16 March 2017

Stranger Things Happened This Past Month

 Art central, let's go! Most of my friends are artistic in drawing or painting.

High school pulled me back into the depths of the busy life, and luckily Spring Break has given a reprieve before the last fourth of the school year comes into play. Internally, you're all thinking, "Abby, where were your 'scheduled posts?'"

*cue cricket noises*

In short, the posts didn't schedule properly and so none of them posted the times I wanted them to. Enough excuses: let's talk about the pancake and doughnut-filled month I had!

// Blog Designing? My return to the blogging world would have been sooner, but I decided to help a "new" blogger converting from Wordpress by designing her blog. It's still a work in progress, but isn't her header pretty? I ended up lettering a lot of her decorative text. Go say hello to Allie Taylor, everyone!

 I lose interest when it comes to painting, thus this piece being dubbed, "The Collection of Miscellaneous Thoughts (With a Five-Year-Old Aesthetic)"

One of my friends was teaching how to draw out something using this circle, but what it was, I can't remember exactly.

// I am overcoming my fear of horror films (slowly). Scary movies became a fear of mine at the age of ten. I can't go into specific details, but the generalization is this: my eldest cousins decided to put on an incredibly intense and mature movie, driving ten-year-old me to play Lego Harry Potter on my pink Nintendo DS in the kitchen an hour past my bed time. For future reference, focusing on moving around the Dursley household to forget the terrifying images from hours before is a very healthy way to cope with the aftershocks.

We have the essentials... we should have gotten a bigger bag of Swedish fish. We need more protein to deal with our anxiousness and jumpiness at midnight!

Several weeks ago, my small friend group planned to binge watch all eight episodes of Stranger Things in one night. Swedish fish and chocolate pudding became energy for our venture. The show was grounded enough with fleshed characters to make its storyline less intimidating. The first episode played. Poor Will Byers disappeared eight minutes in. This plan backfired to a small degree because when my friend's three other siblings were all streaming Netflix at eleven o'clock (what a coincidence) and it kept buffering at the ending of Episode One to where the wifi in the house was turned off. "Want to watch Breaking Dawn: Part Two?" asked my friend's eight-year-old brother when he exited Netflix. Another friend was up for it. I shook my head, turned towards the bedroom, and collapsed asleep.

What's more terrifying than a film adaptation of majority-voted Mary Sues? Waking up to the alarm clock going off at five in the morning and the Breaking Dawn screen selection lighting the wall on a Saturday.

I'm sorry I keep posting food items! They're just really good, though...

// Declamation for Spanish Poetry. I received first at the regional level, yay! Sadly, I didn't get anything at the state level, but there's always next year.

I sketch rather lightly, but it's a portrait of one of my characters when she dresses in everyday attire. The hat came before the "Wot in Tarnation" meme popularity. 

// One small detail change causes ripple effects-- in a novel! I'm still editing and rewriting Hidden in the Shadows for critique in the fourth quarter and to prep from the second novel of the series, tentatively scheduled for writing over the summer. The stakes will be higher with the conflict. All I can say is this: the most docile character of the quartet will slowly destroy the team. This is going to be a ton of fun. A formal post about it will go up in July, if it becomes my Camp NaNoWriMo novel.
Several weeks ago, I reexamined the series fixed plot points and realized Sam needed to become aware of one aspect that in previous drafts he was oblivious of to help the growth of his relationships. His growth comes into play to pacify the silent destruction one of the four makes.

The internal groans cannot be loud enough already, but again, if one would like to protect their novel, it's essential to take care of your characters. In short, certain dialogue will be scrapped and replaced. His featured chapters will be edited and scattered in with a more cohesive plot line, and the obscurity of his backstory will be clarified. I am ready to put my characters in a world of turmoil-- oh, wait, right. Authors shouldn't take joy in destroying their characters, but a tiny fraction of them do to allow their growth.

Now that I think about it, the sketches kind of also look like the Wolverine. Hmm...

A huge aspect of my time is also spent drawing characters. Guy hair is hard to draw; I doodled some perfectly in between class periods, but when it comes down to the actual drawing? Both male protagonists look like Mr. Darcy.

// I'm super pumped for Beauty and the Beast and Anne: the Series! They're some of the strong independent fictional heroes I looked up to as a kid, and my friends have been fangirling over Gaston's high tenor voice.

These books are ALL. SO. GOOD.

// Speaking of writing, I applied for writing scholarships for summer camps and now I've been waiting anxiously for the results. It's been forever since an opportunity to the writing craft became available. Old clubs shut down, budgets got cut, and the only way to receive actual critique is to sign up for the adult clubs which require a hefty membership fee.

WAITING FOR THIS IS TWICE AS HARD AS WAITING FOR CAST LISTS. This is something I really want. I want to learn and improve while meeting like-minded people all at the same time. The best way to pacify the wait is studying for AP Calculus and reading novels.

The room as we watched Woman in Gold-- it's a good movie involving art and history, based on a true story!

What posts are coming up? A rant about college, an interview, and far off into the depths of April, a post about party planning involving mascara, five dollars, and hugging, but that's a story for another time. I'm also really excited for my school year wrap up post(s) because, if it's anything like the previous two years, I have some good content to share!

Have you seen Stranger Things? Would you like to enter a foreign language declamation contest? What's been going on in your life?