Lord of the Rings Movie Marathon!

Hello, everyone! January has been slowly moving along—a lot of the choices that I have made over the month required much of my needed attention and preparation; specifically, the demands of studying and school. Many of the choices I have made are seeds that will launch into full fruition over the course of this entire year, and hopefully, you will be able to see the journey which it will weave!

One of the activities which I had partaken in was attend the Lord of the Rings marathon that my youth group held! It has been awhile since I had attended youth group, and besides, I had never seen the movies or read the books, despite the fact that my family owns The Return of the King. Not only did they bring on the best of the best with the extended editions (and I forgot to bring blankets, because I've been told blankets and couches are needed for marathons), but they also decided to serve all seven hobbit meals—a valiant feat, having to eat nearly 2.33 times more than I usually do.

When it comes to eating, the hobbits sure know how feast well.

Apparently, the hobbits do have six or seven hobbit meals. I’ve been told the book hasn’t been clear on that, but again, the only thing I knew about Lord of the Rings before this event was the remixed music video of Legolas saying, “They’re taking the hobbits to Isengard!”

I must say, that the movies were incredible; I can’t believe that I had not seen this series, at all! Frodo’s got some good friends behind his back, for sure. Samwise Gamgee is, literally, the most loyal friend you would ever want to have—like, he could have gone back to the Shire, but he made a promise and that promise he kept. I cannot express it enough; he’s my favorite character! When the Took brothers were separated, for apparently they’ve never been away from each other before (correct me if I’m wrong) that broke my heart, so much.

They’re something I would love to rewatch! Now, if I can only get my hands on The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers…

First Breakfast had milk, cheese, and scones.

 Second Breakfast contained French toast, bacon strips, and fruit cuts of strawberries and bananas.

Elevensies consisted of warm apple cider (which seemed a bit too sweet to my liking) and if I remember correctly, another scone. 

For lunch, there was potato soap (the alternative was anchovies soup, but it wasn't that bad) and buttered bread.  

 Yum! Raspberry tea and muffins for (you guessed it) Afternoon Tea!

More milk for Dinner, alongside ranch covered spinach, rice, potatoes, corn, beef, and a deli roll. Yes, I asked about that too, and the volunteers said, "If the hobbits knew about deli rolls, they'd have them for dinner, too." 

Lastly, Shepard's pie for Supper! 

"Change = Entropy."

I don't know why.

"Change equals entropy," said my biology teacher,
but how much I wish I had learned this fact before,
to soften the pain.

Five different leaves of a single branch,
that's how we all were,
until that one day, when a girl asked,
"Are you two friends?"

"No," you said,
and immediately I was shattered.

Little did I know that you would all float away,
but surprisingly cluster together.
My heart broke a little when I saw
you four together
all on the bottom footsteps of the stairs
laughing at who knows what
a small similarity that you all had
tossed away
into the wind
and I, myself, am a leaf floating away.

My love for your four never ceases to grow
yet those "what ifs" tend to mock me.
What if I spent more time,
what if I went to the same parties,
what if -- no.

I am the broken Melody of soft tunes,
and you each are the harmonies
picking up my shortcomings.

This is how it has always been.

And while I may be hurt, I am happy
that you found solace in one another
and here I stay, I shall always have 
great love and regards for you.

But for now, 
farewell my dears.

Goodbye puck, map, fish, and pi.


Welcome, 2016! I've been wanting to introduce a life update post. However, life has been rather mundane, while other parts have been to good to be true, thus the reason for this one poem which sort of ties with Watch, but it is more of a standalone.