WHERE DID 2016 GO??? + Blogger Yearbook

Where did 2016 go? It only feels like a few days have passed since the first days of January, where I made the mistake of wearing dress pants during a two hour dance lesson. Despite being busy and somewhat incognito from the blogging world (which I'm going to try to change by scheduling a bunch of posts in advance), this has been such an amazing and beautiful year in its own unique way. Let's celebrate the New Year and let's get this throwback party started!

What happened this year?

 Driving to the place where we performed for Grease took about twenty minutes. At least it's scenic.

// Performing in Grease, also known as one of the most intense productions I've ever been a part of. Rehearsals were both physically and mentally demanding, spending hours on choreography and "unlearning" songs because the original Broadway production is raunchy compared its movie counterpart. It was strange to have to listen to tons of High School Musical two hours before call, though, but the cast was obsessed singing, "We're All in This Together."

The awards ceremony for writing also had a ton of art displayed, as well.

// My writing was recognized on the state level, which initially resulted in five minutes of screaming down the school hallway when the announcement was emailed out. This still makes me incredibly happy and want to continue screaming down the hallway yelling, "ASDFGHJKL," because creative writing! State level! Recognition! Besides, the competition is incredibly competitive and only a small percentage move to the next round of judging. I really hope next year, I'll be able to enter more competitions and potentially be recognized on the national level. Who knows?

The ribbon I got at the district level.

// Speaking of the state level, I took state in the language declamation competition! This wasn't something I expected to happen or even had in mind going in as I performed in the Spanish poetry section at the district level, but as the MC announced my name blaring into the speakers, I was in incredible shock. 

Cheering on our team.

// Softball. A lot of people I know say it's boring, but it's as intense as it gets. Despite wearing the wrong glove the entire season, getting hit with the heavy ball a couple of times, and sliding into home plate stomach first which earned a smile full of dirt, it's so much fun! Swinging the bat and hitting the ball-- it's worth it.


// ATLANTA! And Disney. Georgia is the fourth state my family has traveled to, and it was fun visiting the Peach State (but not when you're going ziplining and it decides to throw a thunderstorm). Besides visiting many landmarks and college, we got to try interstate road driving for the first time to Disney and visit all the theme parks again.

Eighty's Marvel comics. It doesn't get better than this.

// Library volunteering. Many memories come from this summer volunteering: learning how to use the dye-cut machine and doing bumper rolling chairs with the oddest group of young grasshoppers are a few I can recall. The volunteering didn't stop there: helping Anime and Rubix Cube Club, finding the parody book section (don't ask), and running around trying to model books for the library's social medias were other enjoyable tasks.

We ended up using a lot of puns, some that hit a bit too close to home?

// The first time going to homecoming... Sort of. There was a football halftime float competition, and some people decided it would be fun to defy the candy theme by dressing up as Greek philosophers and blare "Chariots of Fire" instead of the conventional songs of "Sugar" and "I Want Candy." I was one of the fifteen or so people who decided to spend all lunch period Friday making Greek puns and getting up early Saturday to (try and fail) blowing up balloons.

Me before leaving to go out and drive again.

// Passing my driver's test! For the longest time, I was so lazy to learn to drive until a firm foot was planted down to learn the task. Every day, over the course of the summer, the car was taken out onto main roads, roundabouts, highways, anywhere that the testers would rationally make you drive through, and several months later, I passed the test in my first try. I know that having your license should be liberating, but it's not because l can't really use it due to the piles of snow and sleet on the road.

Lastly, before leaving to join everyone in the festivities, let me present the 2016 Blogger Yearbook! This has been such a tough compilation to pull together because nearly fifty people joined in, but nonetheless, all of the ladies within the yearbook are gorgeous and ebullient in their own right. A small note: some of you forgot to send me photos or if you did, they were too small, so I had to choose an alternative photo-- hopefully you're satisfied with the choice made. I'm so incredibly blessed to know all of these ladies in the community. Just brava. Feel free to go look through yearbook and let me know what you think!