Hello once again, friends! This morning, I went to visit my some of my friends- not the people in my close circle, but just people that I grew up with, and, with the help of middle school, got closer to. All of us were feeling really solemn today. I don't know if we suddenly just "grew up," but we acted mature and asked questions filled with wisdom. One of the questions that someone asked was:

What gifts have been given to us?

It could be anything. Maybe it could be your computer, which you favor so much because you can chat with your friends, surf the web, or even type your stories on. It might also be your iPod, which has your favorite songs and artists. Or it could be the camera that you just love to use and take photos from. Whatever has been given to you.

In that little group, while we were chatting we went from materialistic stuff (like the things listed above^^) to things that money just can't buy. We talked about our friends, family and pets. The conversation kept on going like this, until it went all the way to the qualities that we had gifted to us. In the circle, we went around telling each other this. It was interesting! I had to think really hard to answer this. When they got to me, I said, "The ability to see and bring out the best in people."

My close circle of friends told me this. See, when I first met them a few years ago, I was a completely different person. I judged them everyone depending how they looked. Now, the three friends of mine I judged. *Gasp!* Yes, I did. I thought one was smart-alecky, one was obnoxious, and one had too big bunny teeth. 

But soon, very slowly, I saw the best in them. We hung out a lot more often, during snack, even out at recess! We got along well too. And, since I got along mostly with all three of them, I helped bring out the best in them. The other girl in my group was optimistic, and we both cheered on during games! One the guys was athletic, and so I'd challenge him in four square and kickball, trying to push him to his limit and best. Finally, the last one was creative because his musical abilities, so sometimes we'd sing together. 

And, thanks to them, I normally see the best in people. Most people look, but as Rory from the Willow Falls series by Wendy Mass replies to Angelina in the book "Finally," "'And looking is different than seeing.'"

So, what do you look for in the people? Please comment and tell me!

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