Cookies and Lemonade For Everyone! Time To Celebrate!

Hello friends! Guess what? I'm so happy!  This calls for a toast of lemonade and cookies for everyone! My former Algebra teacher has come back to chat with us online! She's still alive! This things remind me of the song called, "Celebration", as the artists sing: "Celebrate good time, come on!"

Yes, I feel like celebrating. But everyday, I do! I celebrate for all of the wonderful things that happen in life, the things that many people, like my friends, classify as "an event that just happened." To them, it's not much of a big deal.

But the things that happen in life are more than just events, especially the good things. They are like the wonderful miracles that helps make life and the world go round that bring us joy. It may be a birthday, which happens in our lives or perhaps an event that is more precious, like seeing a baby for the first time several hours of he or she was born.

It may not seem like these things happen everyday and affect us, but they do internationally. Soldiers from the war are coming back home to see their families. Children and baby animals are born. The environment is being protected. Hungry and poor people are being fed and taken care of. The list goes on and on!

These are the things worth celebrating for.