Boredom (With A Hint of Laziness)!

Hi everyone. I've been just absolutely been bored. This past week has been the spring break where I live, and, as many seventh graders (not me, but I hear them say this a lot) say,

Vacation = No school= No homework= freetime filled with lots of fun!!!

I was expecting it to be lots of fun, with a lot of time on my hands to go outside and have snowball fights against the neighbors, but instead, I am stuck inside.

My schedule has also been a bit dull too. Get up, eat breakfast, play the Wii, work on your Duomo of Florence sketch, read the book War and Peace (both homework for Social Studies), measure where the moon is with your astrolabe, do your evening routine before bed, and sleep. Repeat for the entire week. The only thing that is interesting in my schedule that I haven't mentioned is taking pictures of the moon, stars, and try to throw snowballs into the air. (Now, I'm adding listening to music. I'm listening to Daylight by Maroon 5! One of the only songs made by them that I love.)

On the other hand, I've been a bit lazy, too. I guess that is another thing vacation; it makes you feel both of these things. Maybe more of laziness, in some people's cases. Yes, I have been a little lazy, except when it comes to drawing for Social studies, since drawing is something that I love to do!

Well, gotta go. I'm only on the 190 page of War and Peace, and that is definitely not a good sign! -Morning

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  1. LOVE your message to be yourself :) I will go add you to the blog roll right now ...& how about to the My Life blog list also. Thanks for letting us list you! :)


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