Rhythm of Your Heart

Hullo everyone!

Today I just feel... musical, even though I have not publicly sang or performed within the past year all because of my parents' and counselor's decisions. I gave them a chance to choose some of my classes for me, because I know that their decisions would help me grow as an individual, which it has and is right this minute! I've met some new people.

But the thing I want to chat with you guys is music. Music, music, music. It has always been a huge part of my life. Without music, I would be a completely different person right now, and I wouldn't have the strength I've had now.

I've always grew up in a creatively talented family. My cousins are really good at the arts, always painting and making up songs. My grandmother had a major part of as musical production. I sing, dance, act, write, play instruments, everything!

I know; this is where I want to be:
In a recording booth!!!
Singing is the first talent I've ever known. When I was younger, I'd sing all the time, everywhere, with no regrets at all! I'd sing at malls, school, and in the changing rooms of dance and ice skating.

It was- and still is- my comfort to express how I feel. I'd sing songs that were on my playlist of life- songs, both made up by famous artists and me- that I could relate to and just express me! And I still do.

Right now, I'm semi-singing and listening to "I Feel Pretty/Unpretty" Mashup that Glee! made up. It's what I'm feeling. See, I'm insecure about myself a lot. And beauty is one of them.

Well, sorry friends, I must go. I have many things that I have to do (especially homework and making up characters "Ninja Nargles" a game that everyone in my neighborhood will be taking part of! Yes, I am not-so-average)! Depending on my schedule, I may be posting a cover version of this on my Imagination and Creation 101 page within the week or two!