“What lies behind us, and what lies before us are but tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hello there, m'dear friend!

Summarizing the essence of one's personality is a difficult task to entail, but I shall embark on this endeavor to the best of my abilities & see where we land.

My name is Abigail Lennah, but you may call me Abby. I am a writer thriving in the northwest, snowy-mountain capped of the fifty states. Often the first impression people have is a quiet individual, later to realize underneath the silence is an amount of introspection thinking & absorbing in all the surrounding sights and conversations as well as ideas bursting to the surface. When I know someone well, I open up, sharing the plethora of thoughts rising & perhaps putting them into action. Words are something I don't particularly like to waste; rather, they are what I collect.

Writing & storytelling have always been important. Nights are spent vividly with a pencil at hand and the flicker of my book lamp illuminating paper. Aligned with my morals and perception of the world, I create stories featuring the unnoticed and gray areas between good & evil clashing together to form the coherent tragedy & beauty present in this entangling mess called life, for these gray areas are often what intrigues me to stay up late—pondering, wondering, searching—and the stories I feel are the most important. Currently I am still an apprentice of sorts, working on her craft and striving to get better, but I suppose I have been improving somewhat, for some of my writings have been recognized at the town, state, and regional level. I don't know if my words have the power to change the word, per say, but I hope that my words will cause readers to think & seek the world surrounding us.

Perhaps some smaller tidbits will entice to read on longer, this incoherent messy sprawl I call mine: INFP. The color orange, mint chip ice cream, the pika, folk & indie music. A weak right ankle strengthened by dance. Early sunrises & alpenglow. Libraries, art stores, coffee shops & theaters of both kinds. A dislike for doors sprawled open on the second floor of a two-story house, an annoyance at the sound of Velcro ripping, & a loathing at two-faced people. Quotation marks and "&" symbols. Always carrying a notebook, camera, & a hair tie. Lover of small heartfelt handwritten notes. Laughing so hard my stomach hurts. Brainstorming ideas & making them a reality. Exploring & discovering the world.

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I cannot wait to meet you.
xoxo Abigail Lennah