Don't Say "Beautiful."

Don't say "beautiful,"
unless you actually mean it.
For the word that was once deemed
iridescent, like the sun-kissed kaleidoscope, 
has become a societal platitude,
the abundance of color which had
once waltzed on the walls
diminish to a gray shadow.

Do not attempt to emulate beauty,
as taught by your societal kin.
For while the imitation of this 
primitive, minimalist aesthetic
may not truly be a lie,
the rendered message reveals to be a 
dilution of the original, insipid and trite.
Time has brought many Renaissance figures.
Now look! We have printed copies.

Only say "beautiful,"
when invoked by a sudden emotion,
grasped by the moving sensation
that tugs on us individually--
As if the beauty has rendered 
time to stop, and be gazed upon.
For to deem or create something beautiful
requires not the acknowledgement of our intellect,
but rather the delicate openness of being raw.


Author's note: This is a thought post written in the style of my writing ones, about a topic that has been on my mind for quite some time now, but had only a vague idea how to express. Yes, there is irony in here, and if you do understand what the irony is, please understand that it was intentional, in order to get my point across. If you would like to inquire about the reason behind this post, all you need to do is ask.