2014: A Review

This year has been one of the more better eyes I have experienced. Gosh, saying that makes me sound so old, but it is a fact in my life. I have made new friends and experiences, both up and down, all because of simple choices I made, have welled up into my memory, and it has made me so happy.

Things that happened this year:
  1. I got into theatre and made tons of new friends (which has helped my confidence and ability to talk to others much better).
  2. I watched so many movies in theaters, around 15 or so. Some of my favorites that came were How To Train Your Dragon 2 and Big Hero 6.
  3. I got into the blog design business and am reopening up my shop again! On the first I'll post the form link.
  4. I got to connect with some more bloggers. It's always lovely to hear from you guys (next year, I will make more of an effort to comment, even when I am busy and dying of homework).
I auditioned for a Merlin-related play • Met new friends • Went to a Breakfast-for-Dinner party • Celebrated a relative's birthday by having a sleepover at a hotel • Watched Frozen for the first time

Still continued with theatre • Typed about Icy People • Talked about stereotypes and labels • Celebrated my first year blog anniversary

Final performance for theatre occurred • Wrote about memories • Posted about Bee

Went on a youth retreat • I reminisced

In MAY...
Spoke out about technology • Received second in We the People • Summer began • Grandmother came back from Europe

In JUNE...
Attended a youth conference • Sketched animated characters messily • Hosted a Q & A • Tried Java Programming

Celebrated Independence Day • Held a flower photography shoot • Visited an air base and my cousin's birthday

Reviewed the summer • Entered my first day of school • Dreaded my audition... But got a role.

Duct taped people to lockers for homework • Celebrated my birthday

Discussed about INFPs • Finished the production of The Three Musketeers

Participated in NaNoWriMo •
Took part in a writing conference • Went to a cast reunion • Watched Big Hero 6 twice


Celebrated blessings an opportunities • Partially answered the question, "What is the meaning of life?" • Went to Walt Disney World

NEXT YEAR, I am not sure what is coming my way. Nothing at the end of this year has set me up for the months to come, but I cannot wait to take on whatever comes my way.

As for RESOLUTIONS, I just want to help spread positivity and finish up at least three of the novel idea buzzing up in my mind. Well, the time for 2014 is coming to a close, and a new door is about to open. I wish you all the best in 2015!

I'm a Good Witch! I Think...

So here I am, sitting in my living room, typing up the last live post before I go and leave for vacation. These past several hours have been, surprisingly, been a roller coaster ride-- all do to auditions, going to the library, trying to get my school work together.

Over the weekend I attempted my best to memorize a monologue. I decided to go and choose a monologue from the book Lemonade Mouth, the part when Olivia Whitehead, the lead singer of the band, explains how she got detention. It was a fun piece to memorize, because I got to use myself to tell Olivia's story. (It was cool to see how she got detention-- detention! I never had detention before, and to act something that I am not; incredible.) 

My mom and brother went through a lot of places, too. We went to a library, a gym, and an Asian food bakery that serves delicious roasted duck. Most of the time, while at those places, I was looking and organizing my study guides I needed to bring on the trip. I am required to study on the trip because I am missing out on my school finals, which we are banned to take early-- how bizarre is that, trying to do homework on vacation? Crazy, I tell you.

Auditions today... what do I say? What should I say? Well, first thing is first: I saw so many people that I knew. The production was all joint based between the two high schools and a middle school over in our area, so when I went to the audition building, I greeted a bunch of people with hugs and fist bumps. A lot of the people that are people that I saw only several times a year, so when I do see them, I am loud. Real loud.

I waited for two hours and I still wasn't called. I sat, waiting, and finally, after going over to the vocals teacher and testing my vocal range, the acting coordinators called me up to audition as Glinda, the Good Witch. I honestly think that I could have done better, since I was fumbling on words during the monologue test, but what is done is done. I really do hope I can get that particular part rather than being a Munchkin. 

It sounds sour, but honestly? I want to branch out from being a part of the ensemble. I am grateful for every part that I get, I do think that can I bring out what it takes, but how can I bring out my true potential if my skills are being showcased for a limited amount of time on stage? I'm just going to pray and see how this will go.

I hope you have a Merry Christmas, everyone! Or Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, whatever you may celebrate. I will be on a bit on a hiatus, with my new design and last post of the year up and running during the last final days of 2014. The place where I am going has internet access, but since the place is far and not accustomed to what I am used to, my posting schedule will be wonky. 

Oh, and on a last note: my survey will be opened until about Friday this week. If you wish to fill it out or if you want me to put your link onto my Friends page, then please leave it in the comments, survey, or the blurb-de-blurb box below, as I have heard YouTubers call it. 

Blessings and Opportunities

This year has gone by fast.
Life has been going on before my eyes to the point that all days seem to be smashed up together like mudberry pie-- which can be a good or bad thing, depending on how things are. I just want to soak in everything of 2014 and be grateful for everything of this year. I have been a part of so many "firsts," trying so many new and different things, all varying in many categories. And unlike last year, I feel like I have come from a storybook and just came alive off of the pages. I sound so much like a little naive child right now, but this is honestly how I feel.
There's this picture that I saw online, which talks about how we think about last year and things were so different, which is true! Most of my time last year all I did was have my nose in a book and, if I wasn't reading, I would be playing volleyball or catching a glimpse of Harry Potter Weekend during one of the rare times that the television is not being occupied by the four other members of my household. I never knew on January 7th, 2013 that I would be auditioning for a play and getting a supporting role, which is above an ensemble member but underneath the leads. That's amazing, especially with the fact that I despise performing in front of many and that I'm quiet.
Thanks to many blessings given to me this year, I am a much stronger, confident person. I may fall flat on my face when I try to reach down for calculators and I stutter when I see my friends and their parents anywhere else outside of school, but I am much different.
I may not be able to post as much because of my severe concentration and attention on school, but still know that I'm here and still posting. I don't think I will ever really stop blogging, to be honest.
Besides my concentration of school, I'm getting ready for this recital my dance class is having and I am practicing my audition for the Wizard of Oz! It would be amazing if I got one of the lead roles (one of my friends and I had an argument about this), but because of my grade level, it may end up going older students. Well, I can dream, right? Balancing everything in my life like that again would be a pleasure. 
Confidentially, my musical theater group will be performing a mashup, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow / What a Wonderful World." Lately our group as been laughing to much during rehearsals that we can barely concentrate-- the youngest two out of our class of six talk about unicorns and the diversity of ethnicity. They can be young and we all act silly, but we talk about deep stuff.
I'm kind of terrified to see what may happen next year. Not sure how things will end up going down, but let's not go looking for opportunities-- let it bump into us. 
(P.S. Please still go and check out my survey; I only have five responses! And keep a look out for a new blog design coming up here soon. It's much simple-esquie,)