"You can have Manhattan,
I know it's what you want.
The bustle and the buildings
The weather in the fall…."
"Manhattan," Sara Bareilles

I miss the city lights. My town may not exactly be the city that never sleeps, but that landscape, the warm dim glow of the stoplights, and the skyscrapers—oh, the skyscrapers—whose tips could reach the stars and the wispy clouds better that my stick hands could, it was beautiful. Beautiful, and different, in the sense that I grew up on the side of town where every house was identical, except for the cars and the addresses.

I glance outside of the car as the landscape change. I could not believe that, after a lunch period of frantically starting my Geometry homework and an hour of finishing at my household, I spent four hours for two weeks at our towns' local theater, performing and practicing.

I am leaving behind the place where I sang the Frozen soundtrack foolishly and loudly, the place where we met some very famous Broadway actors and stand-up comedians, the place where I was allowed to walk down the streets, with bags in both hands, where I was called Princess Anna for having my hair in braids, a place which is not Manhattan, but Manhattan's child. So many memories, such little time…. It's hard to say goodbye.

I know I may not come back here for many months, or maybe years. Perhaps someday, I can come back to the place I love, the place where serenity washes over me, a place where we just live. So for now, goodbye, Manhattan. Goodbye to the city lights, the comforting euphoria and humbleness in the warm buildings, the signatures of the various Broadway casts on our walls, goodbye.

"You can have Manhattan
The one we used to share
The one where we were laughing
And drunk on just being there
Hang on to the reverie
Could you do that for me?
Cause I'm just too sad to

You can have Manhattan
Cause I can't have you..."

(image credit to owner, lyrics belong to Sara Bareiiles)

"Uncharted" Territory

Hello, everyone. I haven’t posted in over a week—and for good reasons, many of them involving school. There are two track meets, one which was nowhere where our school was located and I had to arrive home late, the other I can’t go to because I’m going to the airport and I had to miss the practice day for debate. Our debate meet is also this weekend, and I have a field trip coming up!
Besides school, I’ve also been busy working on blogging... behind the scenes. I just designed the lovely Michaela’s blog, which you can find here. I’ve also been working on a summer blog design, which will be placed on my blog on the morning of the last day of school, and a meme/link-up/challenge that will occur over the summer! 
As you may know, I’m writing a novel for Camp NaNoWriMo, which I have decided to be rewriting once again during the July session. Most authors tend to base their stories of actual scenarios and characters off of people that they actually know in real life. My main character, Bee, is very flawed, and goes through her sophomore year fresh off from being homeschooled. 
Usually, my novels are based off of my friends, both past and present, and things I’ve gone through (which is the reason why I sign up and try doing cool things such as construction camp, track and field, and theater). But this novel? No, it’s different this time. This time, as Sara Bareilles sings, “It’s all…”
That’s the reason why I’m writing my novel, really. One of the themes is that everything is practically uncharted, and you’re going to have to find your way through this. :) 
As for who I based my characters on… their personalities are taken from different people, but really, they’re centered on three people that I’m acquainted with. I can’t say we’re exactly friends. Those three get along with each other well, and when you put all three of them together, they are practically unstoppable: the athletic, the artistic, and the intelligent. I totally respect those guys. 

I'm not writing this to show that some people are flawless; I'm writing this to show that people have layers. Bee, at first, is cold and really judgmental, but she'll realize that there's more than meets the eye, and the things that she believed was true, that some people are have all the luck in world to have these special skills. It's something that I bet everyone has to go through-- find what they stand for in their lifetime!

Career Project-- For School

Hello, everyone! This is Morning here. I'm doing a project for school (right now) about careers, and some of the questions that we need to answer require primary-- er, just sources, in general. I'm used to having to search up evidence for history that I call every source primary. Not secondary, primary.

Q: What was it about this line of work that you found interesting?
A: Something about this line of work that I found interesting was the fact that these people in this occupation are a part of a movie or television show without actually being—meaning performing—in the project and showing yourself to the millions of people that may end up seeing it. In a way, they’re “shy” actors. They also help the characters or objects of the story, whatever is being animated, come to life.

Q: What other career choices did you consider, and why did this one stand apart?
A: So, after a couple of hours thinking last week, I have decided that I wanted to do my project on being a multimedia artist and animator. At first, I was considering a bunch of other options. One choice that I considered doing my project about was being an anaesthetist, someone who administers injections to those who are going into surgery. Other choices that I was interested in were counseling and being a writer. As much as I love writing and really want to become an author, I wanted to look into other jobs that applied creativity as well but at the same time, would be worthwhile in the sense that it could provide me.

Q: Why did you want to go into this profession?
A: I wanted to go into this profession for several reasons. First off, whenever get onto my laptop at home, I like messing around with all of the applications that are downloaded on there (i.e. Photoshop Elements, iMovie, etc.) and I've tried to make film before during Tech Week at theater and I really enjoyed it. It's also really neat to be working to create these characters.

Q: Why do you think you would be a good candidate for this career?
A: I think that I would be a pretty good canidate for this career because I'm imaginative and I have really good computer skills.


"Fangirling is the act of having that wave of emotion come over you when you see, hear, and think (maybe even smell -- who knows) about that person you idolize."
-Definition via Huffington Post

I always go on misadventures in my life. No, I am not complaining about that-- I've gotten used to accidentally tripping on them, both literally and metaphorically (I'm an accidental prone girl who tends to trip on her own feet about three times a week). A majority of my misadventures occur outside of school, when I'm doing other activities such as theater, though there is about a handful that occur during school. One of my misadventures involves books, fangirling, and teachers.

Inline image 1

So what exactly did happen which made some of the people in my life go fan crazy all over a series which wasn't a craze at my school? It all started with a book whose picture I have taken and is placed on a previous post. The book is Legend, by Marie Lu. I read the book for a school book competition, and immediately after I read the first page, I was hooked. It's about two fifteen-year-olds from very different backgrounds-- June, a prodigy in the Republic, and Day, a major criminal whose whereabouts or information is unknown, and they cross paths when June's older brother, Metias, is killed and Day becomes the prime suspect. It's part of a trilogy, and it's great series that I highly recommend for YA readers. As much as I hate putting age limits on books, I'm going to say you should be about thirteen, fourteen, or older if you are going to read this, because the ending is a really heavy and can take a "big hit", if it can be placed in that context. 

(This image is mine. It is the same picture used here, except I did a couple of edits to emphasize the picture.)

This occurred in February. A couple of days before our school's two half-days that occur every semester, my history teacher went into the library and got the book. I assured her that it was a great book to read, and that she'll bawl her eyes out during the final pages of the series. So, I waited for her to read it. And waited. During the second half-day of that semester, the librarians at my school caught me early in the morning and told me that my social studies teacher was mad. "Why would she be mad?" I wondered. Honestly, all I did was recommend a good book to a teacher who loves reading books.

When I entered my sixth period class which was switched to the early morning that day, I understood why. My history teacher, whose classroom was next to my sixth period's class, caught me and yelled, "Morning!"

I ran into my sixth period classroom saying, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" My sixth period teacher gave me a strange look as a hurriedly ran back out into the hallway and to talk to my history teacher. When I talked to her more clearly, I understood why she was super cranky. She was really tired the previous night, and wanted to read only twenty pages into the book. Just like I did when I read the book the first time, she was hooked and made her read until late into the night, causing her to not only get a minimal amount of sleep, but also to forget her lunch! My friends who were in her class that period told me that she was ranting about me. Luckily, she forgave me and has been asking about YA book recommendations ever since. The update with her? Well, she finished the series and also, like me, wishes to find out more about what happened after the series ended.

Inline image 3
I mean, come on, Marie Lu, you gave us a great ending that was super sweet, but we just want more! You left me crying with happy tears!

I also got an acquaintance to read the books and we've been talking about the series ever since! They were surprised about what happened in the middle of the FIRST book, and kept shaking me, saying, "WHY???" I can totally understand their situation, though. 

Fangirling-- all of the tears and joy of fictional characters-- we fangirling/fanboying people understand it all.

(1st and 3rd images via tumblr)

Stay strong and wonderful, everyone!

Youth Retreat!

These were some pictures from the retreat (I went on one last year, mentioned here). Usually, we're not allowed to bring cameras or any electronic devices of the sort, but since I had homework for health involving taking videos and pictures of food, I couldn't avoid it. And some of the pictures aren't food; those were for the scavenger hunt that we did. Please don't take these images without my permission-- so, don't pin it on Pinterest or anything of that sort. 

Also, the last post... I scheduled the post, but apparently, it didn't post, so I posted it the day I came back.
Lunch: a burger, with tater tots and PINEAPPLES. I don't know why, but the pineapples there had more flavor than most I've eaten before.

Dinner: Taco with nacho chips and a fruit which name I cannot remember.

After dinner, we ate s'mores and sat around the campfire. 

I don't think this was the wisest of all choices, but we were fed ice cream with brownies after s'mores. It was almost midnight that evening.

Next morning, I got to try coffee for the first time!

This was breakfast. A bagel, grapes, strawberries, egg pie with tomatoes. The other two things that I didn't mention I ate were yogurt, and the brown thing is like apple pie and brown sugar.

Oh, this picture had a great memory with this-- the scavenger hunt. One of the things needed on the scavenger hunt was, "Something dipped in the lake." Well, the lake was frozen (no pun intended! But it was frozen solid for sixteen inches, and everyone skated on it). This girl who was in my cabin, and also in my scavenger hunt group, had a great idea, and we basically ran over to where the canoes were located and I took a picture of it, and we came running back screaming something along the lines of, "For Narnia!"

I love retreats, in the sense that one, we get to go outside of town, and two, I get to play lots of board and card games! I love board and card games; there are just so many and I enjoy them! I also love the outdoors. When I was younger, I could not stand a day staying inside. Have any of you been on retreats, or just go to camp in general? I wish that someday I'd be able to go to a sleepaway camp for a week! I have never been on one that long before. But if you have been on retreats or camp, how were they?

Stay strong and wonderful!

Camp NaNoWriMo Stats: Week One

Hello, everyone! Now back to the "Bee Harvard" excerpt series! I still haven't decided on a title, so just bear with me.

By the time you have read this, I will be out of town and I will have no access or contact to any electronics of the sort. I'll be on a youth retreat, so yes, this is a scheduled post. Now, I am nowhere near my notebook (which is where most of novel is on right now).

A couple of status updates about Camp NaNoWriMo:

  • My word count is at a dismal 5,000 words. :( 
  • I have finally decided to lower down my word count to 30,000 words. During my first ever NaNoWriMo event, I wasted eleven days not writing, and spent about six hours on my grandmother's laptop the days following afterwards. I had such a slow typing speed then; twenty-three words per minute! That seems slow that what I can normally type now (about sixty words per minute). Why I decided to lower down my word count is because I have way too many activities going on this much, like testing (which finally passed) and other school activities that I am tied to, that I don't think I can actually write down 20,000 more words. It's either that, or I don't write anything at all.
  • I'm thinking about rewriting this again next camp session. In the summertime, I can write better, write more words, and be more productive because I can stay up longer than I can, meaning that I can write more.
I will not post a paragraph long excerpt until this Sunday. To satisfy your hunger, I'll post two things: a character profile who is in the same book as Bee, and a line from my novel that stood out.

(image via wehearit)
Feisty, stubborn,  competitive, forgiving, yet sometimes a bit of "a big mouth."
Excellent at flag football and lacrosse.
"All right, seventh grader. We'll let you take your time to let your little brain process everyone. This might be too much to take in... What sort of name is Bee, anyways?" -Henley to Bee

Ouch. Well, she doesn't seem nice. And a quote from my novel:
"Dad almost spewed out his coffee when I told him my idea. Was I a little too hopeful and insane to think they would be convinced? Yes, but this was the only way to help them."
It seems as if Bee is about to attempt something outrageous by first getting her parents' permission; or better yet, hiding her true motives under her words. :)