The Joy In Everyone's Lives

  There are a lot of things that people disagree on, from the biggest things in life-- like what companies are the best, or what electional leader they’re voting for-- to the simple, ordinary everyday things in life-- like whether American Idol or The Voice is better, or what cereal brand is the best. Yet there are some things in life that bring us all together, and that we can all agree on. One of these things that I think bring us together, are young children. To be more specific, babies and toddlers. Why babies and toddlers, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you, from something that happened yesterday. So yesterday, I was sitting down on the grass, watching my brother’s recreational soccer team play. They were winning from 4-0. There were A LOT of people on his soccer team, meaning a lot of parents, but mainly the moms (including mine!) were watching. One of the mom’s had a baby girl named Stella. For the past two games, she has been bringing Stella over to the games and let her explore the area we were sitting at. I haven’t really seen Stella in action until today. I was sitting really close to Stella’s mom when she let Stella loose, so instead of watching the soccer game, all of the parents on my brother’s team and their siblings (like me) watched Stella crawl around and explore the grounds of the soccer sidelines. She was putting ANYTHING that she found right into her mouth-- from the huge Powerade lids to the cookies her mom was feeding her. She went around, exploring, extremely curious--
She seemed really excited to come around where I was sitting. She was putting the blanket in her mouth-- so cute! Stella, all of a sudden, spotted my stuff-- an iPod, with it’s cover, my community center membership card and my cell phone. And did you know what she did with my stuff?
Yup. She did the exact same thing as everything else she saw. She put them in her mouth. Well, I freaked out. I was so scared, that I said, “I can’t watch her do this.” Then I’d try to look away. My mom said it was cute, but for me? I was still scared. Suddenly, I remembered something that my Home Ec. teacher said in class, “Babies are curious. To explore things, they put them in their mouths.” I began to laugh hard. I remember, when I was younger, watching some old baby videos of me-- and I was putting my dad’s hair in my mouth. “Oh, she likes shiny things,” said Stella’s older brother. “And phones.” That explained a lot of things. When we all had to leave, I was really sad to go. Stella was so cute! When we said goodbye, her dad waved one of her hands and said, “Say bye, Stella!” I was grinning from ear to ear-- literally. Also, today, while I was chatting with someone, this person told me that her younger brother was trying to sing “Call Me Maybe.” Since he doesn’t really know how to read or know the lyrics to the song, he sang, “And this is crazy... So .... Maybe!” I was laughing my head off. And that’s the reason I like little kids. They are the fearless, curious people that are living right now. They aren’t afraid to explore things. They are curious and wanting to know more about how the world works. Compared to many other age groups, they are the ones who, even for once, don’t say, “I’m bored.” In short, they are the people that are open to the wonders of this world. They're also so cute. :) When I was younger I learned that you can learn something from anyone, whether they are older or younger than you. And what I have learned from these young people, is that we should be like them! Of course, we have to be mature, but what I mean is, we should be open to the wonders of the world! We should go out there and be fearless, trying new things in life instead of being stuck at home, watching TV or drooling over the computer screens.
  So, what are you waiting for? Go on out there. Be fearless, and explore this world.
Aren't babies so cute? Especially this one!

Bravery Throughout Our Lives + GFC

So, d'you know in my last post, I was talking about this song called "Brave", by Sara Bareilles? Well, I had no idea that it'd affect me just like. A lot. And throughout the time I was gone, I actually did a lot of brave stuff. Sorta, anyways.
     I'm not afraid of water anymore. I passed and I'm going onto the next level! Which is very exciting, considering the fact that I panicked and drowned last year in nine foot water at New York. Take that, water!  
     I didn't get into the Discovery Girls summit, but that's okay! I accept that. And there are many other
    But last week, I overheard some people while my family was out for pizza say something really mean. I didn't eavesdrop; the people were really loud when they were talking. One, from what I can piece together, one of the guys was a nurse, the other, I presume, was his wife. They said something mean about one of the patients.
    Well, to be honest, I was angry. I've worked with kids with special needs while in sixth grade, volunteering to help them out during their gym class. And honestly? I was mad. It's not their fault that they were born with special needs. Even if they are special-ed or disabled children or adults, they are still just like us. They still can reach their goals and dreams and do amazing things, like I read in a magazine.
    And also, there's was a Filipino festival in Downtown, so my parents took me and my brother there. It was amazing. There were a lot of kids that we performing, including one of my guy friends (an awesome friend of mine, I'm so lucky to be friends with him) and my cousin (who actually danced pretty well).
     While I was watching, I said one of my thoughts allowed: "I want to perform next year."
     Well, my parents, for one, actually supported the idea! I thought that they weren't going to (last year, they didn't let me do any music electives)! And they said I sang pretty good. I wasn't sure about that though. And then they said, "Yeah? So you sing in your room. They probably took voice lessons, but you sound really good even without taking lessons. Look at Danielle Bradbury. She didn't take any voice lessons, just sang in her room, and look how she turned out." Danielle Bradbury won the four season of "The Voice". She's only sixteen.
     I said, "If I can only boost my confidence up." I'm really insecure about my voice.
     So now, I'm thinking about posting my videos up online. On which site, I'm not sure. I asked my mom, and she said, "Go ask your dad." Which now, I am planning to do in the next several days. Even though this is probably really scary, I'm going to ask anyways. If you really want something, you're going to have to work your way up to it and go through the obstacles, even if it scares you.
     Also, I heard rumors that GFC (Google Friend Connect) is shutting down. if you can, can you please follow by Bloglovin? I'm on there!

-Best wishes, everyone! <3 Morning

Trying New Things In Life :)

On Friday last week, one of my friends gave this pep talk to me about life. We were chatting about camps, and the next thing you know, she gave me an entire lecture about life. It can be found here. The lecture was about how I should live the life I want, and that you should show people who you are. She said, “How are you going to live your life if you live inside the limits of what others consider to be the right path for you? You have to show them who you are.”
     And, right before I left, she told me this, “Things will get better if you stop and look at what you are allowed to do, what you can improve, instead of what you can't.”
      So I did exactly these things.
     I made an effort, for once, to take a nap. Like I said before in previous posts, I'm about average height, but I want to grow taller. So, I made the effort to do so.
     As much as I dislike going to garage sales, I went two of them. And I got to admit, I'm happy I did. Because one, I saw my friend, Daniela. She's a girl from school,  that was on my team in seventh grade. She's also in my gym period, and I play volleyball with her sometimes. She laughs whenever I dive for the ball, saying I "look dramatic diving for the ball, as if your life mattered on it."
    The other garage sale that I went to was hosted by a Korean Methodist church, and they were cooking lots of food! Normally, I'm scared to try new foods, but that day, I did. I ate dumplings, a piece of my brother's sweet n' sour chicken and drank Italian soda!!!!

I'm so happy today, too. I'm now listening to "Brave" by Sara Bareilles, and it's how you should say what you want to say and be brave saying them. I'm loving the song. :)

The Little Duckling Who Can't Swim

When I was younger, one of my many dreams that I have daydreamed about was to swim and compete worldwide in the Olympics. But as I grew older, I knew that dream would have been hard to become a reality.
     A lot of people don't know this, but I really have no idea how to swim.
     See, my mom and dad grew up in the countryside, where swimming wasn't an important skill,even though my mom moved into the city when she was nine. When they moved here, where I live currently, they had absolutely no idea that swimming was such an important skill.
     In fourth grade, my parents were scavenging across town to sign us up for swimming, and we ended up learning to float. I was absolutely no good at it. After the swimming program that we went to moved to the far side of town, my parents pulled us out of swimming. I was in fifth grade then.
     In sixth grade, I watched as everyone went diving on our field trip, while I stood at the three foot part of the pool.
     Then, during the summer before seventh grade, I went to my aunt's sister's swimming pool at her summer home in New York. One side was shallow. I had no idea that the other side of the pool was nine feet deep. I drowned (and got my aunt's sister's iPhone soaked). And although it was nice of my aunt's mom to say that she'd ask my parents to sign me and my brother up for swimming lessons, I was red with embarrassment.
     This June, I began to swim at the YMCA, taking lessons. And it turns out, that I swam better than I thought! But every once in awhile, I have those days where I just can't swim. Yesterday was one of those days.
     In class on Tuesday, we had to learn how to breathe better on our sides. I did as they told us, but I simply couldn't do it. In the middle of the pool, I kept on coughing and sputtering out the water. My two instructors kept on yelling at me to keep going. I swam and swam. Water kept on going into my eyes and hair was in my face. I wanted to cry. Horrible.
     The only person who cheered me up was a little boy who was about eight, with a creamish complexion and a face sprinkled with freckles. He was asking me a lot of silly questions, and I was laughing, because he reminded me of myself when I was younger-- curious with non-stop questions.
      On the last few reps a lot of "What if?" questions went through my mind. What if I didn't pass? What if they put me back another level? What if they say that I swam horrible? Then, I was just laughing at myself. I always told everyone that to look at the bright side of things,to be optimistic. Why wasn't I listening to my own advice? Those last several yards I pushed myself hard.
      The coaches, at the end, just looked at me, and said,"You did better that last stretch. Good job." And on the inside, I was happy.
      And that day, I learned a lot of lessons:
      Stay optimistic.
      Heed your own advice.
      "What if?" questions can go both ways. You can think of them positively and negatively. But if you think negatively and putting yourself down, then you aren't going to do well. Instead, look at things positively and turn it into a goal. This really helps.
      Uh-oh. I have testing for swimming to see if I'm moving up a level or not. Wish me luck!

All Around Town

Yesterday was busy. So busy, that I had only time to take one picture.

Today, there was my neighborhood picnic. My family invited over my cousins. It was kinda awkward at first, since there were mainly adults chatting. Sure, there were kids, but they were all younger than me. The next door neighbors said that they would come, but they didn't (mainly because they were fixing things at their new house, which I understand). 
      Then came the boys from the southwest of our neighborhood.
      They're the guys that, during the school year, are never out, but during the summer, are out 24/7. They're mainly all a year younger than me. They're different compared to our neighborhood, where all of us go outside every single day after school and during the summer as often as we can.
     They came over and drank a lot of the soda. Even though I was the only girl that was there among all of the kids in my age group, they were still pretty nice. Several of them were going to middle school, so they we were mainly chatting about the electives and which classes to go to.
     I also chatted with my neighbor, who was surprised that of what grade I was actually going to, since it's been awhile since I last saw her.
     And, after watching a video from someone on NaNo sing for the first time in public, and she's inspired me so much to perform in next year's talent show! I'm not sure what to sing, but I might sing "True Colors", since I'm always daydreaming to sing that song in public.
    Well, until next time,


It's summer!
    I'm just jumping for joy.
    I'm finally learning how to swim. Finally, after what happened last summer! I drowned in my aunt's sisters' pool. My two teachers who were thinking about putting me in a lower level said I was doing extremely good today. Plus, I caught the eye of the Swimming Stroke School (what they call the class who wants to be on the swim team) teacher!
    And (sadly), although my neighbors are moving, the same ones who made the neighborhood kids' summers a lot more fun, I'm playing with them and seeing them a lot more often than during the school year. One of the fun things we did last year is we got every single kids to go run around the neighborhood singing "The Summer Song", a silly song we made up.
    Yup, I'm "playing." The oldest out of the five sisters is just one year younger than me. And although playing seems a little bit of a younger term for someone my age, I need to enjoy every single second hanging out and playing with them, because I might not see them again.
     There's also a neighborhood picnic coming up this summer!
     This summer is looking great, really.