Bullet Train Weekend

This is my debate team's papers. The blue one on the left hand side is mine. :)

These last sixty hours that occurred have been rather crazy! I feel like I'm on a bullet train, with how the weekend went. Phew! I took many pictures (though there is only a fraction I will show because a majority of them are pictures of my theater friends and I). I can also understand the song "Friday" by Rebecca Black now because of what happened. Also, the photos in this post belong to me and a majority of this post is about Friday. I will give a brief summary about Saturday. 

7:00 AM:
I was awaken by alarm clock, and for some odd reason, I was thinking of the song "When Will My Life Begin" from Tangled (probably the lyrics: "Seven AM the usual morning line up..."). That morning felt a lot like Christmas morning with a jolt of sugar running through me. I had to keep saying, "This is like school, this is like school..." just to get up and go through my morning routine without squealing. 

8:00 AM: Instead of going to school (I had an excused absence), I went to our town's local theater not just for my in-school performance, but for the city spelling bee, which my brother was competing in! 

9:30 AM: Headed toward my theater. See, our town's local theater is not just one, but three theaters all mushed up into one giant building. I was inside the Green Room (the place that us actors are in when we aren't rehearsing or needed on stage), talking with someone from my dance class, the actor for the main character, and the guy we tend to call Gandalf, about not being able to hear neighbors and running away from video games.

9:45 AM: Got my hair, makeup and costume done! I was wearing four layers of clothing, and with the heat of the makeup room, it was HOT!

The "Before" picture was my makeup during the first show; the "After" is my makeup during the second show and possibly what my makeup will look like for the rest of the shows.

10:30 AM: Stage combat call! I was a bit terrified about the part of one of the fights and accidentally hitting Arthur's thumb again (after all, this is during the Camelot era, which involves a lot of swordfights...)

11:40 AM: We (the cast) did this thing at our theater; it's tradition before a show, and that was my first time doing it! What we did exactly... well, that's something that I can't share with you, really, though I will say that we did yell and made arm motions. 

1:10 PM: We performed for some school children! I love working with little children, really; they are really cute (they never fail to make me laugh). At the end of the performance, we got to meet some of them, giving them high fives. This is one of the highlights of being an actor or, like me, an actress (and the same thing applies to authors), is you get to meet some of the people that appreciate your work. 

1:40 PM: I arrived back into one of other two theaters and watched my brother in the spelling bee. 

2:25 PM: This was occurring while I was still watching the spelling bee. So, I saw a picture of some of one of my friends and some of the people from my social studies civics group in a public source (I don't necessary know how to word this without giving away what source it's from), the picture showing them singing. My mom, after searching something up, showed a picture of me from that same event. A little surprising how that appeared. :D

3:00 PM - 4:30 PM: I went to the mall in that area with my family and looked around! I knew that some of my cast members were there, but I didn't bump into some of them until I got into the Apple store and tapped me on my shoulder (and I was jamming to Paramore's "Still Into You"). My mom was kind enough to buy my entire cast curly fries from Arby's (thanks, Mom!).

My drink: boba!

4:30 PM - 5:10 PM: Since I found some of my theater cast, I went walking with them around the mall for a couple of minutes, then we headed outside back to the theater, a couple of blocks away. The guys said that they were heading to this one store that sold stationary and candy, but they left to go to and explore some of the ice sculptures outside of the theater entrance. Our dance coordinator for our show was also at the mall, but hadn't came back yet, meaning we wouldn't be allowed to go in, so we explored the store we were supposed to go to, then headed back into the theater.

5:30 PM: Back to hearing director's notes, stage combat calls, and putting on makeup. The performance was supposed to start at seven, but it was a little late because I was late for the theater "break a leg" ritual and they were trying to find me (I was trying to find them). 

9:00 PM: Finally, we finished the second performance of that day! My parents, brother, and two cousins watched. Posed pictures with my entire cast again. My only problem is that I don't like pictures being centered on me. I'm not sure if I'll be able to do theater ever again, and I don't want to just remember me! I want to remember my entire cast the epicness and awesomeness they all hold. 

9:25 PM: My family and I dined at Denny's! I didn't get home and into bed until around 10:45.

Saturday: The following day I had a debate meet, which was also my first one. It was such a long day! The entire competition lasted for eight hours, unlike my book competition, which lasted only for five hours. I don't know why people think that debate is boring, when it really isn't, because it's pretty fun. We had to debate on the topics of beauty pageants for minors, middle school teens required to do community service, and Our team didn't win a medal or trophy, but some of my friends actually did! Way to go, you three! 

So, what did you all do over the weekend? Tomorrow I have to perform once again, and twice more on Saturday. I'm still going to miss all of my theater friends (I should try to bring in shish kabobs in as snacks)!


  1. I had a pretty boring weekend, did some tennis and stuff :P Loving your blog so much though! :)

    1. Hey, that's alright! Tennis is fun, anyways! ;)

      xoxo Morning

  2. I just hung out with my family this weekend. :) Your weekend, however, sounded like such an adventure! Really cool! And your make-up looked lovely, by the way.
    I took debate last year and I understand what you mean about it being pretty fun. The actual debates are always exciting and you can come away with a few funny stories to tell. ^-^ A lot of times it's the research that kills you!
    Good luck on your next performances!
    -Morning Kay

    1. Thank you about re makeup! I had to ask someone to do my makeup for me; the only thing I can manage to put on well and not make it look messy is eyelinder and lip gloss. XD And yeah, the research does get tutor sometimes, but I still love it!

      xoxo Morning

  3. Where did you get your background? It is so pretty! And your header is so pretty! Did you design it yourself? :)

    1. Hi! I got my background while searching Google (I love searching up design backgrounds, i.e. polka dots and chevron). Thank you! I actually got my header from Harri of Vanilla Craft Blog-- she is AMAZING. :D

      xoxo Morning


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