Beauty Vs. Pretty

Hello friends! Today, when I went to my school, I noticed one thing:

More than half of the school's population was wearing make-up!

This isn't your average make-up amount, when you just paint your nails, add a dab of lip gloss, and maybe throw in some mascara. I am talking several layers of make-up covering your face that can make you not recognize yourself anymore, with some blush, eyeliner and power to help make the spots of uneven skin tone appear even. And all of the simply things like nail polish and lip gloss are doubled by the amount. And, surprisingly, this is the normal amount.

I am not kidding. I was wondering about this. Since when did everyone start caring about how they looked on the inside? When we were in kindergarten, everything was different. We just grinned in the mirror, liking how we appear. Then, as we start to grow up, things begin to change. Everyone (mainly the girls) judged each other about how their appearances were. They put on make-up to make themselves look prettier, maybe to cover up their feeling of insecurity.

Now, I am not the type of person who wears make-up, because I believe that I am a bit too young to even wear some. My friends wearing make-up and dress nicely, but only if it a special occasion, like the first day of the new school year. Every other day, they come as themselves.

Another question was forming in my head: Does how we look matter? Well, I was thinking, yes. It does matter. People judge you by how you look, right? Several minutes before lunch, I finally got the answer to the question: Pretty and Beauty. Looks don't really matter. In fact, as soon as finished my lunch and went to the library, I wrote down my answer. It's not my best handwriting (I had to write it backwards, the mirror way!), but I ant to share this with everyone hear: