Tired, Yet Content

 Helping to shoot YouTube videos.

 The borrowing library.

If everyone's phones are taken away but you are allowed a camera, what do you do?
Catch tiny fishes under the dock, of course! 

Meet Thumper, the camp's residential bunny. 

 Creating props for the show.

 Stage lights are pretty, especially when people are under them and you see this little aura of light outlining them.

I will first clarify one thing beforehand: this is not one of the heavy posts I promised to post about. They are currently sitting, and for now, I will let the two posts nurture and grow until they have grown to their potential.

Have you ever, for a day, or sometimes a certain period, go home super tired—but feel content of what you accomplished at the end of the day that you sleep quite peacefully? Lately, this is how I have been feeling. I’ve been studying as much as I have been playing hard. I have been talking to a lot more people, which taps out all the energy. In the back of my mind, I never thought about reaching out back to my computer—unless it was to do Spanish homework over the weekend.
My mind is spinning and my thoughts are in a tangle, so I will try to sort out what I can.

A lot has happened since I have been gone. I went on a youth group retreat out in the middle of our state, staying in cabins, singing “Amazing Grace” in the showers at midnight with friends, and playing live versions of actual apps such as Fruit Ninja, thus the photo of the smoothie, Ombreish Fruitilicious. 

Besides that, the production that I’m in, The Phantom Tollbooth, had opened. We only had one dress and prop rehearsal, all on the same day, and I had to miss much of that day because of a choir concert. Behind the scenes, I have been helping several of my cast members shoot videos for their YouTube channels—one of them is about theatre kid problems, while the other is about a creepy lady with a funny name.

There’s also been a lot of talk of auditioning for the next show, which I am excited for but have been working up to as well—I would love to audition and receive a lead, but being the lead would be great, I guess, finally growing as a performer.

I’m not sure what’s going to happen, but I am a bit scared and excited for what’s about to come. For now, I’m content with that.

A Candlelit Birthday

Hello, hello, good friends! I am now back from a bit of an unintended temporary absent leave from the blogging world.

Thank you, first off, for all your comments in the previous post; reading these, along with replying to design order requests and commenting on other blogs during my spare moments of the day have been the only way I have kept "in touch" with the blogging world. Life still isn't the greatest, but it has improved to some degree—I guess it’s like they say at rehearsal and what I have taped onto my theatre binder: When something goes wrong in your life, just yell, “plot twist!” and move on. And, of course, don’t forget to be singing through life. Thank goodness that in rehearsal, no one judges for spontaneous singing.

This exact photo is on my binder. Credits

That said, I had recently ended up celebrating my birthday! I’m not saying what my birthday is—you may guess it right, you may guess it wrong, but my age is one of those things that I won’t reveal, but of course, many of you are aware that I am old enough to enter school competitions at the high school level.

The day of my birthday, all the teachers of the entire school were having a quick ten minute meeting in the library. Of course, this aggravated me a bit because the library is one of my only places of solace in the middle of my hectic schedule, so I sat outside near the benches, and once the teachers came out, I—in all my four feet, eleven inches—pushed passed the teachers, who are all about five feet and seven inches, into the doors.

Caged Graves is one of the best historical fiction books I have ever read in a long time. 
Yes, there is a love triangle but it's one that isn't annoying!

My two teachers from the previous year ended up giving me this peculiar look as I, in return, stormed inside. I tried hard not to crack up in their presence. Awkward expressions just crack me up sometimes.

The day of my birthday, it was flooded with food. Except my giftwrapped locker, all of my presents were food. I baked brownies the day before. My best friend gave me a cake slice which I still haven’t even eaten yet.

Fourth period, in choir, what was on the agenda of things to do? There were only two things: Eat food... and sing on the karaoke machine.

After lunch period, what happened? LUNCH = MORE FOOD.

Fifth period? I had to eat grapes, full of seeds, and it took twice as long as I would have liked while I failed inconspicuously to hide I was spitting out the seeds into a paper napkin.

Sixth hour, what occurred in the final class of the day? Several people decided to go order pizza and had it delivered to our classroom. The pineapples distracted my friend and I from reading our pages of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

After rehearsal, my parents decided to buy pizza and chocolate pretzels for the cast, which the director had agreed to beforehand. 

May I raise my hand and just say, I am tired of eating so much food? Is that a bad thing to confess?

The following day, my family went to go to the movies. While my parents went to go watch The Intern, my brother and I took our grandmother to go see The Scorch Trials, which, I must say, is nothing like the book and rather, mixes up several of the plots of both the second and third novels. If the directors are changing so much, can I just say to change up the ending of some plot points that did occur in The Death Cure? For example, my ship ended up sinking and one of my favorite characters dies. There has to be a reason why the final movie installment won’t be coming out until 2017, if I remember correctly.

The day and date are blurred out in order to keep my birthday private... I liked this one better than the first, and it's surprising: my grandma despises horror scenes, but she sat down all the way through this movie.

I won’t say much more fangirl related items except for these three: The Fever Code. The 5th Wave. Kung Fu Panda 3. If you wish to discuss these with me, then please tell me in the comments, and we shall fangirl to our hearts’ content.

Before the movies though, I went to musical theatre class, and can I just say: if I had to place where my acting stood compared to where my acting ability was two years ago, it’s definitely improved in the comedy department—a lot of my choices for improv scenes are very comedic-eccentric, like when I was improvising a solo scene where one of the things I did was trying to wrestle a mini golf plastic flamingo from a sleeping five-year-old’s grasp. I am very proud of this scene.

Reading the book adaptation of the production I'm in, The Phantom Tollbooth. I'm singing a lot more than I expected, seeing that the singing part of my audition was filled with nerves. I haven't been posting as many photos as I would like because my director is all about respecting privacy, and that's understandable.

That’s all I have for today! Up next—I am serious about this, for sure—a topic in which I will tackle in depth. More to come on that.