Of Childhood and Ice Cream (Party & Award)

Hi! I'm here to do two things today: Jollygirl's Blog Party and The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.

How did you come up with the name of your blog?
The summer of the year I turned twelve was when I came up with the blog name, but then I had no clue I would start any sort of blog. That was the only year I got to play outside with all of the neighborhood kids, and somehow that ended up sparking an idea.

Favorite party snack? Why?
I like these tiny ham and salad leave rolls. If there is ice cream (does that count as a snack?), then I am all in!

What type of chocolate is your favorite? Milk, dark, white, or other?
I'm not sure how to categorize this... But any Toblerone or fair trade chocolate is scrumptious.

Describe your favorite memory?
One of my favorite memories is when I did theatre around this time last year. Do you know those musicals where characters spontaneously begin singing to however they felt? That was my life last year. It shows that your life can be a real life happy musical if you make it-- and belt it out!

What is your favorite post that I have published on this blog?
Self Appreciation, because it is a really strong post that people should hear.

Just type whatever you want in this section. You can answer a question, type random letters, share a fact about yourself,etc..
Have a happy blog anniversary, Jollygirl! :D

Next, I have been nominated by the lovely Amelie, who I am currently collaborating with to write a special post that I'm rather excited about, for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award! Also, happy birthday to you!!!

Here are the rules:
1. Provide a link and thank the blogger who nominated you for this award.
2. Answer their questions about yourself in a post.
3. Nominate some blogs!
4. Provide links to these nominated blogs and let the recipients know that they have been nominated.
5. Include the award logo within your blog post.

1. Who is your celebrity crush?
I don't have one. Is that abnormal?

2. Where do you find the most comfort during the day?
I find the library most comfortable, because I can go and read in between some of the shelves and no one would bat an eyelash. I also like the hallway that no one passes through where my friends and I eat. It is really quiet.

3. Do you like unicorns?
 It's like asking, "Do I have hair on my head?" Yes, I love them very much; I heard some of the reindeer were sick during Christmas last year, so the unicorns were brought in as replacements. The world was filled with joy, but some wept for the sick reindeer, the reason why I had spent my Christmas Eve in an arcade with a fever.

4. What is your best childhood memory?
When I was young? Playing hide and seek in the summer of 2012. That was the number one game everyone played.

Childhood is so simple...

5. What is your favourite song?
I know most of you already know this, but some may not. My favorite song is the song that I mention in my first post nearly two years ago--Some Nights, by Fun.

6. What is/was your favorite school subject?
English! The only thing I do not like about that class is that we approximately get an essay we must write per week, and since there are nine weeks in a quarter and that is how long I have English, I have nine essays to write, give or take one.

7. What would be your perfect day?
A perfect day for me would be I would have school, finish the light amount of homework I have, write for at least thirty minutes, go to theatre rehearsal and sing for two hours, go back home, and read twenty minutes before bed.

8. If you were to write a book what would it be about?
I've written many books, actually! There's one series I've been revising for years but is currently not getting anywhere about the four elements, two contemporaries, and a numerous amount of short stories.

9. What is your favourite joke?
I don't have a particular joke, but I love puns and inside jokes. 


10. Have you ever solved a Rubik’s cube and how long did it take you?
I never have solved a Rubik's Cube, but I think somehow I managed to finish one side of the Rubik's Cube when I was ten. 

I nominate anyone who wishes to do this. If you don't want to post the answers to the questions on your blog, then just post them in the comments! I will be happy to read them.

Something that you should know:
The Seahawks will win the Super Bowl.

How Does One Know....

... That he or she, in particular, is a strong writer? Lately I have been asking myself that question ever since I began to take English classes again in school in alternate of my social studies class, especially because of something that did happen during my absence from school on Friday. (I was at a book competition-- our team won second place, just one question behind the winning team! Well, there's always next year.)

When I arrived into school today, I was looking for my name on the board to see which Shakespeare comedy the teachers of the learning community I am attending have placed me in. Something that I saw was the desks were aligned in a square, facing the center of the room, with rows contained within its shape. 

Something you should know about my teacher is that he is like a sixteen-year-old with his soul stuff in a middle age body. He is more of the sort to do pods, just as I had last seen the desk, so when this sight came to me I said, "Whoa... What happened here?"

Some juniors and seniors said things like, "Oh, it's you," "Look at the board for you name to see which Shakespeare reading your are in," "We did things on Friday." One of them said, "The teacher was talking about you last week."

"What? When?" This was my initial thought. When the teachers speak about me, I tend to be spoken of in a positive light, but I always assume it is something bad. That's been how I think for more than five years, and that reaction is still going strong to this day.

"On Friday. Something about your essay--"

"Being a strong writer--"

"And how it was the best ones he's read in a long time since he's taught here--"

"Or something like that," they murmured simultaneously. The juniors all nodded each other in assent and went off into their own world afterward. As some of my friends entered in the classroom, I scurried and asked whether this occurred on Friday. My friends admitted it was true.

Some people, reading this, might think I sound arrogant, but if it comes off like that, I'm really not. The action I took after hearing those words is quite the opposite of arrogance; I hid under a desk for about two minutes during passing time. Earlier in the semester everyone was required to write a reflection essay about any particular topic that our mind wishes. I know I'm not the strongest writer out there in the world, and there is tons of room for improvement. I love reading books-- I always have, and always will-- but to end up being in the same ranks as Riordan, Rowling, Lewis, Tolkien, Lu, or anyone else in that matter, ya da ya da ya da-- it is very hard to place a grown up version of myself in that light.

If I somehow manage to become published and a successful author, and when my blog is revealed to the rest of the world's population, I could imagine my teachers and all of the other people who have read my writing point a finger as a six-year-old would, kicking their dangling legs from their chairs, and say, "Ha! I told you so."

Now, back to the question of the post: how can one know he or she is a strong writer? There is an aspect of writing that I've been taught every year called Voice. It's either something that you have or don't have, and in all of my years writing for school, I have been told to have this aspect. I can't hear my Voice in my writing. 

Can authors hear their own Voice in writing? Can you hear my Voice? Questions like these have always boggled my mind more than the meaning of life has. Sorry for the rant; I just wish to know. 

Tell me what you think:
What makes a strong writer a strong writer? Do you have Voice?

Disney World: Part 3

My final post about Disney is coming to a close, and it is bittersweet because I must say goodbye to the reminiscence of vacation and Florida. However, my parents are talking about some potential trips we may be going to over the summer. Whether this is a good thing or not I am not certain, because I have heard that we may be out for three weeks. But here we go: the photos!

I spotted Rapunzel's castle as my family made our way to the Haunted Mansion. I'm not a huge sucker for anything horror related-- usually I try to shy away from that genre, but when my brother and I were helping make plans for the trip, I was joking and said, "Why not?" It wasn't that scary, a really mild ride, but I was still clinging onto my seat.

One of the rides that my brother kept going back on is called Tomorrowland Speedway, and it basically is like riding an actual car, except there are tracks in the middle that help avoid the cars from getting out of line. My time for driving a car is approaching, and if my skills on the real road match the skills I carried on the ride, well, let's just say I wouldn't be getting my license for a very long time.

Disney Parks, in general, have tons of parades and shows, and one of the ones that we managed to go and see was Mickey's Once Upon a Christmastime Parade, and it's a fun parade to see during the holiday season, even if it is several days after the holidays have passed. There were so many Disney characters, including this one float which boards all of the Disney Princesses and their princes! Then, if you're willing to stay up late, then there is the Electrical Parade.

One of the things that people do not notice is that the cast members there (what they call their employees) end up acting as a bit of a pep squad, trying to get everyone pumped out for the big parade. Another thing that, I don't think, most people realized, was Cinderella's carriage. Cinderella's carriage was only at the parks for a little bit; it was the actual carriage that was used in the live action film of if that is coming out in March, and it was rolling the streets midday! Can you believe that, or what?

Here is a video showing some parts of Disney. It's not the best, and this is my first:

So here I am, back at home, with elastics on my teeth, typing this up. The trip has been such an amazing experience and opportunity, despite the fact that I had to trudge through finals. One of the things that I really love about Disney is that no matter what age you are, it brings out another side of you-- a more childlike quintessence. A lot of the things that I did on this trip I often wouldn't do I was able to do and get through. I conquered many sudden drop rides. Someday, I hope that I can go back there, after saving enough money. That sort of spirit we kind of lose over time, but we potentially can find back again. 

Role Model Troubles

I'm taking a break from posting about Disney to write about this. Several weeks ago, my friend pointed out something that made me think. Before I headed off to first period, the two of us, including another one of our other friends, were talking about college and universities, since we are fast approaching that time in our life. For some weird reason, my friend ended up bringing up her sister—and this is what got to me. 

Friend: My sister wants to go to Harvard.
Me: That’s nice. I kind of want to go to a university on the east coast, in that area, too. How’s she’s doing?
Friend: Good. She’s been constantly pestering me about you.
Me (puzzled): What do you mean?
Friend (plainly): She’s always asking about you and what you’re doing. “Does Morning do this? Does Morning do that?” She looks up to you.
Me (even more perplexed): M-me? But… but I’m... I’m not… Or even thought about…
Friend: Yeah, well, you should go look. You’re great with younger kids. You set a good example.
Me: But--
Friend: Think about it.

Obviously, my friend and my actual name had been changed or not mentioned, but until that point, I never really thought of that people actually looked up to me. I knew my friend’s sister, and though she was a lot taller than I was, she wouldn’t see that as a hindrance and attempted to talk to me in the mornings. I never actually thought that my actions—or, in the blogging world, my words—could have such a big impact on people.

I’m quite terrified of this revelation. Are words and actions that powerful, to the point that people should look up to me, or any other person that sets an example? At the same time, I'm quite honored, flattered, and humbled. Hearing and talking to younger kids and receiving kind gifts from the kids I look after and talk to a lot makes my day. When I was helping out with some kindergartners on Friday afternoons and the kids with disabilities during their gym period, I was often greeted with smiles, hugs, and drawn pictures. 

There's this one picture that I still have which is buried in my room somewhere, showing me paragliding that one of the kindergartners did; and she had been such a huge part in me that one of my characters is named after her. She is now in third grade now. Kids grow up so fast.

The comments you leave on my blog mean so much to me, too. They are all little rays of sunshine and they help me get through so much. I enjoy hearing and talking to you all, and see that there are many others in the world who carry the same interest and problems as me, and realize that we are not alone.

But something that people should realize is that though there are role models, we are also human, too. We're not perfect. My life to someone may seem like paradise, but this is just only one side that you see. There is another side behind my life off of the computer screen, where I am at work busy trying to study for hours and have very little breaks or television time to myself. When I do have television time, I'm elated. I read and write lots. My work space is often cluttered and disorganized, like the photo at the beginning of the post. I fumble speaking in front of people, but with friends I can be outgoing and bubbly.

That's the lovely thing about role models: they are just ordinary people taking one big step in doing extraordinary things. I think this is also great to point out that anyone could be a role model. I look up to others in the blogosphere. Look at us; we are all writing about the things that inspire us, and we attempt to spread positivity and ingenuity by the words and photos that we post. We touch others, and to do this is just amazing, that there are many of us. We can cause change for the better. There is beauty in that, and power-- not the overpowering type, but more like the "strength and voice in numbers" type.

Don't stop spreading the positivity and love. Though I am still treading lightly in my steps and trying to strive to get through all of the turmoil coming my way, I will keep going and try.

A Trip To Walt Disney World -- Part 2

Today I am posting more photos from my trip to Disney World, mainly those originating from Downtown Disney and Hollywood Studios! My family visited these two areas several days before and during Christmas time, which then I had been suffering through a cold and had to carry a box of napkins 24/7. My illness didn't stop me from having fun, though!

Do you have a downtown area in your town? If not, that's okay; I have many friends who must drive into town often to see town lights. Downtown areas often have unique stores and entertainment, which, in my town, reflects a lot of the historical and mainstream culture. Downtown Disney is like that. They have an interactive arcade called DisneyQuest, an interactive theme park with five levels of arcade games. My brother and I spent hours in that area. While my brother went for playing basketball with those basketball shooters they had, I spent a lot of time playing Avenger themed Pin Ball and Skeeball, the only two games I good at other than Fruit Ninja.

Some of the store that my family saw were a soccer store, The Poison Apple (a place where they make caramelized apples with Disney character faces), and a Lego store! The area had some amazing Lego statues. One store that my family spent lots of time in was World of Disney, which is the biggest character store there is. I got to see a stuffed animal Nemo! Isn't he just adorable?

Ah, their merchandise is too adorable, even the Dinosaur t-shirts. There was one T-Rex shirt I didn't manage to take a picture of showing a T-Rex attempted to do push-ups... but was on his head, his arm struggling to reach the ground. My family went back to Epcot several times and visited Magic Kingdom (separate post on that later). I think around that time was how I got sick. There was one day that it was raining, and I wasn't able to wear my poncho. The weather around the time was a bit dreary; my family's plan was to go to watch fireworks at Magic Kingdom on Christmas Eve., but due to the rain, we spent hours playing at the hotel's arcade.

On Christmas Day, my family went out to Disney's Hollywood Studios. My brother and I were kind of smirking that day because we were going on a horror ride, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror! The ride isn't that scary, I came to realize, but it is one of those rides where they raise you up and drop you down two stories not just once, but five times! I was feeling a bit queasy afterwards, but not to the point that I could not handle it. Another ride made me a bit queasy for it's indoor, 360 degree turns, which was the Rock 'N Roll Rollercoaster Starring Aerosmith. Queasy, but loads of fun!

Before tackling the tower, our first attraction was Indiana Jones: Epic Stunt Spectacular. It's basically showing Indiana Jones and the recreation of some of the stunts from the movies. There was also a Beauty and the Beast show. I feel a bit guilt watching the Beauty and the Beast musical show because I never was able to attend the show that my friends were in. The musical was beautiful, gathering all of the songs and turning the story from eighty minutes to thirty!

In the afternoon my family got to see more shows and a Star Wars ride. Did you know that there is a life-size version of Lightning McQueen? When he rolled out from a truck, I was super stunned. I did not expect there to be a sub-plot in one of the attractions we were watching that followed the storyline of Cars 2!

The Art of Disney was a very interesting building. There were several areas where you were able to take photos with famous Disney animated characters plus the stars of the current Walt Disney Animation Studios movie, Big Hero 6! I didn't see Baymax in action but I did see Hiro (no pictures with him, though). There another section in the building where you are able to take a drawing class! We got to draw Piglet. The only drawback-- haha, drawback-- was that there are no erasers on our pencils. The evening was filled with the Osborn Light Show. It's simply spectacular. If I could describe it with words, I would, but words can not fathom as to how that experience was.

So, there you have it! Next time, I will be posting about Magic Kingdom and possibly show a small video I created. Which photos or attractions seem appealing to you?

On a completely different note, isn't it funny how sometimes, you remember something that happened exactly a year ago? Funny at how you look at those events that have made you happy and realize it's been so long. Well, around an hour ago, exactly on this date, but last year, I would have been surround with people doing the banana warm up with a bunch of strangers who would soon be my niche. 

A Trip to Walt Disney World: Part 1

Around three weeks ago, during the holiday season, my family and I embarked on a trip to Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando. Our trip lasted around two weeks, but these were two weeks that were filled with such fun and adventure. I'm so excited to share with you some of the 684 pictures from my trip!

It took my whole family consisting of my parents, brother and I more than twelve hours transferring airports, riding planes, and getting to our resort in Disney. We were staying in one resort that embraces the culture of the '50s to '90s, something that I appreciate (groovy!). 

That evening of our arrival, my family went to go and eat at this one restaurant called Boma. It's located near one of the four parts, Animal Kingdom. I took photos of the food I ate, and for the days following that until my family arrived home, I constantly did that. Photo of the two meals we were allowed to have a day, plus the snacks! Don't assume two meals are bad; they come with an entree, a drink and dessert. So you'll end up stuffed! I'm staying away from food for awhile... 

The following day, that was where my family went!

There were a lot of interesting things to do during our time there. We got to go see the Harambe Reserve, located inside of the park, and saw lots of zoo animals. Musical shows played hourly such as the Lion King and Finding Nemo, both which my family watched. I do must say that one ride had me coming back constantly, and that ride is known as Expedition Everest.

Expedition Everest is really easy to find once you reach the back of the park. It's a mountain peak with the tips sprinkled with snow, and every fifteen seconds, you can hear rides screaming as they dropped down the peak around 80 feet! I went on this so many times-- around eleven. The first time, I sat in the front. Another time while I was riding, I was sitting next to an English man in his sixties or seventies who I talked to for a bit on the ride, and when the ride came to a close (I told him that was my sixth time), he exclaimed, "You're crackers!" Indeed I am, but it is not like every day you can drop 80 feet.

On the way to Expedition Everest, you can also see the Tree of Life. It's a large tree, with animals carved into the wood. 

On the second day we went to another park known as Epcot, a futuristic park that also carries a world fair around the lake! One ride that we went on was Test Track, where we got to create our own car and then, test it on a track. It's a lot of fun! Another ride we went on was called Mission: Space, and your in a flight simulator on a trip to Mars. My dad received motion sickness on that one, funnily.

The World Showcase, what they call the world fair area, is amazing! My family got to go to eleven countries all in one day! Canada, United Kingdom, Norway, Japan, China, Germany, Mexico, the list can go on for ages! Because it was the holiday season, we got to see special holiday performances from each country. In the evening, around the World Showcase lake, we got to see Illuminations, Epcot's Fireworks show! I loved the fireworks here.

On the third day, my family took a break from Disney and headed on out to Universal Studios! It was amazing! My brother and I went on a Minion ride and Hogwarts, my two favorite attractions of all. We even got to ride the Hogwarts Express! I barely could refrain myself from squealing the entire time at Hogwarts. There was a frog choir singing, and a ride that makes you feel like you are playing Quiddich. My only two regrets when I was there was that one, I didn't get to look at wands, and two, I did not try butter beer. I feel like I should be scolded for those reasons. 

The minion ride was so funny! It's a simulator where Gru turns you into minions and his kids, Margo, Edith, and Agnes, train you. There was a story plot underneath and I thought of it very sweet. The employees in charge of that ride would ask questions about Despicable Me (mainly, all minion pun-based) to pass the time. The second time my brother rode that particular ride, one of the questions they asked was, "What is Agnes' signature line?"

For several moments, everyone looked confused. I screamed out loud, "It's so FLUFFY!" People turned to look toward me, and I went to hide my head for five minutes.

On the way back to Disney World, my family had to board a bus. We met this one bus driver who, once we entered the bus, showed off his dance and singing skills to the passengers as he sang to Shake It Off by Taylor Swift. His dream is to be the man who posts the most amount of videos on YouTube, around 20,000, and get enough people to help him dance with Ellen on the Ellen Show. I currently do not have a video with my of the bus driver and though my brother has one, you can hear me singing VERY loud. But here is a link to one of the ones I found!

On a completely different note, how many parts for my trip should I do? Three or four? I'm kind of facing a dilemma. I would like four, but I do not wish to overwhelm you all. And how is the new design? It's not my best, I admit, but I was aiming for simple and calming, something that the beginning of last year was. Have a great day!