A Letter To My Nine-Year-Old Self

Hullo everyone! Recently I have just read a book that is nonfiction, or maybe even an autobiography. I'm not exactly sure, but it is aimed at late teens/adults. It was something that my mom recommended to me. The book itself is called What I Now Know: Letters To My Younger Self by Ellyn Spragins. What she did was she got several famous woman, people like Ann Curry, the former Today news anchor, and Nora Roberts, an adult author, and the famous person got to write a letter to their younger self.

When I read this, I was surprised about what they wrote. They gave their younger selves advice, advice which they knew now and not back then. And so, because of the wonderful letters that they have wrote to themselves, I was inspired to write my own yesterday (which was the reason why I was gone. Again). I found out that this actually feels therapeutic, in a way. So now, here I am closing off with this!

To My Nine-Year-Old Self,

    It's the summer of 2010, and you are feeling really sad. I know that you are; your best friend had to quit taekwondo because of school and other reasons. Your closest guy friend you don't see anymore, and your the only girl in the classes. Plus, you and your taekwondo master aren't getting along so well nowadays.
   You feel three things, three things that seem to have no hope to change.
   First, you feel as no one is there is no one there to be with you through the good and through the bad, the one that will wipe away your tears, bring you back up, and be there to support you- all the way, no matter who you are. In other words, you feel as if you have no friends.
   You also feel as if you can't be yourself, because no matter what, people tried to destroy who you truly are just because they don't like you.The final thing that you feel as if you can't make a difference because no matter what, people are always covering your spotlight. They are the ones that also are engulfing you in their shadows.
    Well, there are something things that I am going to tell you: don't give up hope. Ever. Facing the trials of life seem scary but you know what: they help us grow, physically, mentally and emotionally, and help us find who were truly want to be in life.
     Several years from now, you will find out- discover- these things that seem to have no hope. They will come in time- and even now I still do not know who I want to be. You will make a difference in life, have friends and shine!
    All it takes is just two things thing: our actions and choices.
    Yes, these. They do not seem to be big, but the moment you choose what to do and how to act, it will shape the course of your life. Just as the quote from a book, called 13 Gifts says: “'I've learned that the universe doesn't care what our motives are, only our actions. So we should do things that will bring about good, even if there is an element of selfishness involved. Like the kids at my school might join the Key Club or Future Buisness Leaders of America, because it's a social thing and looks good on their record, not because they really want to volunteer at the nursing home. But the people at the nursing home still benefit from it, so it's better that the kids do it than not do it. And if they never did it, then they wouldn't find out that they actually liked it.'”
    The best thing of all? You will get second chances in life, believe it or not. Another quote from the same quote agrees with this: “'I've learned that if you wait long enough, you might get a second chance at something you gave up on. And sometimes you'll be the one to give the second chance to someone else.'” (Yes, this book will have an impact on your life- big time).

    Here are some other quotes that may motivate you:

“'If everyone waited to do something good until they had purely unselfish motivations, no good would ever get done in the world. The point is to do it anyway.'”

 “'(T)he world is broken up into pieces, and...it's up to everyone to help put it all back together. It's about recognizing the spark of life in everyone and everything, and gluing those shards back together.'”

“'The sidelines may be safer but life is played on the field.'” -Supporting You All The Way, Me