// What camera do you use?
Until November 2014, I used a black Canon Powershot A4000.
Until December 2015, I used a red Canon Powershot SX600. 
Now, I'm still using my SX600 along side my Canon Rebel T5i!

// What software do you use for photo editing and video making?
I use Photoshop Elements 13 for photo editing and design. For videos, I use Windows Movie Maker.

// Can you make a design for me?
I'm sorry, but lately high school life has swamped me that I have little time to consistently design, and I am entering my final years of high school, so the best I can do is help with coding issues that may arise on templates. However, if you're a group blog or a blog dedicated to a cause (like if needed for NHS), I can see if I can make time in my schedule. For inquiries on designing, please use my contact form and shoot me a message!

// How did you get the name for your blog? 
I brainstormed the name the summer of 2012, named after the times where I would play hard with the neighborhood kids that once used to live in the area, but little did I know that I would start writing on the internet eight months later!

// What are some blog tips you have for bloggers?
Be yourself and have original content. In other words, be authentic. Blogging isn't about followers numbers-- it's about creating content and sharing emerging ideas! Write what you want to write and what you're interested in. It may take some time to find your niche, but once you've found out what you like writing, then just keep going. The number one person that should be most content with your blog is yourself. Always remember that.

// What are some of your favorite hobbies?
I enjoy immersing myself in reading, writing, (musical) theatre, photography, and volleyball.

// What do you want to be when you grow up?
Even now as the reality of college is coming up close, I'm still undecided! Currently I'm leaning towards getting a degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering, with a minor in Creative Writing or English. I still have a couple of months to actually decide on everything and work things out.

/// What is your religion? 
I’m a Christian.

// I need help and/or advice! Can you help me?
I'll try my best to help! I've written about multiple topics. Here is a collection of posts which should help out; the titles are pretty much self explanatory as to what content the post holds. Keep in mind that this isn't set advice, and it's only a base. If you have another question that isn't touched upon, then please don't hesitate to contact me.

Middle School Advice

Sara Bareilles / Colbie Calliat / Ingrid Michaelson / Jason Mraz 
fun / Walk the Moon / Sheppard
Shake Shake Go  / Jonsi / Us the Duo / Kurt Hugo Schnider / Dodie Clark 

All the Light We Cannot See / The Elegance of the Hedgehog / The Snow Child  
I'll Give You the Sun / First and Then / Fangirl / The Legend Trilogy / The Lunar Chronicles
Wonder / When You Reach Me / Shug
Harry Potter / The Chronicles of Narnia / The Princess Bride

Spirited Away / Pride and Prejudice / Howl's Moving Castle / La La Land
Much Ado About Nothing
Doctor Who / Stranger Things / Freaks & Geeks / Glee / Downton Abbey / Gravity Falls