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Hey, guys! After days of receiving questions and making graphics for the questions, I finally have finished the answers to your guys' questions! Read below to see what you guys asked and what my responses are. Please don't steal my pictures or graphics.

1. "Who is your favourite Doctor?" -Anonymous and Kate
My favorite Doctor? I'm just going to have to be honest right now, I haven't watched any classic Doctor. Yes, you can shame me. But trust me, I'm getting to classic Doctor! So I can really just vote for the Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh Doctor. Nope, not voting for the Twelfth Doctor yet, because his character hasn't been revealed and won't be until this Fall. (Fall, come faster!) Out of those three, though, I like the Eleventh Doctor, but I love the catchphrases of the Tenth. And his shoes! 

2. "Who is your favourite assistant to the Doctor? (Vote for Rose JK)" -Anonymous and Kate
My favorite assistant to the Doctor is in fact, Rose! 'Nuff said there.

3. "Which are better: Daleks or Cybermen?" -Anonymous
Daleks all the way! I love their design, their motives, everything about them! The Cybermen are okay. But still, I love Daleks. :)

4. "Would you want to travel with the Doctor? Why or why not?" -Anonymous
Um, is that even a question you should ask? YES! I'd do anything to travel to anywhere in time and space, because I love traveling and it would just be amazing! My only problem is that if I do travel with the Doctor and we run into his enemies, I'm afraid I might pass out due to hyperventilation and mouth-to-mouth will occur which can be a bit disturbing if the Doctor had to perform it on me.

5. "Current fave song?" -Lizzie Wolfe
I've been listening to the song Rude, by Magic, and I keep finding myself singing it during the most random times! However, I tend to listen to music that is about more than five years old. Something that kind of ticks me off is the fact that people say music is "old," like it has an expiration date, and I don't think that any music is old. With that said, I've also been listening to Secrets by OneRepublic on replay. It makes me nostalgic... ah, sorry, just reminiscing about things.

I put in pictures from the 2010 adaption of The Sorcerer's Apprentice because I always associate the song with the movie.
6. "What is your favorite book series?" -Jollygirl
The Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu! In case you haven't heard about it, it's about a prodigy of the Republic, June Iparis, and Day, the Republic's most dangerous criminal, and they've exploit some of the Republic's dirty secrets, caught the attention of Republic and they find themselves in the middle of the war between the Colonies... I really love this series. I wish it was more well-known; it seems under hyped. If you haven't read it, read it, read it, read it! Please, this series is worth it (and if you're not into love triangles, there's some good news; there is a love triangle, but it's only short-lived and not as prominent as the triangles are in other young adult, YA, series'.) 

7. "What is your favorite stand alone book?" -Jollygirl

Gosh, this is hard... I'm so indecisive whenever I get asked this! It's a four-way tie between Shug, by Jenny Han, When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead, Wonder by R.J. Palacio, and Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson. The first and last books I mentioned are YA, while the second and third are middle grade. All are contemporary.

It is so hard to choose books and which ones are my favorite... the recent book pile I checked out from the library.

8. "What is your favorite TV show???" -Jollygirl
To be honest, I don't actually really have time to sit in front of the television screen and watch, unless it's a Friday evening or Saturday morning, and even then I watch movies and the usual cartoons that pop up... but as a child, I loved Avatar: The Last Airbender. And I try to make time for Doctor Who and Worst Cooks In America, but about 90% of that time, I multitask.

9. "What grade are you in?" -Michaela
I can't specify, really. All around the world, there are different times for when people start high school, so let's just say that I'm in high school. One of those grades.

10. "Do you have a big family?" -Michaela
It depends on what you mean by big family. In my household, there are only five people: my parents, my younger brother, and my grandmother. With that, it isn't big. If you include extended family (meaning up to cousins), it's big. I have tons of cousins, aunts, and uncles, on both sides of my family. I haven't even met all of them! 

11. "When did you first start to blog and why?" -Michaela
When I was younger, I tried to blog; meaning that I would try to type on my laptop on a word processor, like Word and Pages. I didn't believe in writing in a diary, and if did try to do something like that, its entries would be inconsistent. So I started to blog in February 2013, for a couple of reasons. One, I knew it would help with my writing career. Two, I saw many other bloggers blog, and thought it was a lot of fun. The final reason was to find out who I am and to have my voice be heard. What I write on my blog, the color schemes and the design, it mirrors my personality. 

12. "What is one food you absolutely love and one food you absolutely hate?" -Michaela
This is an easy one! I savor pitas, and have a strong distaste for bitter melons!

(images via: one and two.)

13. "Who is your favorite Disney princess?" -Michaela
My favorite Disney princess is Princess Anna from Disney's Frozen! She similar to me in so many ways; we're both optimistic and quirky. There's also this outtake song that Anna sings, called More Than Just The Spare, and some of the lyrics are, "I may lack style and I may lack grace / And once in a while I might fall on my face /" These lyrics describe me. I don't have fashion sense or elegance, and I tend to trip a lot. Just ask anyone in my family, and they will tell you that. In fact, that earlier picture of my book pile, I accidentally tripped on yesterday evening. And I love her spirit and determination. ^.^ And I love Rapunzel, except Rapunzel is my friend Beverly's favorite (they look alike), and no way am I going to rain on her parade. 

14. "Do you know what you would like to do for a career when you're older and if so, what career?" -Michaela
Most definitely, I would love to become an author (I'm being really lazy about it though. I keep having to remind myself to retype a chapter of a collab story that got deleted on my laptop somehow; sorry, Kate! Will try to finish ASAP during my time at camp)! But I know, from the advice that Linda Sue Park gave me last year when she came into our town, that I am going to have to find another job to work along besides being an author. People, my zodiac sign, a Libra, and my personality type, INFP, keep pushing me towards the law and medical fields because they seemed to be geared towards me, but those fields intimidate me tons. I also did a career project on being a multimedia artist and animator... I don't draw much, but my storyboard part of the job would be quite easy. It really depends, you know? Possibly I would want to get a job that can really get my creative juices flowing, you know? Not just being an author. Creativity is a big part of my personality (thus the reason for the fact I tend to make up tons of ideas and quick resolves), and I don't want my supporting job to take away that part of my personality. You know what I mean? 

 This is a drawing of a dream I had... there were tall tribal houses on stilts because the dream implied that the area was easily flooded, which, in this case, it was.
 I drew this during a free period of language arts, when we had free time to do as we please. I don't draw manga much, but it's a character sketch of my character, Addie Beaton.
A dragon sort of creature that flew in the skies.

15. "Do you watch "Sherlock"? If so, what are your thoughts? If not, OMG WATCH IT NOW IT IS AWESOME!!!" -Kate
No, I haven't seen Sherlock due to my busy schedule (even in summer)! I am trying to make time to watch a lot of books, shows, movies. I haven't even seen Mean Girls. (Now you can see how far behind I am.)

16. "Top three books?" -Kate
Man, these book questions and just choosing a couple are giving me a headache! My top three favorite books are Legend by Marie Lu, Amulet by Kazu Kibuishi, and Wonder, by R.J. Palacio.

17. "Favorite genre to read/write?" -Kate
My favorite genre to read is dystopia, while my favorite genre to write is a tie between fantasy and contemporary.

(image via)
Well, I hope you guys enjoyed those answers! In fact, I got a couple of questions to ask you guys: they're this or that questions, and they're quiet simple. Here:

City life or country life?
Coffee or tea?
Mainstream or exceptional?
Books or movies?
Cookies and Cream or Rocky Road?

And, as a bonus question, what is your Myers-Brigg personality type? That was the INFP thing I mentioned in the career question-- that's my personality type. To find out more about it and take the test, click here. My friend Maiya and I were talking about it, and it is surprisingly accurate! If you want to find out what an INFP personality is like, it's basically someone whose primary goal is to find out what they want to do in life and help change the world. I know it sounds a bit nerdy, but I seriously love these sorts of things (another example are zodiac signs)!

Also, keep sending in your entries for my contest! I've only received two so far! As for your specific questions, yes, Lizzie, it's all right that your entry went a bit over the word limit, and Kate, you can email it to me. I'm going to be gone for an engineering camp all week so if you all have any other questions, I won't get to them until very late in the evenings! 

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  1. Hi Morningtime4!!! Thanks for answering everyone's questions. I will now answer your questions.
    1. City life!! I want to be around lots of people!!
    2. I've never those two drinks
    3. I don't know
    4. Books!!
    5. This is weird but I have not tasted either of those flavors.
    Bonus question: My personality was INFJ.

    1. Oooh, you're just like Maiya, then (being an INFJ). And I love the city life, too! Not a huge city like New York City or even something as big as Seattle; maybe something much smaller than that. It's okay; I've had both tea and coffee, but I can never make a decision, either. Tea just makes me fall asleep, while coffee makes me all jittery with one sip! And those two ice cream flavors are really yummy; you should try them ASAP!

      xoxo Morning

  2. Rose is my favorite, too! :) "Doomsday" tore. me. apart. *collapses into a sobbing mess*

    I really need to read Legend. It's been sitting on my shelf for ages, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. :P

    Okay here are the answers to your questions. :)

    City life or country life?


    Coffee or tea?


    Mainstream or exceptional?

    Both. ;)

    Books or movies?


    Cookies and Cream or Rocky Road?

    Erm, Rocky Road, I guess.

    I am ESFJ. :)

    (LOL, that's okay. ;) That sucks that it got deleted, though! :( )

    1. And you would looove "Sherlock." If you like "Doctor Who," "Sherlock" is awesome. :)

    2. I KNOW, RIGHT! (About Doomsday.) And yes. Once you read Legend, I will really dedicate my time to watching season one of Sherlock. I don't have anything to do in July, so I may be able to get to it then (yay!). And lucky; you're part of the third (I think that's the amount) of the world that's extroverted. I will seriously try to get the chapter to you by Friday!

      xoxo Morning

  3. 1. Country life.
    2. TEA
    3. Bit of both
    4. BOOKS!!!!!
    5. Cookies and Cream
    6. What?
    I suffer from slight depression over Doctor Who because of Doomsday. When his sonic screwdriver broke, it was all too much. I cried so hard.

    1. It's okay. *pats on shoulder* Totally relatable about Doomsday. :'(

      xoxo Morning


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