Entry For Bethan's Writing Contest

Hey, everyone! This is my entry for Bethan's writing contest to celebrate her 50 followers mark! I remember when her blog was new and there were only several readers. She's grown a lot! Yay! If you want to go and join, it's not to late (but it ends on August 31st)! My original idea was a story told within the form of a letter, but then the letter got too long. While walking home from school today, I was thinking of something completely random (I think I was thinking about European fashion) and then this came to me. I hope you like and enjoy it! I won't give away what I wrote, but I'll just say this: things can be done and undone.

An outreached hand. 
First words: “Hello.”

                         Pop tarts, 
                         their common interests,
                         Exchanged and shared.

short time hate,
ups and downs.

a potential enemy,
change and time.

The fading and                                                     
dwindling conversations,                                                    
Last words: “Goodbye.”
Sometimes wordless.

Just to let you guys know, the casts for each of the shows were announced and I got into one of them! :) Meaning that my blog will... have long periods of time where my blog is bare with no new posts. Even if I'm doing theater and perhaps I have a small part, school's a major priority for me and I will be studying during those spare moments. 

I'm not sure whether I will be asking for guest posts yet, since I have so many scheduled posts planned (like the interviews I keep mentioning; they're coming up next) but I'll have to see. The only time you will hear from me is through commenting on blogs! That also means that my design blog shop is now closed until further notice! Unless you're a new blogger or-- this will help bring out the debate side of me-- debate over why I should design your blog, my blog shop will be closed until further notice. Hopefully I can open it back up in mid-October. ^.^

Well, I better log off!

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Scraping the Bare Bottom

I tend to not post a lot of "downs" (short for downsides) about my life, but today, I've scraped the low bottom. If you are not in the mood to listen to a melancholy sort of rant, then this post is not for you.

Today I had theater auditions and I tried my best to come prepared. I had an audition song ever since the month of June, but finding a piece of monologue was hard, something which I spent a month prior to the auditions. I needed to find something that would "fit" and somehow suit either one of the plays, but I couldn't find one that necessarily did that.


Getting to the place where the auditions were held was a mess, because my dad forgot where it was (after all, he drove me there a lot several months ago) and we didn't arrive there early. I had to wait an hour and thirty minutes sitting there in a crowded room, isolated from everyone else and nervously chatting with one of the board members of the theater who was also a teacher of the school that I went to.

Most of the people that I knew from my last play were seasoned actors who've done at least more than two plays (I asked everyone personally, and besides myself, there was also one more person who was a newcomer to theater). That, and they were also the first group to go in to audition. When it was time for my actual audition, I went inside with ten other people and waited patiently, watching and applauding with all of that great shebang. 

Then the directors called me up.

We're all our worst critic, right? Well, I did pretty bad. For the monologue reciting, I did a cold reading of a tomboyish swashbuckling fighter from the 17th century who dresses up like a guy. I have this habit of always choosing and receiving weird roles. I stood there, reading and shouting as loud as I can, and (here is the ridiculous part) I waved my arms around in the air and thrashed around with an imaginary rapier sword in my hand. I looked completely ridiculous.

The worst thing that occurred was when I came to the singing portion. The song I chose was More Than Just a Spare, which is about this girl overshadowed by her older sister and doesn't necessarily "fit in" in either the castle or her town. Her character (the singer of the song, which is Anna from Frozen) is... well, you know how Anna is. She's this insanely quirky girl who talks about how "buttons fly". So during that part I acted sad and bitter at the beginning, then the quirkiness came in. I'm pretty sure I looked like this as I sang:
Lovely dancing, Tina Fey. :) In directors were laughing in an amused way. Is that a good thing when two directors and their assistants are holding smiles as you talk about how buttons can't fly and trip on the floor?
I really hope to get into theater for one major reason, really. Okay, so there may be several more reasons (I still want to see all of my friends from my last play! I haven't talked to them in what, four months?) but my main reason is to get out of my house. 

My family loves education, I have to admit, and they also value doing extra-curricular activities outside of school. As the saying goes, "Work comes before play." I know that if I do end up getting in or accepted in either of the casts, I'm going to have to do my homework first--the main reason why I'm planning to come straight home from school rather than spending time at the library.

A lot of times, I'm stuck at home. I don't get to really go out and visit my friends from school. I never can go over to their houses and such. Doing theater... gosh, that would help me a lot with my happiness. I can stay inside, yes, but only for so long. Staying inside for long periods of time can make you depressed. That's the reason why I hate summer sometimes-- I'm always forced to stay inside and not interact with any other people outside of my house except for shaking people's hands in church on Sundays. 

When I was younger, I used to do a ton of extra-curricular activities. My brother and I would do our homework, go to whatever activity we had scheduled that day for two hours until about seven or eight, and I loved that tiny thrill that I was out and about doing something. Nowadays, my parents wonder why I'm addicted my laptop. I don't want to be that person addicted to my laptop. They say that if you want to not be addicted to something, you got to find a new sort of addiction, and I want to rid of that electronic addiction and replace it with that thrill of going out and doing one of the things that I love.

Should I hope and wish, or should I pray? One time, my friend told me that wishing is handling over the decision to Fate. So I guess I will pray. I'll pray and hope for my happiness and getting into either one of the plays. If I do get into one, then I'll tell you which play I'm in, but if not... well, I'm not sure what to do at that point.

Even if I just get a tiny part as a townsperson or of an ensemble, I don't care. This means a lot to me. As long as I'm in a play, I will be fine. I don't want to submit myself to another two months-- or entire year-- of having to surf on my laptop. I just want to be happy and do something with my life than staring at a tiny little screen.
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First Day of School!

Yesterday was the first day of school, and I have so much to tell you about how it!

The first day of school was AMAZING. The first hour of school, I thought, would have ruined the experience.

My first period, which was Algebra II, I was absolutely terrified about the size of the school. The school was twice as big as my last school, but the strange part wasn't that: the strange part was that the school was shaped like a diamond. I was wandering on the wrong side of school, looking for my classes, and when a teacher finally told me a way to find my class, I was late by a whole 20 minutes! The good news was, most people weren't in class because they were either lost as well or (this applied more the majority) their schedule had many holes in them, so they were in line. 

By the time I found my class, I realized the door to get in was locked. I kept knocking for a whole ten minutes until I said, "Hello?" My teacher then opened the door, asked for my name (I wasn't tardy! Phew), then said, "You did realize that there was another door to get in, right?" Externally, I was trying to pay attention to what the teacher's rules were, and on the first day, we were given about 50 problems for homework. (Just to let you guys know, I'm not a genius at math; I just pay attention, take notes, do the homework, and study before a major test. Nothing major.) Internally, after plopping into my seat into my seat, I felt like banging my head against the table top of my seat.

I have a block period for Language Arts (which, after nine weeks, will change into History). All of my classes are, as I mentioned in previous posts, are apart of this mini school that majorly emphasize in reading and deep philosophical reading, and mentally, they are the toughest classes in the entire school. Even my Algebra II class emphasizes on reading the math book. 

When I arrived, I didn't know what to expect for the level of skill needed for the class: language arts was most likely where most of the work was done. None of my friends were in the mini school that I was in. The teacher took us to meet all of the other teachers in the mini school, and then, they challenged us to a song lyric contest and artistic performances. I don't mean to brag about this or anything, but two weeks before I came to the school, the lady at the receptionist desk at the cardiology department was quoting her daughter (who is attending the same mini-school as I was): "'It's like I've been brought into a musical! Everyone is happy, nobody is judging, and it's amazing." Those words, believe it or not, are true.

This will sound so cheesy, but my class was the Disney movie High School Musical. Everyone there had artistic abilities to a degree, and some seniors in my choir class who have been to several different schools before arriving at the one they're attending now said that out of all of the schools they've been to, this was the one that had the least amount of judgement and fakeness. They might have been exaggerating it to a degree (school isn't all that perfect; it would be too good to be true), but I can believe them. If there is a section of the school with deep thinking, artistic talent (like singing or doing impersonations of George Clooney and Michael Jackson), with the judging and people faking toned down, that's my kind of place to be. 

My fourth period was Spanish. I have no prior knowledge except for the fact some Filipino words that I knew were originally Spanish words. The teacher didn't speak to us in Spanish for the first several minutes, but whenever she did, she made it real obvious by pointing at things. I'm keeping my fingers crossed about this class; INFPs supposedly are gifted at mastering several languages. My fifth period class was Biology, and there we did a test about some pre-Biology knowledge (like, "Who was the person associated with the theory of evolution?") The final period was choir, and I was feeling jittery about this. I don't like being judged singing.

Well, I'm really looking forward to the school year and the next several years I'll be spending here! My life feels a bit like a wave of euphoria which I cannot and do not want to rid myself of. We're meeting one of the contestants from the last season of The Voice tomorrow and are playing Minute To Win It games all day long!

How was your guys' first day of school? Or if you haven't started school, what are you feeling right now?

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Summer Rewind

If you've been reading some of my posts from May, I mentioned that I was going to create some sort of meme, link up, or blog tag. Then in early June I mentioned that I was going to go and post whatever I created at the end of the summer because it seemed for fitting. I'm not sure whether this will catch on or not because of so many different problems, mainly the northern and southern hemisphere season conflicts and the time when summer ends for everyone. Hopefully I posted this at a time where it's convenient for a lot of people.

Alright, enough with the rambling. So, finally, after making graphics that have been sitting on my computer's desktop for nearly two months, with it's kilo and megabytes, collecting pixel dust, I finally am happy and able to present to you:

The Summer Rewind Tag!
1. Thank the person(s) who tagged you.
2. Post about five to eight things that you did over the summer or upcoming in your summer schedule!* Pictures are optional.
4. Answer the ten summer/fall questions given to you.
6. Tag 5 or more bloggers and tell them by commenting on their blog.
5. Ask ten new summer/fall related questions.
7. Share the banner above when you publish the post and credit the photo and the tag origin (http://theworldthroughmywindowsill.blogspot.com/).
*Note: If you live in the southern hemisphere, just share about what's happening in your season right now but answer the questions as if it were summer.

Summer Activities
1. Youth Conference-- this was a great way to kick of the summer because until this youth conference, I was at home, saying, "Can I please get out of the house?" I met up with some of my friends who I didn't see often and met new friends. If you can't go to youth retreats, then you should go to a conference like this, because this four-day event is just unbelievable amazing. I have to warn you-- it is a bit like school, except if you forgot what class or activity you signed up for that day, everyone is relaxed about it and you're allowed to pop up into another class.

2. Town-Wide Community Event Party-- There was this community event party, and my mom kind of beckoned my brother, grandmother, and I to come along with my uncle, aunt, and their family. It was seriously fun, because I saw people from school (that rarely happens in the summer) and because some of my friends were volunteers at the event, I got to see some things that only the volunteers are allowed to see.  Plus, they were like, "Hey, Morning, you're actually growing taller!" Then I'm here internally like, "YAAASSS." And one of my friends was like (we saw puppets of these guys), "Guys, it's Bob the Tomato!" There were some amazing people there, like a contestant from The Voice, and TobyMac. Yeah, TobyMac!

3. Movies-- This was the summer I saw the most movies because I even though I only went to the movie theaters two or three times, I watched so many because we binge-watched movies there. The movies I watched are How To Train Your Dragon 2 (I watched this twice, but it's worth it), Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Planes: Fire and Rescue, one international movie that originated from the Philippines, and Guardians of the Galaxy. So many great movies; my family is going out to do this on Tuesday, possibly.

4. Community Picnics-- I went to several of these this summer. The first one wasn't technically in the summer, but it was to celebrate the summer. There I entered a watermelon eating contest! The second one was a neighborhood picnic, and I got to see one of my teachers/coaches from school and watch my brother play basketball. The last one I was just for fun, and I still got to meet up with people I haven't seen in awhile. The picture above is from the second picnic I mentioned.

5. Soccer-- I can't believe I actually did this this summer, but I've been dying for a long time to actually tell you guys about this! Before I join the rec soccer league in my town's local YMCA, I had no soccer skills, and my coach was super strict (that's the reason why, whenever our assistant coach was there ahead of the coach, we'd hurry though our stretches). And I sort of gotten in trouble and called out a lot because of my lack of skills. But I've improved so much, and I'm so happy! 

6. The Engineering Camps-- I might sound really dorky with what I am about to say, but I love these camps! Loved the activities we did--taking selfies and photobombing on the camp's computers and tablets, or being able to explore some of the campus's sights-- it was amazing and absolutely fun. This was something that saved me from summer boredom, because June is usually activity packed while July is pretty lazy.

7. Going to the airport-- the picture is in the car in the late evening/early morning. My entire family didn't go on a trip to another state or country, but my mom and grandma were lucky to go and visit several states, actually. My dad, brother, and I drove all the way to the airport, which is on one of the far sides of the town, at 1:30 in the morning to go and pick them up. Best of all, we got huge Cinnabons and all sorts of souvenirs (mainly food. Including my leggings; I received jellybean and hamburger leggings. Food-themed leggings.) I can't wait to go on an airport and travel-- it's not long before that will happen. ;) Besides, the last time I've been on a plane was in 2012 (long before I started this blog), when I went to go visit New York City and some of the major cities of Canada!

8. Type One Heart Blockage-- This summer I found out about the third heart beat and got it checked out. So how does the picture above relate to it? There really is no relation to it, really, except this was the food my parents got for our family on that day (my appointment was in the morning but it was nearly lunchtime when it finished). If the Mexican food picture doesn't look pretty, I'm sorry-- that was the same day I had school registration, and I had to hurry eating.

The Questions
1. When did you get out of school?
2. When are you heading back to school?
3. Name three songs on your summer playlist.
4. Do you prefer beaches or swimming pools?
5. What's your favorite summer treat?
6. Does your skin tan or burn?
7. Name the summer activity you love, and the one you absolutely despise. ("Hate" is a strong word.)
8. Something you discovered this summer?
9. If you can, post a picture of your summer outfit. (If you don't have a camera, find an outfit via Pinterest).
10. Something you'll be missing from this summer?

My Answers:
1. I got out of school on May 22nd...
2. ...and now I'm going back this Wednesday, August 20th.
3. Three songs on my summer playlist are Maps by Maroon 5, Girls Chase Boys by Ingrid Michaelson, and I Choose You by Sara Bareilles. 
4. I prefer beaches. I'm not sure why. But I love swimming pools too.
5. My favorite summer treat is ice cream! :D
6. My skin is luckily one of those who just tans, not burns. No skin to peel off, there!
7. An activity I love is really just going outside. The summer activity I despise? Waking up early. Summer is the time to go and sleep in!
8. Something I discovered this summer is how a day feels like when you're all alone in your house and you go on with your day by your own agenda. I got to go and run outside screaming for no reason (except for possibly excitement), binge watched the last six episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and eating ice cream during lunch. It's an amazing feeling.
9. Here's a picture for my summer outfit. Funny, the jean dress in the picture is going to be one of the things I'm wearing to school in several days: 
10. I'm definitely going to be missing the simplicity, because with the grade I'm entering-- I'm serious-- I feel like I'm walking into a hurricane that I could clearly see. I don't feel ready, but hurling into unexpected activities is my specialty. That's how it was for dance, theater, middle school, a lot of things. But usually when I run into things that are unexpected, by the end of it, I'll say, "That was amazing. Let's do it all over again!"

I nominate:
1. June
2. Chloee
3. Emily
4. Lizzie
5. Sarah
And anyone else who wants to do this!

This isn't a part of the tag, but before I finish this post and log off, here is basically a collage of what I've done through the entire summer:

1. My grandmother came back from her month long travel in Europe.
2. I went to a youth conference.
3. I went to a huge community event party.
4. I watched movies-- the day I took that picture, I saw How To Train Your Dragon 2.
5. I went to a picnic.
6. A picture from the second to final game from soccer.
7. The medal everyone received for participating in soccer that summer.
8. Picking up my mom and grandmother from the airport!
9. I'm texting my friend, and she's telling me how Lays is filled with 50% air.
10. A picture of one of the souvenirs my mom got. 
11. Look! It's a robot from the air show!
12. Went to go on a binge-watching day of movies.
13. I got my heart checked out on that day and ate Mexican food.
14. Greek festival! Yeah!

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Middle School Advice

I'm not sure exactly how this will play out, but today I am going to be giving back-to-school advice and sharing stories to all of those middle schoolers out there that will be entering (or returning, but this post is going to be focused mainly on incoming middle schoolers). Some of the stuff here might apply to high schoolers and new-time public school people, if you've been home schooled, but anyways, let's get started!
The Basics
Gather as much information about your school as you can prior to the first day. Some of the things that I did before entering middle school was going to orientation and a "base camp", where you can meet and socialize with other people. Other things that I did to prepare myself was to go on the school's website and see what sort of clubs and electives that they have. There was also a field trip and tour of the school that we had to attend in sixth grade. Some info I'd suggest getting other than your schedule is a handbook, which has all of the rules, the bell schedule, and a map layout.
Meet up with old friends and talk about similarities in your schedules, where you'll sit in the cafeteria, etc.
Get ready to have all of your supplies with you. There was this one kid that I had to constantly be assigned partners with, and he always forgot a pencil. I'm not picking on him or anything, but just don't be that kid who needs to ask for a piece of paper or a pencil in each class.
Always have a fat pink eraser with you. And you're ID. You'll definitely need it with you. This is coming fro someone who needed these two things during one of the most stressful in-class situations of all time.

How To Survive Academically
Always have a planner with you. Sometimes, schools give out free planners but they're rather generic, so you can also get your own. Planners are your best friends at scheduling everything, and they'll help you remind important dates.
Pay attention. This should be a no-brained, but pay attention to what the teachers have to say. All of it, in some form or another, will appear on your final.
Prepare for finals, too. I had no idea what the word meant until the last two of school, and I was like, "Wait, we have to take these majorly long review tests? HELP." The teachers usually give you an idea and some studying prep on what to expect. Use this to your advantage.
Don't do homework or projects during the last minute before you turn them in. I never had this problem before, but gosh, depending on who your teacher is, they might take it away from you and give you a zero because it shows you're not doing you're homework. (This is probably one of the worst-case scenarios for this situation, the one I pictured).
Try to get on good terms with teachers, and don't be afraid to ask for extra credit. In my eighth grade year, I had to ask for tons of extra-credit to kick my grade back up to an "A". Really try hard to get on good terms with teachers. There was this one time in seventh grade that I had a B in science. I was only .3 points away to getting an A. You know what the science teacher did? She ended up giving me those extra points, and my grade was bumped up. Then I began dancing crazily. If I wasn't on good terms with her (and trust me, she was one of my strictest teachers) my grade wouldn't have changed.

How to Survive Socially (or Through Your Classes)
Try to be open with people. At least attempt to do so. "I know it's hard, know it's hard to remember sometimes, but you gotta keep you're head up..." Haha, I got carried away there.
Try to have friends or acquaintances from different social groups. Ooh, social groups pretty much means another word for stereotypes, and I cringe at that. It's nice to have a companion from different social groups, just in case you don't know anyone in a class.
Try to make new, but good, friends, before you start closing up your openness factor. I'm a relatively closed person, and it's hard for me to do that. Like, I can't talk to people. They have to approach me first before I open up. Luckily, the people in my science and social studies classes were nice and open. We're all weird with quirky habits and those are things we respect about each other. It's something that makes our mini group stick.
Join clubs and sports, or do the talent show, if you have the guts.
Avoid drama and dating at all costs. All of it! When it comes your way, say, "No, nope, NADA!" Luckily, most of my friends are the sort of people who tend to avert drama as well as I do, but sooner or later you're going to hit a bump into the road that's going to have to face some resolve. If you do get caught up in drama, you can walk away and take a breather or calm down and then try to talk it out. And you can date in middle school, but there will be problems along the way so try to avoid it altogether. Middle school is about FRIENDSHIP, after all.
The Last Word (Sort of)
My last piece of advice: prepare for ups, downs, and all of the weird turns up in this road ahead. Funny, I started this blog when I was in middle school and I just used a part of my blog title as a pun! But then, puns are the highest form of literature. A lot of factors really depend on what sort of experience you have. Middle school could either be relax as a, I don't know, maybe like a Disney Channel show where everything is relaxed and fine or it could be like all of those ABC family shows that air at seven to nine PM on weekday evenings: full of drama.
I hope that helps you guys to a degree! This isn't a huge encyclopedia on middle school advice, but this should help you to a degree. If you have any more questions (like how the lunches taste like or how to deal with strict teachers), then just ask in the comments, and I'll be happy to help and try to give advice to the best of my abilities. Do you guys want me to blog a bit more about back-to-school, and if so, what specifically?
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P.S. If you're feeling daring today and you want to see how my blogging style as a first-year middle schooler, all unfiltered and when only ten people read my blog? Then here are some links and a brief sentence about each post:
Risks This Week-- I am worried about SLCs (student-led conferences). 
Wacky School Week!-- I briefly describe my time volunteering at the school. 
Boredom (With A Hint of Laziness)!-- Good luck reading War and Peace for school. 
Missing My Friends + Divergent!!!!-- I'm going to miss my friends. :'(
The In-School "Field Trip"-- Our field trip was canceled, but not to worry!
Over The Past Couple Of Weeks....-- Some brief thoughts and advice about school again.

My Inside Feels

I know that most people wouldn't care about what time of the season it us because most of the country is still in their laid-back summer mode, but I suppose, for once, it would be nice to vent and speak about my thoughts and what's yet to come (I don't think I've had a life update post in awhile) which is more commonly known as (if you are still in summer mode, I implore you, DO NOT read the next several words): Back to School.

As I'm typing this down, waiting for my dad to tell me to go to my orthodontist appointment. I'm still nervous about everything because this year was a transition summer, the calm before the storm. Usually, transition summers are more eventful than all of the other summers, which could be described as plain "meh." Nothing eventful really happens during those. In fact, I remember when I brought my dad to registration, all of the teachers I met talked to me like this:

Teacher: "Hi! Welcome to our school. Are you excited? Nervous?"
Me: "I'm excited, all right."
Me (in my head): "Are you kidding? I'm over here my my hair frazzled on the ends. I am super nervous! No one tackles classes I'm taking that early on, and to try to get a 4.0 GPA seems impossible enough already!"

Of course, I never say any of this out loud. That's an INFP reaction for you.

I'm looking back at my schedule, which seems great right now, but really challenging. I signed up for this mini-learning school at the main over school where deep philosophical thinking, along with writing skills, are heavily enforced. In short, we have to answer questions like, "Which came first? The chicken or the egg?"

The good news is, because we have double blocking periods for my English and History classes, my homework load is cut in half. The bad news is my Algebra II and Biology homework do not go through the same deal. I'm nervous for both of these. Science, out of all of my subjects, I consider my weakest point. The worst thing is, my math class is my first class of the day, so I have to try to snap myself awake as we drone on about polynomials and such.


That's just my classes and not even the activities I'm trying to sign up for. Some of you know, but most don't, that I am taking dance classes again on the weekends. They're musical theater classes. The difference between the last time I took them, which was a year ago, is the fact that they extended a class by 30 minutes to work on vocals. I'm also applying for this volunteer opportunity at the library.

The main primary focus I have right now is volleyball. I had missed the first of three days, which had started yesterday evening, because the activities office accidentally forgot to tell us to turn in our payment as the last thing to turn in. They're just tryouts, and we have to already pay more than 100 dollars! I love volleyball, but I'm also doing this for my heart, because it's supposed to help with the recovery and treatment of it.

If I don't get into volleyball, however, I have to fall back on doing theater (not that I'm complaining. But theater is just my back-up plan to lean on). I'm really torn by both options. Hopefully today, when I go back to the tryout arena, everything is all set, or else I'm going have to walk home aggravated.

Update: If you want a blog design for me, you have three days! The last day I'll be taking orders is on August 15th. Afterwards, I'll be going underground from design EXCEPT for new bloggers who have been blogging for either two months or less OR have less than 15 followers. So get those orders in!
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"Underdog" + What's Up With My Heart?

Hello! This is my contest for Jollygirl's writing contest, called Underdog.  Honestly, I played around with this entry a bit (this was from a novel idea I had sometime ago), and well, I hope you enjoy! ^.^


"Bee Harvard? Does your group have anything else to add?"
          The teacher's words intimidated me to the core, and twenty shuffling pairs of eyes were focused on me, like a camera turned in on zoom. I glanced at my group mates for help on the subject, but they shook their heads. Great, I thought. Just the exact sort of help that I required at the moment when we are practicing for the mandatory oratorical contest to take place in our language arts room.
           This was not like me, standing here paralyzed by the abundant amount of faces in the room. I was usually calm when it came to speaking. After two months of attending public high school, I was familiar and unfazed with the majority of the student body having to "look down" upon me due to my small demeanor and every other aspect that classified me as sophomore underdog. If it wasn't for the entire student body that made me unease, then who--or what-- was?
          I brought the paper in my hands up to my face and began to analyze it. "M-m-m-many American citizen's rights were v-v-violated because of p-p-prejudice and p-presumptions made of people who were a certain g-g-gender or race..." My throat tightened, and I couldn't stand to speak anymore. The falter in my voice was evident. I never had believed in the force of ESP, but I tried to connect with everyone in my group, thinking, "Please cover up for me!"
          I gazed at the faces of everyone who was present in the dingy classroom, irregular to all of the other classrooms that were remodeled last year. Half of the people paid no attention or interest to what we had to say and went back to gazing mindlessly at the walls. I felt my shoulders relax, if only briefly.
          Ms. Piccolo was smiling broadly at me in encouragement, and I could feel my ears beginning to burn in embarrassment. Her entire appearance seemed to glow an aura of encouragement and brightness, a bright smile that was white brought by whitening tooth paste (I speculated), blonde hair that was the alter-ego of hay, and the crinkled look in the sides of her eyes. Someone was taping on their pencil to the pacing rhythm of my heart: lub-dub, lup-dub, lub-dub.
          My eyes settled on four people sitting at a table cluster located next to wear Ms. Piccolo stood, and I certainly felt my heart palpitating when my gaze feel upon them.
          There they were, four of some of the smartest people in our grade which I was going up against for a scholarship. The school was so small with there being only 100 students per grade, that I had a generalization of who everyone was.
          Thomas Chiang-Wang, McKenna Roseby, Davy Edwards, and Henley Rowing were those four people at the desk and all in a group together. They were the ones who caused me to watch my step, to take on all-nighters studying, to let me just sit their and watch as their talents matched their heights.
          Once again, there they were. Oddly, they did not stare me down with their usual dagger-like stares. Their looks were filled with a wide-eyed curiosity with a dash of amusement. If the laws of science applied and four teenagers stared down one measly student, heat would be produced, and indeed, the temperature in the room rose up 20 degrees. I pulled on the collar of my shirt. What if I messed up? What if--
          I broke away from their eye contact. Now was not the time to worry what they thought of me. The situation at hand was to save my group from being speechless and being embarrassed by some form of humiliation. I needed to focus.
          "Um... never mind. Ms. Piccolo, may our group please return back to our seats and present sometime later in the day?"
          Her smile sundered. She was obviously disappointed, but she replied, "Of course. Group three, please leave the front of the classroom. Group four, please present your presentation."
          Our group sat back down as Henley's group went up to present their speech, I buried my face under my arms. I was feeling too ashamed to watch. I messed up. I caused my team to look bad in front of the entire class because I was rendered speechless by fear.
          I peeped up from my under my arms. They looked so confident and fearless. Some of their confidence they must have received from being so tall, I'm sure. They carried with them this notorious aura which caused everyone to swivel their heads around.
          They were the ones who are causing me to aim at nothing but perfection. What can an underdog do when you are going against the leaders of the pack? What have underdogs, in history, done, against their fights? What do people do when they rebel against our mainstream society?
          No matter what happens, I must not fail under any circumstances: grades, activities, the scholarship program, everything.
          And I do not intend to fail.


Also, I'm going to share this piece of news with you guys: If you remember my first post this month, I mentioned that the doctors, when I went to go and get a sports physical, detected a third heartbeat while listening to my heart. I went to the cardiologist on Thursday, and they found out what's happening with my heart! Apparently, I have type one heart block. If I remember correctly, it can go both ways: I can get better or worse. There is a treatment for it, which I have to do, and I'm trying to put tons of effort to get better. I may be going back at the end of October or in six months for a follow up. And apparently there may be a leakage in my heart...

If you have no idea what exactly it is, I'll provide this link and this one. I'm not great at explain. But here's somewhat of a visual of what's happening to my heart.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Review

Guardians of the Galaxy Review (Post on August

As promised, I will be reviewing the 2014 Marvel movie, Guardians of the Galaxy! Before I get started, I just want to name out the trailers that I saw before the actual screening. The movies that are going to be released seem pretty exciting; I can't wait to watch these in time, especially the Maze Runner! I'm such a huge fan of the movie series.
The Maze Runner
Big Hero 6
Disney's Into the Woods
Summary: After stealing a mysterious orb in the far reaches of outer space, human Peter Quill is now the main target of a manhunt led by the villain known as Ronan the Accuser. To help fight Ronan and his team and save the galaxy from his power, Quill creates a team known as the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' to save the world.

MPAA: Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi violence and action, and for some language 
So, on Saturday evening, my parents were deciding on which movie to go see together. They have this monthly thing where they go out-- just the two of them-- to watch a movie on a Saturday evening. They didn't see any movies that they wanted to watch together. Then they spotted Galaxy.

So, after some consulting and talking, my brother and I hopped into the car with them and we saw the movie in 3D XD (not IMAX 3D XD, but regular 3D). We arrived just in time for the trailers to start, but we had to sit up front. That was how packed the movie was.

Guardians, before I saw the movie, I thought, was a huge risk for Marvel to take. I love Marvel's movie adaptions because they actually are engaging and they're more appealing compared the the DC Comic adaptions I've seen. The problem with Guardians was that, for some time now, we've been seeing movie adaptions of the Avengers? So, did the movie upset my high hopes or exceeded them?

I'll touch on that at the end of the review. The movie starts of with a young Peter Quill, at the beginning, who is facing something pretty painful, and, under unpleasant circumstances, ends up in space.
I loved the the new Guardians team, and really, in general, all of the actor/actress choices made for the roles. Most of their motives and their character were pretty easy to spot after their first ten to fifteen minutes of screen time. I say most because there was one thing that threw me off (spoiler): I didn't catch the part when Gamora says she is betraying Thanos.

That leads me to my next point: the overall pacing of the movie. Instead of the movie having a steady pace, the pace was going like energy spikes would: some parts would be slow, while others were fast-paced. If the pacing was averaged out, then the pacing would come out a bit too fast.

I would also like to point out the comedy in this movie. The comedy splits the viewers of the movie in half: you would either get the jokes, or you don't. Luckily, after pun and inside jokes, the jokes in the movie were up my alley, so I completely got them! There was also this one thing that I laughed at that most people wouldn't get; something that Drax mirrored the exact same action that someone who was involved in the Avengers had done (who this other person is and whether they did this in a Marvel movie or TV show, I will not say exactly).

I just want to point this out quickly: there is a lot of more profanity in this movie than usual in Marvel movies. Be warned.

Something that I do like from this movie that seems to give a bit of depth is the 70s/80s tracks that are played throughout the film. Starlord has this cassette players which plays all of these tracks on this tape. Peter grew up in that time period, so when those tracks played, it seemed to give a bit of an insight to his character. (That, and I love 70s and 80s music. "'Ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no river low enough...'" I just can't help it!)

My overall verdict for the movie? It did not fall flat. As usual, Marvel and Disney have done a great job of everything and had everything it needs to make it a great Marvel movie-- great comedy, characters, backstory, CGI animation, even a great Stan Lee cameo! I could see why this may not appeal to some members of the audience, but still: I am pumped and can't wait for the sequel in 2017!

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The Beautiful Blog Award

(graphic made by me, please credit.)
Hi, everyone! I got nominated for the Beautiful Blog Award by the amazing Kat; you should definitely check her blog out! :) And to those who nominated me for the Liebster Award-- Hannah and one other person, I think (I can't believe I forgot who else nominated me! So sorry; but please tell me) I'm sorry, but I'm taking a break from the Liebster Award until September because of my blogging and posting schedule. I really appreciated that you nominated me, though; you both are amazing and wonderful people.

+ Answer the questions given to you
+ Give some answers for the people you nominate
+ Tell the people you have nominated that they have been nominated

1. Traveling or staying at home?
Hands down, I would have to say traveling! I've been stuck at home for way too long (the reason why I get so attached to the activities I do outside of school, INCLUDING school; I'm a nerd), and I need to go outside and see the world. Also, I'd love to do something productive with my life. Here's a math equation to end my answer: Traveling being the fountain of youth + becoming a nomadic learner = Travel and Endless Benefits.

2. Sport or dancing?
This is just the second question already and it feels like I'm taking a major test because of the difficulty and complexity of this question! I love sports, and I know that most of you readers were aware of that. Something that you may not be aware of is that, long before I started blogging was I took dance. I stopped taking dance lessons as of May 2013, but I use dancing when it comes to theater. Both of these are really important to me... I'll have to go with dancing. Don't take this as if I'm dissing sports-- sports comes very close.

3. Blueberries or strawberries?
Another hard question, since I love both of these fruits and currently they are sitting on the second shelf of my refrigerator! I'd have to say blueberries, because strawberries tend to make my eyes water.


4. Favourite hide out?
This isn't our hideout anymore, but this used to be a hideout for all of the kids in our neighborhood two years back. So, my house has stairs outside that led to the middle of the stairs that are inside of our house. Underneath those stairs is this basement/shed, and what we do with when we would play hide and seek, all of us would fight to go and hide in that shed. I'll try to post a picture of it sometime.

5. Best memory?
There is basically no way I can sum up all of my best memories and pick one. But here's several I have up on the top of my head: being able to run around all day long with kids in the neighborhood that one summer, running around the school hallways and spending my lunch inside classrooms with friends, and doing theater. If you haven't notice, most of my memories involve running.

6. Favourite blog designs?
I'm not sure what you're saying here... my favorite blog designs I've seen, or my favorite blog design I've made?

7. Friends or family?
This is a question that contradicts each other. My friends are my family, but my family are my friends. So I can't really decide with this. This matter has remained undecided! I'll try to get back to this one.

8. Favourite outfit?
My favorite outfit would have to be (this is long) red jeans, a blue and white horizontally-striped shirt, a green vest, brown finger less glove that have been knitted, and my black boots. I'm not into colorful outfits, but I like how it looks on me just using different components. If I was in the Pokemon world and we were allowed to dress as we wanted but couldn't change out outfits after one time, that is how I'd dress myself up to look like.

9. Buses or trucks?
I like buses. I rarely ride them. I get excited on school buses, tour buses, even the public service buses, the last one which I have not been on since I was in second grade. Whenever I'm on a bus, I look like this:


10. Birds or fish?
I like birds. I'd love to fly like they do someday. But there are also fish, which is around me 24/7 because the town I live in has lots fishing.

11. Favourite dessert?
I love mint chocolate chip ice cream! It's my buddy, man.

12. Mum or dad?
I'm not sure what you're asking here...

13. Frozen or Tangled?
Frozen, of course! The music is so addicting. But Rapunzel is amazing. Like, have you see her frying pan skills? She has "SKILL-ets." (You saw what I did there? Okay, I'll stop talking.)


Hannah Mary from In the Heart of Hannah
Mahnoor from MahnoorApple
SW from a free mind
Emily from love, emily
Kamri from Pink and Perfect
and anymore else who wants to do this!
1) What fandoms that you are apart of?
2) What book/movie do you love but everyone else despises?
3) Your opinion on biscottis?
4) Lemon sorbet or key lime pie (for ice cream flavors)?
5) Do you have any weird pet peeves?
6) If you could have any super power, what would it be? Why?
7) If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?
8) Do you believe in miracles?
9) Finish this sentence ” There is beauty all around when …… “
10) Why did the chicken cross the road?
11) Name one thing you would like to do before leaving this earth.
12) What has been your biggest challenge?
13) If you could stay a certain age forever, what age would that be?
I can't wait to read all of your answers! :) 
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EDIT ON 8/5/14: Now I remember who else nominated me for the Liebster! Thank you, Emily, from Lynde Avenue!

August 2014 Overview

A gif I made. Please ignore my messy handwriting. If you like my handwriting, maybe I should try to make a font for it. :) If you're all in for that idea, I'll go do that. ^.^
Well, it's August now. For me, that means a lot of things: going back to school, auditioning and trying out for theater and volleyball, looking into a volunteer opportunity at the library and having to deal simultaneously with not being in the same classes with my friends and instead, being in honors English, Algebra II and Biology with people who are much, much older than me. I can't really imagine how I am going to deal being in advanced classes.
So I've decided to give a little update about what is happening in this upcoming month on my blog and about what's going on in my life (these are all merged, as my thoughts are cluttered works brought to you by my words and fingertips).
+ To start off, I'll just say that the month of July was a bit more eventful than what I expected, which made me happy. ^.^ In fact, my entire summer has been pretty eventful until I hit this August. The last "eventful" thing that I did was go out to the movies and stayed their for eight hours, and this had occurred three days ago. There is thing going on at my local movie theater where you an unlimited amount of movies on that day you bought that certain ticket. I'm not really doing anything this month until I hit the books on the twentieth.
source and image credit 
+ Most likely my posts are going to be scheduled for this month. Usually I write my posts spontaneously, when I feel like it. Not sure why, but I am getting that notion that I will be busy this month. I could be wrong; I have been wrong before, when I thought this same thought last January and February. Then I realized I was able to blog on my weekends and off-rehearsal days. Last year, I only posted about three or four times. Perhaps I have a slight urge to take a mini-blogging break.
+ I may be scheduling posts, but I have so many post ideas coming up! Two interviews, plus a movie review of whatever movie my family goes out to see and a post inspired by a social media site! Let's hope the movie I watch this August is Guardians of the Galaxy; I love Marvel movies.
+ I am so. NERVOUS. For school. I wish I could explain my situation so you all would have somewhat of an understanding of the position I am in, but I cannot, revealing grades and such. I will, most definitely, have a school supplies haul post.
+ My blog design shop: the last days for me to take orders will be August 13th. Then, the shop will go underground until further notice. So get those orders in! Here are some of the latest designs I've made:

+ I think I shall be doing an occasional post revolving around books and movies. Most likely, on miscellaneous posts, I will take and post a picture of my latest library book haul. I've gotten so used to doing that this summer on posts.
+ You readers will be able to choose the topic of what I write! A poll will be posted on the sidebar in several days, and the voting will go on for 10 days. If I run out of time to do the post that you all choose, I will schedule it as one of the firsts post of September.
+ I'm nervous for volleyball tryouts and theater auditions. I'm worried about tryouts because I am not good when it comes to serving. I can bump and set well, I think, but my serving and spiking could use some practice. Then there's theater. Two of the aspects from my first production are now split apart in the two shows I could audition for. One has the I-am-an-awesome-knight-in-a-medieval-era magic aspect while the other has the thrill seeking danger adrenaline rush to rush and use stage combat aspect of it.
+ If I do one of these (this applies mostly to theater) I have to keep my grades crazily up. The people at our school (almost everywhere on YouTube, and the students that talked to us during orientation day) said it was easy to earn a 4.0 GPA during the first semester... right? I shouldn't stress out about it, I hope, but I got to keep my head up.
+ Today I had to go to the doctors for a sports physical, and because of some things, it turns out that I have to go and see a cardiologist, where they'll check out to see what is happening with my heart. I usually don't ask for this, but can you please pray (or if you're not religious, please wish or plead somehow) that everything will turn out okay? I'm kind of scared. :/
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