Hi! Here it is. The new Guestbook page. This is going to be an interesting, exciting experiment for me, as I ultimately stink at communicating with the blogging community on a day-to-day basis since fifty things demand for my attention every day when twenty-four is the doable, maximum number.

This is the experiment: for the entire year of 2017, just leave comments here. Talk about what your favorite ice cream flavor is, why you like snail mail, how being sock-free is liberating, just anything, as long as it is appropriate. On the bottom right hand corner, please click on the checkbox labeled, "Notify me." My challenge is to reply within a day since your comment. If there is a string of comments already started between another individual and myself and you have something to contribute to that tangent of the conversation, then don't hesitate to add to the conversation.

Now, sometimes I won't be able to reply right away because an actual reason came up, like finals or I'm at a softball game and lack access to my phone-- if that is the case, then the time span for replying will be extended to three days. I'll leave a note on this page notifying everyone if that's the case.

Stumped on what to comment on here, exactly? I've left a couple of questions below. Just start off and choose one. I love to have deep, one-on-one discussions with people.

// What is one art piece, from book down to a painting, that speaks out of you and why?
// Fog, mist, sunshine, meteor shower-- tell me a story from your youth that associates with one of these weather / sky phenomenon.
// Describe the one (or several) thing(s) that keep you grounded and not fly away in the midst of life swirling around us.
// What is art? How do you define art, and how can you differentiate those who make art to those who create pale examples in comparison?
// "Fine." "Okay." These are two responses that people prompt whenever asked the question, "How are you?" How are you feeling today? Elaborate more. There are always stories.


  1. Sky phenomenon? Ooh, that one's easy - on the night of the Blood Moon (a Red moon that appears ... every twenty-ish years, I think?) my family and I went down to a lake to take pictures and watch the sky. Turns out a TON of other people had the same idea, and it was really fun to sit out there and watch the Blood Moon appear with a bunch of other people ;).

    ~ Savannah

    1. Yup, sky phenomenon! You're so lucky that you got to see the Blood Moon! It was one of those phenomenons which sadly grazed over our heads over here. Twenty years is such a long time to wait!

      That's really cool that you got to meet a ton of people during that gathering! Do you still keep in touch with some of them? For you to be at a lake while the Blood Moon appeared... that's got to look beautiful, especially with the lake's reflection.

      Also, you're my first comment on here, yay! <3 You get the first pick at whatever cookies or breakfast foods you want to eat. This is going to be a par-yay! Whoo! We shall plan this party and the details of it ASAP.

      I'm kind of in debate on whether to sign off the way I usually do, but if this is a convo... well, I'll sign off with my reply the same and any further responses I'll just plainly comment. I don't know, what do you think?

      xoxo Morning

    2. No, seeing as we didn't officially "meet" any of the people there - but some of them let us use their giant telescope to see the moon as it was turning red ;). My sisters and I had a lot of fun lying on the roof of our car and watching the stars :D.

      YES I AM *promptly devours all the Cake Mix cookies within sight*. LOVE your idea for this Guestbook thing, it's really cool!

      Eh, I wouldn't sign off - make it feel like more of a conversation that way (*has no room to talk because I signed off out of habit in my comment* xD). Have you ever seen any sky/weather phenomenon stuff?

    3. The roof of your car??? Oh my shish kebabs, your Blood Moon sighting just keeps get better. *squeals* Giant telescopes are so expensive! I'm too afraid to even touch one because I feel that if I do, I'll break it. *hides under the bed*

      Luckily, there's another batch of Cake Mix cookies. *offers up ten more* I really hope this guestbook thing takes off-- I was actually inspired to do this by a much older blogger from back in 2012, when she did this. Her name is Anna, and she was probably one of the best bloggers around until she disappeared from the community. :(

      Oh, true, you do make a good point about signing off. I'm usually unlucky when it comes to seeing sky/weather phenomenon stuff. The three most notable ones were an eclipse (which I missed since I was nine and a movie was blaring too loud for us to hear our mom from downstairs), a fog that occurred for several months every day (which are super infrequent around here). The last thing that we do have a lot often of are northern lights, which are the most goregous things ever! Have you seen them in real life before? They wave a bit slowly in the air, but it's a mesmerizing sight. They're some of my favorite things in the world.

      (Nearly missed the date deadline, ack! Day two of this and I'm already slipping. >.<)

  2. Oooh! I'm going to talk about why I like snail mail :). Also this idea is very cool :) Ever since I was a kid I always used to be excited whenever I got a mail addressed to me. Whether it be a Toys r Us ad, or an invitation from a friend, mail for me made me excited. Earlier this year, one of my best friends who lives where I used to live (that sounds so confusing) and I decided we wanted to write each other letters. Ever since we started doing that, I realized something about snail mail and why it's so special. Snail mail is very personalized and takes a lot of thought. It's different from a text or email, it's handwritten, has a personal touch and is much more interesting. My friend and I learned so much about each other even though we are so far away. I have always wanted a pen pal, though putting out your address isn't safe now, it's awesome to do it with your friends.

    xx Bubbles

    1. I forgot to click notify me so I am going to do that now :)

      xx Bubbles

    2. Hi, Bubbles! It stinks that I wasn't able to reply sooner. >.< I just sent my first snail mail later a little over a week ago and let me tell you that the feeling is sensational.

      I got one of those Toys R Us ads too! Actually, it was more of a birthday coupon they'd send in the mail to greet you, but as a kid, that was the neatest thing ever. Sadly, I never really got to spend my coupons. :(

      It's okay-- the word choice isn't confusing at all! So basically, when you moved away, you ended up sending snail mail to a friend from where you used to live at. What's the weirdest or more decorated thing that you've sent to one another?

      We live in such a digital age that sometimes texting and emailing are very commonplace and lack the personal touch which snail mail letters have, I agree. And you do get to learn so much from one another, too! The person I'm sending snail mail to is a former mentor of mine, but I send her notes about musicals to listen to, as she was my dance instructor who loved musicals.

      Yeah, putting your address out there isn't safe; personal identity on the internet is kind of scary, and even though I'm at that age where most bloggers reveal their name or face, I still go by a nom de plume, but there's nothing bad about that! Other bloggers just use a very common name (like Autumn from Autumn's Readings and Writings, that's not her actual name but we still call her that). Nethertheless, snail mail is awesome, and it'd be so cool to send out snail mail to all of my blogging friends.

      And oops, yup, you can't forget the "Notify Me" button. xD

  3. This is a great idea Abigail, and I shall display my love for this idea by participating ^_^

    Fog, mist, sunshine, meteor shower-- tell me a story from your youth that associates with one of these weather/sky phenomenon.
    "sunshine". a poem.
    she lay
    out on the poolside
    back against the pavement
    face to the sky
    ready for her suntan.
    and yet later
    her mother cried,
    "Olivia, you already have brown skin
    you don't need to tan!

    (true story)

    Describe the one (or several) thing(s) that keep you grounded and not fly away in the midst of life swirling around us. Jesus is the only One who can keep me grounded. When I remember Him--really remember Him and His Words and promises and all He has done for me--then I feel a peace that literally passes my understanding.

    "Fine." "Okay." These are two responses that people prompt whenever asked the question, "How are you?" How are you feeling today? Elaborate more. There are always stories. Today I'm feeling...blessed. Inspired. Motivated. I had a great conversation about planning for my future earlier, and I just felt God with me. I felt like "wow, I can actually do this; I can do big things for Him and I can change myself and be better" and that felt very freeing and empowering and magnificent (hey look mom, no thesaurus! :P)

  4. ***signs in curly script***

  5. Once upon a time, Allie Taylor (from the mountains and glenns of The Depth of my Faith,) was here. Her stay was long, as she gracefully wondered throughout the corners of this blog and flipped the pages of it's history. She delighted in spending an hour here, as it was the most enjoyable feeling; reading through the kind and fun comments. the blog's design caught her eyes, as the sky shifted from blues and greens and yellows to summer colors like pink and yellow and pineapples.

    But her favorite thing of all, was her dear friend Abby, who kindly began this blog. Many thanks to her, and many rounds of sparkling apple cider to her friends. But as time passed, she realised it was getting late... and she must return to her writing; where her friends waited.

    What am I, the narrator, trying to poetically state? Well, Allie has hardly ever said a word while she was caught up in the sights of this beautiful land. So, it is my job as her narrator to say that Abby did a grand job with creating this land. And Allie enjoys every moment here. Thank you for this amazing place to be. Thank you for your skills and peices of excellence.

    Goodbye, to all the amazing people and hobbits alike.

    Allie Taylor / Hebrews 11:1 /

  6. What a lovely idea, Abby!

    I think art is self-expression - communicating personal perceptions. But the next question is, what is the purpose of art? Do you think art should have a purpose besides self-expression?

  7. Great idea! I love being barefoot, cookie dough ice cream, letters from penpals, and the shadows the clouds cast on the mountains!

    Laura @


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