Smiley Faces and Frowns

Hi everyone! I know I forgot to post yesterday, sorry! I was really busy with everything, writing, homework and my life. Yes, there will be days like this more to come, days when I will not post at all, so make sure you know that!

Anyways, I am going to tell you the two main reason why I was gone: the first was that I was working on my questionnaire for the tween magazine for girls ages 8 through 12, "Discovery Girls."

This magazine is amazing, even though I discovered this magazine only about a year and a half ago. There was a garage sale in my neighborhood, and this teen girl was selling her old issues of the magazine. I was interested, and asked how much they cost. She just told me that they were 50 cents each, but I could have them for free. I was happy and couldn't wait to start reading.

The first time I read it, my mind was blown. They covered topics that girls are struggling the most, and in every issue, they showed 12 girls that were chosen from each state! I wanted to apply... but I realized that they didn't come to my state AT ALL.

Of course, that didn't destroy me from reading them! It was hard to keep up with the issues because they were only bi-monthly, plus, my parents were super pro-save money! The library didn't keep any issues at all. I was allowed to go on the website.

Then, in January, I read on their site that there was an opportunity for girls, both in all 50 states and Canadian provinces, that 36 lucky girls will be chosen to be models for the magazine, make new friends, make articles and help make the magazine better! I could hardly believe my eyes, so I worked on my questionaire. I hope that I get in!

Another reason why I was gone was I was trying convince my parents to get into a gifted enrichment program that's in Oregon. I really want to go here because it would help me hone my skills as a writer, musician and individual myself! Also, I'd be able to know what I want to be when I grow up! Sadly, my parents don't want me to go because they think that I can't handle it. They still won;t listen to my side of the story about why I can't go. Sigh.

Well, I have to go and sleep now! G'night!

Turn that frown upside down!!!

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  1. Cool! I don't read Discovery Girls, but I really love New Moon Girls.


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