but to those who do not like movies with cussing and some adult themed content (I am definitely raising my hand), steer clear from this movie.

Well, any who friends, I must go back to the future. Just kidding, it's something that my science teacher said instead of saying "Back To the Future". I must go back to the YWP forums! -Dawn

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