Nature and Europe

This summer, so far, has been going a bit slow for my taste. For the last three days, it's been absolutely cloudy (thus when the songs Bad Day by Daniel Powter and Say Something by A Great Big World ft. Christina Aguilera played on the radio, along with some of my favorite songs from the 2009 Top 40 list played, it seemed a bit sappy). A couple of days before our rainy forecast, the skies were clear, showing a beautiful sunset. It was crimson! Some of these nature pictures that were shot over a span of three days were taken by me, while others were taken by my younger brother.

Also, my grandmother came back from (guess where) her month long group trip from Europe! She was super lucky and fortunate to visit cities such as Mandrid, London, Paris, and Amsterdam, just to name a few! She got my brother and I a couple of souvenirs. I got barrettes, while my brother received snow globes from every single city my grandmother visited! Our family also got a package of stroopkoken, which are Dutch syrup cookies! They're sweet, but super yummy.

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Dog Days

Note: If you were here yesterday and saw that my blog was turned to "private," I'm sorry about that; see, I had another blog which I used to create my new blog design, but the HTML turned wacky, meaning I had to recreate this blog design again it in a span of three hours! 

Well, I can't believe that this school year went by fast! That is right, folks; while various parts world have school in session, our town is part of the small percentage that have finally opened the gates to let us set sail to summer. Unlike last year, the last day of school this year was a bit more toned down, treating the school day as if it were a normal day, and I was allowed to bring and use my camera to take pictures!

I'm usually not the person who shares what they wore that day, but for the last day, I decided to dress casually, like a casual summer day. Most girls that day wore dresses and skirts-- really fancy ones, too!

For the record, I didn't take German. One of my friends, Haley, took German, and because our Health class was taken in the same relo (you know, those cargo container classrooms that look like you are on a street than at a school?) as the German class took place, she wrote it to say hi to her teacher.
This was our last assignment of the year, which was to create baby faces, as part of our genetics unit. The drawing of a brunette above the word "Chemistry" was the drawing that I did. My partner did the biography. I know, I'm not much of an artist.

Now for some quotes from this school year that were absolutely memorable!
Math Teacher (spontaneously out of nowhere): I like Blizzards.
Me (running in the hallways with my ten friends running in the hallway, spots history teacher and runs up to her): We need to you sign us a pass. This is a state of emergency.
History teacher (in a joking matter): Morning, you caused me a lack of sleep! I just wanted to read Legend for thirty minutes, but the book was so good, I kept reading it! I even forgot my lunch at home! 
Guy friend (reading his take on the old man from The Monkey's Paw): "My name is Edward Cullen.

I am honestly going to be missing this school year, and the people I have met for these past two years! Many of them moved away the summer before, and now one of my really good friends is moving away outside of town. I wish we had one more week of school, and just spend more time with my friends.

If you haven't noticed yet, I have now revealed my new summer blog design! I have decided to go for a summer party sort of theme, with bunting and oranges and bright colors. Now, the bunting idea was something I got when my parents were watching the Filipino channel, and I, reading a book in the background, noticed how colorful the bunting was and how it seemed symbolic to summer. 

I'm just going to be cleaning things up around here for the next couple of days, like getting my blog title to fit in the slideshow header. Also, the summer meme I have been talking about for some time now should be coming around the first of June, when I have finally settled from the school craze.

My summer seems pretty laid back, for now. Besides the writing of a novel, I have recreational soccer which I started yesterday! I'm going to a youth conference for one week, and two weeks of construction camp, the same one that I went to last year! I may possibly be taking up ukulele lessons and volleyball camp I heard the last theater reunion there may be a slight chance we might meet up again, but for now, only time can tell. Ah, these dog days must be enjoyed while they can!

Anyways, what will you all be doing over the summer? Do you love the new blog design! I'd love to hear from you all! Stay strong and wonderful!
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(P.S. check out this blog, Through the Eyes of A Writer; not only is she one of my blogging friends but is also a fellow NaNoWriMoer of mine! After her long blogging break, she's finally coming back to the blogging scene!)

"Free Spirit": Possible Novel Idea?

Hello, everyone! Wow, I cannot believe that school is almost ending. I'm a bit sad that it is going to, because some of the people I know from school are moving outside of town, meaning I'll only be able to see them during school competitions. :( Despite my sadness, I was able to finally write about an idea that has been budding in my head a week after I came up with the idea for Bee Harvard. Unlike that idea, I am not sure whether I can continue this one; this idea seems to be about college-aged students and may be aimed toward them. Plus, because this idea seems to turn out to be more of a romance/college story (subjects which I have very little knowledge of except for what is written in various YA novels I have read), I may not be able to write a complete story. If I do get enough feedback and information about college and romance, I may be able to continue.

So, without further ado, let's start with the prologue! Here:

(images via Google)

"'She is a free spirit, and she will never become mine.'" Thomas glanced up to see his class's reaction on the poem, the motion of lifting his head up hesitant. The normal kept going-- the football players were too busy flirting across the room, while the girls were too interested trying to apply their mascara. He was safe. Not one paid attention to what he had to say, and that was his objective.

"Thank you, Mr. Carpenter, for sharing your poem. Now, if you don't mind," the English teacher drawled on, "haul your butt back to your seat and pull up your pants. They are sagging, and quite frankly, as stated in our school's policies, violates the dress code."

Thomas nodded at the teacher. The scar-covered boy shuffled nervously towards the back of the room and plopped back into his seat. He wasn't just shuddering violently because he was stared down to recite his poem aloud in class, no; instead, was trying hard to look away from a member of the yearbook staff taking pictures of the classroom through the classroom doors.

He passed glanced the seat two rows ahead of him. The beams streamed through windows-- a rare sight to see in a usually blind-closed abrasive English classroom where the word "hashtag" was banned-- so bright that he was able to see particles of dust fall down to the floor. In those particles of dust he was able to form a feminine figure of the girl who once sat in that very seat.

"She is a free spirit, and she will never become mine." Indeed, she had been, ever since he had met her in third grade at the bottom of the school fence with a broken ankle. No one knew how such a girl could have come from a broken household of gamblers and players. Amber Matthews had never rode the bandwagon. She was a girl that defied gravity, and learned to fly higher than anyone else had.

Thomas could almost see her fifteen-year-old self with those attentive and wonder-filled eyes winking at him and mouthing the words, "Nice job up there!" He could sense that it was going to happen. At the end of class, she would walk up to him, pat his shoulder, and congratulating him with a handshake. She was never one for anything more that platonic contact. She never wanted to hold hands with someone or hug them.

Amber never made any indication that she ever wanted to fall in love.

"Oi, Carpenter!" Harlem Dinkus, the major class bully and jock, hissed his name at him. "Carpenter." Thomas turned toward Dinkus's direction and found a wad of notebook paper being hurled towards him. The paper hit him smack in the face with a splatter.

Several of Dinkus's friends snickered. "Tsk. He's going to lose it. I didn't know he could hold it in for a year and a half, but he is about to crack. I can tell!" Thomas knew that they could chortle all they want. There was possibly no way to sway their minds away from something once they had made it up.

"Lover Boy!" the paper read, in nearly illegible cursive and crudely drawn hearts. Perhaps Harlem was right in the sense that he was going to lose it. He was a nobody, but everyone knew him, from his quirks to his deepest secrets. Everyone can badmouth the facts that he added mustard to his spicy fajitas or can extensively quote from college economic and analyst books.

But Amber? No. He will not submit himself to embarrassment. He will not let anyone or anything, heaven forbid, trash talk about his love for a girl who did not just spontaneously disappear from their small community of Niskayuna, but also was out of his league.

How could he follow a girl who could fly for the rest of his life? He had no wings. When he had watched her soar, he only felt happiness for her and a slight tinge of jealousy. Amber always seemed to be in a place where she can only see, but not share. She never was the open book type, who opened herself to people she had known for years.

She, in fact, never seemed interested in falling for anyone.

"She is a free spirit, and she will never become mine." She may be gone, but sometimes, he would close his eyes, imagining that flying sensation, hoping to someday fly by her side and never be apart, in time and distance, again.


So, what do you think? Please comment; I really love this story idea, but contemporary romance isn't usually the genre I write in, plus, as mentioned above, I'm not all that knowing about romance or college. 

Note: Niskayuna is in New York. Lovely town. 

Last Week In Pictures #3

I have to tell you right now, that with the end of the school year coming up, I'm going to have a lot more of these sorts of posts! Hang in their guys; just about a week left of school! All of these pictures are mine, please don't pin them on Pinterest. 

It was pretty sunny out the day I took those first set of pictures outside! I also saw (as you can tell from the pictures) some birds on my neighbors' rooftop, and before that time, I have never seen that species of bird roam around my neighborhood! I was also messing around with my hair and jump shots, two things that I am trying to master in, and, two things that are like Divergents: they cannot be contained nor controlled.

For "We the People", my school won second place, which is amazing, only behind the winning team by four points! The competition, overall, was amazing. I was a bit flattered by the judges' comments of my responses to their follow up questions; they told me that if they were old enough to survive and see my become a politician, they would vote for me, having a great insight into the various economies of the United States during the time when the Articles of Confederation-- the first constitution of the United States-- "ran" the country. I'm so proud of my team!

"Look Up."

(via YouTube. My teacher told us there was a word in here that wasn't exactly... appropriate. 
I can't find it now, so I'm just going to warn you ahead of time.)

Hello, everyone! I have some downtime today, two days before our constitution competition, so I’m sharing something that my language arts teacher showed us. This video was shown, and after I saw that, I was really happy I chose theater—which took place of my usually laptop time.

This is such a true video! Okay, for the past several minutes now, I’ve been reading the comments about the video, and it’s pretty much neutral. Some people say it’s ironic that they’d post a video about taking your eyes off the computer screen in a place where people have their eyes on computer screens (YouTube) he does say to “look up” from the screen once the video is over. Just here me out.
I have many opinions about technology. Awhile back (about several months ago), I wrote a piece about my thoughts on technology, something I was going to submit but at the end, wasn’t allowed to. Anyways, this is what I said.

“Technology helps and hurts communication, depending on the situation and usage.

           I can’t go visit my friends’ houses or let them come over due to my parents’ schedules and the fact that we’re trying to save money. The only way I can communicate with my friends is by texting. One time, my friend and I had an idea over the summer to have online chats with some of my friends who were on the same grade team last year. We also emailed each other. This was great, because we did have didn’t have to be in the same place at the same time to chat, and we could also role-play with one another. Another reason why it helped with communication was because when I was writing a story and they were pitching in with ideas, we didn’t have to meet at a certain place at a certain time to chat!

        Communicating through text and emails also helped when one of my friends or I needed help with homework! Not only are we able to text or email each other about homework, our teachers gave everyone on our grade team a site where the teachers can post class assignments and we can send and post messages asking questions if we needed any help!

           Technology hurts relationships and communication, too. First off, those who don’t have access to technology can feel left out because of conversations that happen over the phone. I have cousins who, during parties, are mainly on their phones and are showing various text messages or Instagram posts to one another. Everyone else is left out. Also, because you’re not face-to-face with the person you are chatting with, you might take something that someone said differently than what they intended to say it as. It can be confusing. In real life, people can tell whether someone is joking or being sarcastic, but through a screen, one thing that someone meant to sound funny may sound offensive or not make any sense!

            Even if technology helps make people be able to communicate with people, it can have a negative effect with interpersonal relationships and cause people to be anti-social! Whenever I go to the school library before school, there are people inside either on their smart phones or on their computers, and there is little interaction face-to-face! Sometimes, I see texting someone who is also in the same room just several feet away! Why can’t they just talk to them in person?

           Technology helps when you re communicating on the go or elsewhere, but too much technology can harm communication skills that you will need in the future! It’s okay to use technology as a way to communicate – I chat with my friends using it. What I am trying to say is, it is all right to use technology, if you look at how you are using it. Honestly, just don’t forget to talk and spend time with the person face-to-face as well! At school, my friends and I chat to one another in person, and spending time with them that way is more fun, anyways!”

One of the parts that really got to me was the part about there being almost no more kids outside, playing hopscotch, swinging on the swings, or building treehouses. In the summer right before seventh grade middle school (depending on where you lived in my town determines when you start middle school) there were many kids in my neighborhood—twelve kids, though there were at least four more who showed up every once in a couple of days. We played outside every day, turning the usual bleak sidewalks into something, though temporary, something that was colorful and wonderful. We even got into a water balloon fight one time!

Then, I guess everything changed when the school year began. Middle school was making me watch my step over the amount of times I can go and play outside. Soon, the parents of the kids’ families got job transfers or decided to move, and besides my brother and I, there are only three kids left, the one closest to our age three years younger than I.

I miss playing outside. And, until I had the chance to audition for a local casting of a play, I was stuck at home for most of my time. I couldn’t go to my friends’ houses, being so far away, so I was really subject to reading for about two and a half hours on average a day. (I didn’t mean to rhyme there.) Now that I’m done with theater for this school year season, I’m back at home. The next biggest break that is coming up shortly is summer break. Because this is what I call a “transition” year, I want to make this summer stuffed with activities. I want to go and see the world rather than get stuck at home, reading, surfing the internet, and watching movies (good activities for the rainy days).

I think, after all, that’s what I’m going to try doing this summer. No, actually, that is what I’m going to start doing every summer. Look, summer or winter break, depending on where you live, is one of those times where you actually can go out and see the world, taking a “break” from the hectic life of school, home, and extra-curricular activities. Staying on your laptop or our smartphones is something that we do during the school year, so go and take a break! I’m not encouraging to be off your laptop for the ENTIRE summer; it’s your choice, and it’s okay to pop online sometimes.

This summer, make memories that you don’t have to share with the world on a screen that isn’t entirely permanent; make memories that you can share with the people you love—your friends and family. Even I go through many things during theater and school, but I only blog about the fraction of the craziness and fun that does occur off-screen. If you don’t have any idea about what to do over the summer, keep a look out for a post that I’m going to be revealing to you in the next two weeks.

So, go on! Go out into the world. Get off those twelve and six-inch LED screens that are blaring videos of One Direction and Birdy, and go out in that one direction: that direction toward summer and sun! What are you waiting for? Get off the screen, and:

Look up.

May Update

1. Cinnamon rolls from Cinnabon! 2. Same cinnamon roll, image taken in the morning. 3.Picture of a sign to the museum, which was taken during the field trip! No pictures inside of the museum; wasn't allowed to take pictures of exhibit. 4. Cupcakes my mom brought home. 5. Debate papers. 6. Picture of Super Smash Bros on the GameCube being played at youth group night; the best! 7. Peeps. Easter. Festive. Sweet. Neat. Enough said. 8. Smile face from my Nutella and banana covered pita. 9. Quote about something that happened during my time offline.

Hey, everyone! Morning here. I'm going to try to fit as much info as I can into one enormous post about what's going to be happening in May. For me, personally, it's a "transition" month from school to summer. Yes, I'm getting out of school at the end of this month! The end of the school year also means parties, goodbyes, and finals. Because of that, I have no idea how often I can post, with the first three weeks of this month all jam packed. 

I'm going to have a lot going on which I want to blog about and share with you all, but because of how this month is, some of the things that I could be sharing with you may be cut off. Meaning, I won't be able to write blog posts about it. :( Unless you guys are patient and don't mind waiting, I may be able to throw in a super huge mega post about those parties, farewells, and finals I have to go through. And, because of how everything is, I won't be able to do my quote of the month post. 

Well, I am thinking about scheduling posts, but mainly about what's in sort for this blog "in summer." (See what I did there? I just can not stop picking up puns from the movie). Meaning, that I will write a brief post about a possible summer challenge/link-up/meme that both bloggers and non-bloggers can participate it (Autumn, I'm talking directly to you!). I'm still debating over whether it should be a photo challenge or a link up sort of meme, so if you guys leave a comment about what sort of ideas to do for this, spread the word, and what sort of things to add on a summer bucket list, I'd appreciate it! I'll also being doing an awards post (I was awarded by Michaela and Tane; check out their lovely blogs. <3)

Also, either on the last week or morning of the last day of school, I will reveal my new summer design that I have been working on since the beginning of March! I'm really happy about how it turned out. No, I won't post a screenshot, not blurred or blurred via the effects of PicMonkey; that'll ruin the surprise! I'll give you this one hint, though. It may not make any sense, but once I reveal the design, I'll delve into why I chose to design it the way I did: "The Philippines' parties over the summer are very festive and colorful."

Okay, so enough about blog updates/posting ideas. How have you guys been? For me, I've actually felt like I've been hit by a wave-- my blog title has practically been describing perfectly how my life is right now. For example, I was super hyped up about a competition coming up this Thursday and coaching (meaning writing words/thoughts that occur as you read a document), and the next moment, I'm super mad at myself leaving my calculator at home on the day of a huge Geometry test! I got super excited to see that I saw I won Rose's contest, but was really frustrated at Prezi for running out of storage-- and it was due the following day for a school presentation! I'm also starting to clean out my room for the next transition of school, if you know what I mean by transition. ;)

(first nine images belongs to me, the Olaf summer image belongs to Disney)

(P.S. I'm working on a collaborative blog with Eve and ashley. I've worked with a couple of people in collaborative blogs before; if you want to join, check it out here!)