Story-Eyed // The Launch, Blog Tour, & Week-Long Finale Ft. Vlogs

Hello, everyone! Today, I’m just stopping by with a quick exciting announcement after being gone on vacation for two weeks. My new blog, Story-Eyed, is now live. You can follow along via adding the link to your Blogger subscription fees dashboard, or you can follow along via an email widget located on the right hand side of Story-Eyed’s home page.

Click here to visit Story-Eyed.

If you want to be a part of my blog launch tour happening next week (!!!), please contact me ASAP and I can easily write something in a day. Even if you can’t do a post, just sharing it across all social media platforms— Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, even Goodreads— will mean so much.

Not to worry, though. Don’t be sad! Ups & Downs is going to come to a close, but with a large well-deserved finale. This may or may not include an impromptu life and q&a vlog with my face (so leave questions in the comments and watch me EXPRESS), really awkward but never shared candids from my VERY early blogging days also known as the seventh grade, and just an overall thank you. It’s going to be epic. 

Stay strong and wonderful, friends.

What I Learned in High School // Part Two: The Upperclassmen Years

Welcome to round two of What I Learned in High School! The series is self-explanatory-- if you haven't checked out the first installment, you can visit it here. Without further ado!

1. If you don’t want to take gym classes, take dance outside of school instead (it counts as credit).

2. Speaking of gym classes, walking continually for two hours basked weaving between 110 degree weather and brief air conditioning counts as exercise.

3. Figure out your study habits for a class FAST and choose the method that works for you. Just like it did in APES, those routines beneficially aid you in the long run.

4. If you can’t drive, have a friend who can. Perfect for homework at home or getting ice cream all while blaring Eminem and the Phineas and Ferb theme song at drivers next to you as the mature, responsible adults you are.

5. Math puns. The higher level the level of math, the funnier they get.

6. Soak in those class periods after AP testing. Play Apples to Apples on a whole other level, play frisbee. If you're lucky and your school has trails in the backyard, hike those. Maybe play soccer despite accidentally elbowing the stomach of the most aggressive senior on the other team.

7. Bad grades happen, even to the best of people. This was the year I began to notice even some of the most invincible people become crushed.

8. Communicate with others. Seriously, if you have to help reign in a group going in all different directions and visions, this is essential.

1. Senioritis exists, and IT HITS YOU HARD. For those unfamiliar with the term, it’s a term coined for an extreme amount of procrastination and an emptiness of any life freshman self has mustered in yourself. You know it’s also affected your teachers too when your Calc class’s test gets postponed for almost a month and your Physics teacher repeats the same words every single day we’re doing a review.

2. Talk frequently with the foreign exchange students. I've been lucky enough to chat with exchange students in the past, but most of the time it was brief. Downright one of the best decisions I’ve made this year.

3. Connect with your mentors and bosses because they are down-to-earth people whom you can have witty, sassy conversations with despite almost destroying a conveyor belt or taking on the role of Captain America within Age of Ultron.

4. Make memories with your friends who may diverge into infinite roads.

5. If you're at a school dance, jumping up and down to a song and just waving your arms up in the air still counts as dancing despite others dismissing it as a way to dance in middle school! Sing aloud with everyone to "Don't Stop Believing" and "Stay," and when the slow songs arrive for couples, figure out a way to dance to them very fast without a partner. It will be fun, whoo!

6. Some freshman are chill. Some will even draw mandalas and chibi ghosts on your arm and it will be one of the cutest things to exist!

7. You exist outside where you are— or in other words, yes, people do have thoughts and opinions of you. This is terrifying especially for me, because when people talk about me, I want to go hide in a hole since I’m constantly assuming the worst is being said. Not everything said is bad though and sometimes those people who you’re typically wary or terrified of may actually have nice things to say?

8. The idea about graduation never fully sinks in until the week of Spring Break, when you’re sitting around and realizing this is the LAST QUARTER OF HIGH SCHOOL YOU WILL EVER HAVE, but instead of stressing over it, just sink in the moment. Go run around, sled, film a movie, visit college friends and those who are in town for a visit. Help lead an art night and teach children how to craft. Most importantly, catch up on sleep.