Last Week In Pictures #2

Here goes another "Last Week In Pictures!" If my schedule keeps up, I may be doing these until March. Last week was a pretty eventful week! All of these pictures belong to me, except for the movie poster. 

I went to Brinner-- breakfast for dinner-- on Tuesday evening with my youth group! The theater director said that I did not have to go to practice that evening, so it did not interfere with my schedule. I really enjoyed it; it's not everyday you eat breakfast food in the evening!

After we ate, everyone went off in the gym to play basketball and volleyball. Then the youth group director called us to go into the youth room, and for the majority of our time there, we played "Super Smash Bros" on the Game Cube, fooseball...

...And ice hockey!

Friday evening, I went to practice, and everyone could just not stop laughing. And, because of Arthur and Knight #1 singing songs from the Disney Princess movies, I have them now stuck in my head. It's not all a bad thing!
After theater practice, I went straight towards the hotel where my uncle was celebrating his birthday party! 

Everyone went swimming in the evening except for me-- I was planning to swim in the morning.

A jr of peppermints that are inside of the suite.

Saturday morning at 7:30.

Breakfast at the hotel!

I got to drink herbal tea that morning! 

I took some tea packets, one from each box. It's very rarely I get to drink tea.

Inline image 13
Once my mom picked up my brother and I from the hotel, she offered to bring us to the theaters and watch Frozen. It's such a great movie. Sure, the antagonists are a bit underdeveloped, but in my opinion, it's been the best movie Disney made since The Incredibles! If you don't watch the movie, then at least listen to the soundtrack; they have such a great alignment of music there.

Many of my posts for the next couple of days will have to be scheduled posts. In about two days, I'll be heading more posts around your way-- including the lovely Libester Award that Kate from The Magic Violinist awarded me. Thank you! :)

Last Week In Pictures

I know I left many of you readers hanging last week, and I am sorry for that. Theater and school has made me especially busy. Luckily, I managed to take a lot of pictures of what I have been up to! All of these pictures belong to me.

Wednesday-- Some chairs from theater practice. We were having a "music day," which, because we are in a musical, we have to practice what we are going to sing. The song that was being practiced at the time of this photo I wasn't a part of.

Some lines from the script.

On Friday, I came home from school, and I saw the horizon skyline. The clouds in this picture are just majestic. My brother said he picture came up a lot like a painting, and I have to agree!  I feel really lucky and blessed to live in such a place where nature is our backyard!

I've also been listening to music and writing down my novel ideas on Saturday.

I've been organizing my book shelf today. A lot of times, my notebooks are mixed in with my books, as shown above. And yes, on the right, that is a box filled with band-aids.

I found my party mustache glasses from the birthday party while organizing (I posted about it last April, if I remember correctly). 

Eating a sandwich that my parents got me. Yum!

Browsing through my old Discovery Girl magazines. I'll have a post up about DG in a couple of days, if time allows it.

I'm also reading through some New Moon Girl magazines! The public library finally circulates copies of magazines, so I could not calm down when I finally got to check some out!

The only things I did not mention that I don't have pictures of was that I tried out for the talent show! A year ago, I would have been hiding under a desk just thinking about that idea. The song I sang was "Gonna Get Over You" by Sara Bareilles (I have to tell you, she is such an amazing vocalist). I'm still shaking from it! The other thing is that I am busy trying to work on a blog design in time for my blog anniversary. Designing is great! I don't think that I am going to be able to offer full designs on blogs, if this works, but I'll be happy to help someone out the best that I can.

Stardust-- Fiction

Inline image 1
(image via weheartit)

Stars twinkle.
And humans wish.
Everything about stars are magical.
How can they be so vast, countless?
We seem tiny, diminutive, if we are compared.
I used to wish my problems away.

How come stars get to be stars,
and I have to be an unlucky child?
I did not ask to be born unlucky.
I want to sparkle,
just as stars do.

My preschool teacher said 
something I disagree,
I don't think you can be
anything you want to be.

Stars die.
They explode to create new stars.
That is what I am learning in class.
"Their atoms spread."

The stars of atoms may spread,
and touch many corners of the earth.
Have they touched me.

Thinking about this, 
I feel a light weight on my chest.
We are all made of stardust.
Thinking about that makes me 
feel like I am

Writing Decisions

 Writing. I think that this year, something good is going to happen with my writing career. Many people dream about becoming authors, but only a few have that dream accomplished. Getting into the writing business is hard-paced industry. Even if you do get published, how do you know your books will be well-known and that you will become very successful? 
 Thinking about that just gives me shivers right now. I'll have to work hard, and be very thick-skinned. During this moment of time, I am not getting any editing done; I am busy with Geometry, a book competition for school and theater. Time is not on my side right now. I also get only a limited amount of hours on my laptop (after all, I have a life outside of this twelve-inch computer screen), and almost all of my work is done on my computer.
       In the future, I'm going to have to make a couple of decisions:
1.When, during the week, I am going to devote at least thirty minutes on trying to edit my 2013 NaNoWriMo novel. I have a really strong feeling about this novel. If I did not have a strong feeling, then I would have given up writing it almost five years ago, when I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night and recalling the most vivid dream.
2.If I am going to rewrite my contemporary novel. I wrote this during the July session of Camp NaNoWriMo, and now that I look at it, I flinch every time and think, "I seriously need to rewrite this once again and edit." This novel idea is just… wow. It is so mind blowing, and I have to credit all of the kids in the neighborhood, both past and present, for that one summer that gave me the idea. 
3.To not freak out when I get rejected by an agent. Or ten agents. The Help by Kathryn Stockett was rejected many times. Harry Potter got rejected by agents many times. Stephen King got rejected almost nineteen years before he finally got published. These authors got rejected many times, and look how amazing they have turned out.
4.Figure out what to do with my blog once I get published. Should I get a custom domain or start another blog entirely altogether? For now, I will just place that question aside. Once we get there, we will cross the bridge.
5.Work on my "writing in verse" works. I've been doing this for the past several months, and I have to tell you that it may be one of my writing styles that I may get a little more into later. Currently I am working on a verse story about one of my older (chronologically) characters, before he or she took on a new name.
6. Watch Doctor Who (the 2005 version, at least) a little bit more. My friends have been raving to me on how incredible the show is. Last night my brother and I recorded "The Day of the Doctor" on BBC America and we watched it after we ate breakfast. Can I tell you that this is some quality television that is worth watching? One minute you're laughing at the Doctors' funny remarks and the next minute you are bawling your eyes out because you can see all of the Gallifreyans suffering and the Doctors are deciding whether to destroy the planet. 
Now, if you would excuse me, I have to go and read my Battle books.
Today's breakfast: A chocolate muffin and milk.
My pile of books to read before Monday. It may seem like a lot, but it actually isn't. Normally, I read thicker books, but these stack of books are the exception.
Often I check out at least twelve good-sized novels, about 300 to 400 pages long, and I finish them all in a week's time.
Sorry, I just wanted to put this in... :) All of the reincarnations of the Doctor have some weird sense of style. Whether it is a panama hat, a scarf (scarfs like the Fourth Doctor's are very common at my school), a suit, bow tie, plimsoll shoes or a fez, hands down they have some crazy, amazing trends.

The Show Is Going On!

        If you read my last post, you found out that I auditioned to get into a play.

I actually got in! 

        Believe it or not, I did not believe that I would get in. There were many, many talented kids in there, and when my group (auditioners ten through twenty) got to see the directors, I was shaking—literally. When I came up, I was shaking. I couldn't speak or look at the directors straight. I stuttered. I could not memorize the chorus to "King Henry the Fifth"—I was too busy stunned reminiscing about the song "That's My New Philosophy" and the poem about Nutella-dipped Sour Punch Kids. I sang off-pitch.

        I'm not much of a person who likes singing in public, in front of directors. It terrifies me.

The only good thing that I remember doing in front of the judges is having 90/10 vision. The ninety stands for what you see when you are singing or reciting some lines—you don't see the judges, you can see what you are singing or reciting about. The ten is when you check to see how your audience is reacting. 

Afterwards, we had to see what our vocal ranges are, something different than standing in front of the directors. The ten of us in our group sang "Happy Birthday," to either someone who was in the room or, like some of the younger children, to a pony from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Finding out people's vocal ranges is fun, especially finding out the deeper parts of one's range.

I checked my mom's email, and when I read that I got in, I screamed! I could not calm down for about five minutes. Afterwards, I got here, with the cookies that my friend Jaden gave me for Christmas. Jaden, you make such awesome Pok√©mon cookies! I know you got frustrated and ranted halfway through Jessie's cookie, but seriously, you rock! 

My only problem is my family's schedule. The rehearsal times may or may not interfere with my parents' own schedules, so I have to hope that it is fits with everyone's schedules! 

I can't wait to meet everyone else who's in Merlin! I'm really excited to be in this play production!

Stay strong and wonderful! 
xoxo Morning


Photography I took over the first days of 2014:

If you watch the credits for Despicable Me, you may remember one of the minions making animals-- and Gru-- out of his hands. I was trying to do that, and it works!
This is a picture of my impression. Looks good, doesn't it?

What it looked like during the afternoon on January first. A little dull, but at least light shown through my window (very economical and green)!

The notebook and the pen that came as a part of the stationary kit. 

Sketch of the sun. The sketching is easy; the coloring is the hard part!

The chorus of King Henry V.

Puissance: a competitive test of a horse's ability to jump over large obstacles in showjumping. Source: Oxford Dictionary of English. I jotted it down.

                I'm getting ready for auditions tomorrow, for acting.

                I am trying out for Anne of Green Gables, which isn't a musical, or The Magical Adventures of Merlin, which is.

                I've been preparing by practicing the song that I am going to perform—"Gonna Get Over you" by Sara Bareilles is such an epic, upbeat song—and memorizing the short passage I have to read. I have read the chorus to King Henry V before, but I still need to freshen up. Right now, I am trying hard to memorize this part:

Piece out our imperfections with your thoughts,
Into a thousand pieces divide on man,
and make imaginary puissance.

                I am not sure I am able to be able to do the play, even if I do get chosen to perform. The rehearsal schedule may or may not fit with my parents' schedules. I am hoping and praying that it does, though.

                Besides that, I have also been sketching and writing inside of the notebook that my mom gave to me. I love the stationary!

                Well, I hope I break a leg, as they say in theater! 


A Do-Over

            "Sometimes it is good to start over." –R.J. Palacio, Wonder

This is a quote from the novel Wonder that really stood out, and a great quote to kick off the New Year with. If you have not read the book, then I suggest you do; it stands out, and you can definitely learn something from it.

                The book is about August Pullman, or Auggie, as his family calls him, and after years of being home schooled, he is finally going to Beecher Prep, a public school. He's just a normal kid, but he has a facial deformity, which he says, "I mean, I don't want to brag or anything, but I'm actually considered something of a medical wonder, you know." Now he is trying to go through school, convincing everyone that he is just like everyone else.

In the book, Mr. Browne, one of August's teachers, writes a precept on a board and then they have to write down what the precept means to them. A precept, according to the dictionary, is "a general rule intended to regulate behavior or thought." Over the summer break, Mr. Browne encourages everyone to send a postcard with their own precept on it.

This is what I am going to do with the meme; I am going to pick a precept and I am going to write about my view about it. If you want, you can participate in this as well; just make sure to post that it is hosted here and give me a link to your precept post so that way I can comment on it. I'd love to see your posts.

                The precept at the beginning was written by Julian Albans, a kid that bullies August. Now why he wrote that precept I will not reveal to you (or else I will spoil the book) but this is a great precept to kick start the New Year.

So now that we are beginning a new year, I bet that you are trying to begin your resolutions. A lot of people that I know of don't create resolutions. Personally, I have resolutions, but I don't announce them and after a while I'm not as motivated to pursue them. The point of resolutions is to push ourselves forward and trying to achieve something that we want.

Our resolutions are different. Some people want to live a healthier lifestyle. Others want to spend less, help others achieve their dreams, or enjoy life to the fullest. Maybe they want all four of these resolutions resolved.

The New Year also gives us a chance to start over, start fresh. Maybe you don't get to start fresh with the school year, but at least you can start fresh with the New Year and the new semester coming up. Those plans and goals that you wished to achieve but have failed upon? Start over and pick them up. That is the reason why I love the New Year. Though we have to return to our lives because the holidays are over, the New Year gives us one thing that we all yearn for sometimes:

Opportunity. The New Year gives us all the opportunity to do something new, the opportunity to have a second shot at some of our personal goals. Want to go skydiving? Want to reach out more and make new friends? Want to have that chance to get a 4.0 GPA this quarter? Then why don't you go out and take a chance on that opportunity to do so? Fresh starts come so few over the years. Don't be afraid to get out there and take that chance.

I mentioned this in my last post, I think, but I am going to say this once again. Many people don't achieve their resolutions because they aren't ready to change their habits. Take it from me: change stinks. Resolutions are normally changes that we want to see in ourselves. Be motivated for that change that you wish to see within yourself. 

If you are about to give up on your resolution, take a moment to pause. Think why you created your resolution in the first place, and your reasons behind it. Hopefully, you will regain vision of why you made your resolution and have the hope to pursue on.

Now let's go rock 2014.

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