// There are only five weeks left in the school year for me, and my summer schedule has gotten me extremely excited! I will be traveling out of state for two weeks, then once I head back, I will be engaged in a numerous amount of activities. Church conferences and engineering camps are on the plate again over this upcoming season, but there are several new activities I'll be immersed in. Two specifics volunteering at the library and working as a camp help at a residential camp are two of these, although at the moment, the extent my involvement is within these two activities is a somewhat unclear prospect. Lastly, I may be potentially get a summer job, which I won't downright say what it is right away; it involves children, music, and the performing arts building where all of the national Broadway tours come in to perform. It may not sound as flashy or appealing as my internship last year, but to work for a local music group is actually great, because I get to work with music, and I just have a general love for the fine arts.

// Also, I'm thinking about binge watching shows. Both of these shows ended over the course of the past several months, but people have been getting on my case to watch Downton Abbey and Gravity Falls. I know the latter is a Disney cartoon, but many have told that it has a bit of a well-rounded writing style with a mature tone, and honestly, if the show's writing is good with well-agreeable characters, then it doesn't really matter to me if it's considered a "kids" cartoon or not. Over the course of the summer, I won't be seeing some of my friends anymore, because of traveling issues and whatnot, which makes me pretty sad.

// After more than six months, the hard physical copy of the Total Girl Magazine which I had contributed to during my internship arrived in the mail! I'm so glad it came, and now, I officially have at least two writing credits to my name!

// I was recently involved with Grease, the 1972 Original Broadway Version, which had closed a week ago, and if one thinks that having watched the original 1978 movie or the Live! Special does the musical justice, it doesn't-- there are so many well-composed songs within the musical that were in the original, such as "Those Magic Changes," "Mooning," and "It's Raining On Prom Night." One has to admit though, ninety percent of the people were there for "Summer Nights" and of course, "We Go Together." I loved working with everyone in the cast, as it was the longest and most intense production I've been in, despite being in ensemble. When our closing show finished, all of the middle schoolers in our cast (as it was a joint high school - middle school production) started crying, and it took me quite some time to console them. Being a part of the production was slightly the reason why I appeared somewhat incognito to the blogging world, although now that I am rehearsal free, I'll be able to blog more often.

// I'm playing softball for the first time ever this year, and it's somewhat nerve-wracking. Minus the skills needed for the game, such as batting, throwing, and catching, I honestly have no idea what I'm doing. Even at yesterday's practice, I had to ask people what I was doing because I wasn't entirely sure. I'm trying my hardest to observe how the game is played, and I'm slowly getting the hang of it. The one aspect which I need to immensely improve on is throwing at far distances. The ball arches like a rainbow and "kerplops" ten feet away from the other person catching it. Not the best throwing distance idea to be dealing with.

I want to catch up with you all, so tell me, what's going on in your lives? How have you all been? 

Don't Say "Beautiful:" Explained and Uncovered

Several people have asked what inspired me to write my previous post, “Don’t Say ‘Beautiful.’” The reason, which I am about to reveal, may not receive a lot of attention or comments, as it will be one of the my more serious resonating posts, but I feel that this is a topic that needs to be discussed, despite that I may, potentially, cross a line.

This idea about the word “beautiful” came into my mind last year. For nearly every day of 2015, I was persistent to comment on ninety -five percent of the posts that came through my feed. At first, all of my comments were genuine I would comment thoughtfully on each post, my response being about several sentences long, showing my enthusiasm in regards to the subject posted. As months dragged on, I kept reading through my feed, but there was an imminent problem which slowly made itself visible.

The problem was that I had no words to say.

Again, I had no words to say. No thoughts or words came about as I read through several posts. There was something in me that just screamed, “Okay Morning, you have to write something down, because it’s the polite thing to do.” So, now I did one of the worst things that you could ever do when commenting: I replied in the vaguest teenage way possible. A (rather painful) example I would have to say would be something around the lines of, “Oh my goshee this is beautiful like what I can’t even... like, WHOA.” Nearly every single comment contained a synonym, if not the actual form, of the word “beautiful,” and in my gut, I felt guilty. I bet many of you would raise your hands while reading this on your computer screen, because you have felt guilty of committing the same action, as well. Yes, I know that some of you will admit that you have. It just feels fake.

There are many words in this world just look through your dictionary! As a writer, I’ve come to realize that, even though there are synonyms of the word, they don’t all capture the same essence or feel. This is why many authors will use certain words to create a particular mood for a scene in the book. For instance, take the words “pretty,” “lovely,” and “gorgeous." Often these are words used synonymously with the word “beautiful." On the surface, they all appear to be the same thing, but if you read through each word’s definition, each one slightly varies.

All right, I know that they all have "beautiful" in their definition, but look at the way each definition uses the word.

"Beautiful" is a word that shouldn’t be used in the lightest way possible, yet this is a word that our society has grown accustomed use as hackneyed expression, diluting its original meaning.  A more common example that can be found around eight to ten -year- olds would be the word “awesome.” Who hasn’t used the word when trying attempting to describe your flying dog in a story you once tried to write with your nearly illegible elementary school story? (Haven’t we all written wild crazy stories just as the example? Believe me, I can barely read my handwriting from when I was in the first grade, and when I wrote in Sharpie during then, the difficulty level for reading it is amped up ten times than the usual.)

Another aspect that the poem in the previous post touches upon is the emulation of beauty. Everyone, to a degree, is at least somewhat attracted to idealism, and if one were to look at an example, it would be the numerous amount of scrumptious recipes on Pinterest which don't necessarily turn out as picture  perfect as it does in the recipe photo. Even within the blogging world, we constantly strive for perfectionism, for things to look perfect. Youthful smiles and something which renders a warm feeling inside is often the picturesque model for a post.

My brother and I were making brownies, and he wanted me to post photos on the blog about the process-- sadly, the brownies were undercooked and just mushy on the inside.

It’s so hard to try to break down the walls, deconstruct, and not have to build up a facade we build up every day, but how can we possibly stop? This is what we all do within our daily lives-- making it looking prettier than it is. Take one look at social media, and of you look through posts with selfies, a lot of the comments would say, "cuties," included with fire or lovestruck emojis. On this blog, I try extremely hard to not just post about the happy ongoings that occur in my life. I’ll admit that I’m sad, angry, or frustrated with something. I try not to paint a fake picture of who I am.

This is the same reason why while my family was offering potential places for me to volunteer over the summer, I simply turned down the offer, because the effort which I would exert wouldn’t be genuine. The idea of college comes closer into a reality with each passing day that goes by, and while the myth is try to appear the best that one possibly can look on colleges, it is also deemed to be true that colleges can see right through if someone is attempting to do certain activities that “look good” on applications. I'm not that perfect as many paint me to be, but despite that, there's still actual a person behind the screen with a three-dimensional personality that neither overlooks the good or the bad.

Time has brought many Renaissance figures.
Now look! We have printed copies.

The stanza above, which had came out from the poem, is the most beaten down sentence throughout the entire poem, with very simplistic vocabulary. Those two stanzas are supposed to feel like a slap in the face. If one were to create or write something, it should be kept real and avoid being trite. The Renaissance had numerous artistic pieces using similar techniques, mediums and even themes which recur between the art. But the art never was the same, not acting as a template to other artistic pieces. If one is confused, contemporary YA female characters would be an example, where so many of the "strong" female characters know how to wield a weapon and have a love triangle occur at the same time. The troupe was wonderful at first (because female empowerment, duh), but now, it is overdone.

I constantly go through my Blogger feed, and whenever I feel like someone isn't being organic or authentic anymore, I just unfollow them. I don't want to always hear the happy events occurring in in one's life-- I want to hear about the blogger, the blogger who is willing to admit they blog while wearing bunny socks & stuff the last bag of popcorn into their mouth. I want to read about someone who is somewhat like me-- a human being who is willing enough to be open to express the good and the bad (plus, sometimes, those kinds of post can be either refreshing or enjoyable, or both, like "Life Stories" Face it: while we, as a society, may be more attracted to the ideal image, we connect closer to people and events that we can identify ourselves with. 

If the usage of the word is to not be used lightly and not classify simple things, then what can we identify as "beautiful?"

Honestly, I don't know--or rather, I'm not sure. I'm not the all classified "expert" and there's also the fact that I could potentially be wrong.

I think that beauty is often a lot like emotions-- it's one of those things that cannot have a label placed when seeing or experiencing it during the moment, because you're in the moment, and you're too busy to be taken out of that period of time to even think about it. These are things which emerge but with no glamours to accent its good points. A raw essence, where personal perspective is expressed, tethered down by humility and a small sense of nervousness or fear, often this is where I find things to be beautiful, like the RAW of a camera unedited once a photo is taken. This, is what I view the definition of beauty to be, and if by any means someone has a perspective they want people to know of and aren't just copying it down, then by all means, be my guest and tell me your thoughts below.

Author's Note: I'm officially back from my awkward blogging absence and will be drafting up some posts, going back to my regular schedule of a post per week! Don't worry, I'll explain it to you all what I've been up to and why I've been gone.