Goodbye To Memories

Here is a post that PenSamuri made on the YWP NaNoWriMo site that was amazing. Truly.

Honestly. Because when I read that, my past flashed before my eyes. I am not kidding:

My words are few and simple, but the words I live by: I have never met someone who wasn't important.
But there's more to say.
This place, for all of us, at some point we'll have to leave. One by one, we'll disappear and leave this place to new young writers, full of hope and silliness. They will make friends and continue breathing life into a magical pls e where you can escape your worries and troubles, even if it's only for a few minutes. Home is where the heart is. So this is also my home. We have helped shape each into the people we are now. We may never meet, and in a decade, we might have forgotten about everyone. About counting to ten, nominations, role playing, all those inside jokes and nicknames. But that's okay. Because we might not always remember the things we've done, but they show.
When you open that file from that first year you won, all those memories come back. Maybe you'll smile. Maybe you'll just sit there and think of those friends. Maybe you'll go to the adult site and see if you can find any of them. Maybe you'll remember the faith we all have in each other now and the spirit of kindness and friendship that envelope all of us. Because even if people who aren't here can't feel or see it, even of they don't understand, we are all family, even when we argue.
This place doesn't only help make people better. It creates families and homes. We leave and a new family grows. It will continue growing and we will always be connected. I don't think you can just say goodbye. It will always be calling.
And to the newbies or more recent joiners: Being new isn't bad. It's wonderful. You are the ones who we will hand this place over to when we move on. The veterans... We have to leave in a few years. You have plenty of time to enjoy. Soon you'll be the veterans, telling war stories of the NaNoWars. Maybe you'll remember us and believe in us. I trust and believe in you. You'll grow your own families here. It may be hard to be called a newbie and it may annoy you.
But being a veteran is bittersweet. You have good friends, but you know that the end is approaching. It's sad in some ways.
So be happy that you're new. You get to continue the legacy.
Don't let it die. Keep this spirit of family alive for years to come.
I have faith in all of you, my beautiful family.
As long as we have each other, we can get through almost anything.

The Daylight Project Shines Daylight

Hi, everyone. How are you guys?

Did I tell you how much I love the song "Daylight" by Maroon 5? Yes, I love this song. I first heard it on the radio, while I was heading home from my final volleyball tournament of the season. And, when I heard it, I just fell in love with the song. Most people at my school have never heard of this song, and, even if they did, they don't talk about it much, unlike the song "Dynamite" by Taio Cruz (another song that I love *smiles*).

And today, I decided to find the music video because I had nothing to do. It was unlike other music videos that I've watched, because it was a HUGE project.

Here it is:

As I watched through the video, I began to cry. Just like they said on their website, "We need YOUR help for our next music video. We're asking YOU to record and share 'YOUR story', and that recording may be handpicked to appear in the video for our third single, 'Daylight', directed by Jonas Akerlund." Adam Levine said, ""As different as we all are, there are common themes that bring us together, inspire and show everyone what is important today. With this video, we’ll present the world today and beyond, creating more than just a music video."

The video was truly INSPIRATIONAL! I nearly cried while I was watching it. People from all around the world were sharing THEIR personal, REAL and TRUE stories about life. 

Before, I used to think that I was alone, that no one else has been through the same things or anything similar. I thought that true happiness was only in fairy tales and in movies. But when I saw this video, I felt as if a burden has been lifted and that I finally know and understand the truth. Now, as I'm looking outside, I feel light and feel as if I am set free because now I know that I'm not alone. Just like at the end of the video, like what it said on the blackboard clapperboard, "We are all the same."

Their were a lot of topics that everyone talked about. They discussed their feelings and stories on:

  • What they love.
  • What they hate. 
  • Life (people)
  • Who they truly are (be yourself)
  • True Love/ Love Life
  • Grieving over loved ones
  • Their regrets
  • Leaving their home everything that they love and know behind (college, particularly)
  • Dreams they wanna reach
  • Hard life
  • Self-confidence/Bullying
  • What they feel about music
And their were memorable quotes too.
  • "As long as I loved who I was, people start loving me."
  • "Everyone should be who they wanna be."
  • "We take so much for granted and we never know when it's gonna be gone."
  • "This world deserves better."
  • "I believe in change."
  • "If you don't take your time and look around, you're going to miss something. And it's going to be something great."
  • "Thank you for letting me be heard."
So, after watching that video, how do you feel about your view in life? What sets you free? Tell me in the comments section!

Boredom (With A Hint of Laziness)!

Hi everyone. I've been just absolutely been bored. This past week has been the spring break where I live, and, as many seventh graders (not me, but I hear them say this a lot) say,

Vacation = No school= No homework= freetime filled with lots of fun!!!

I was expecting it to be lots of fun, with a lot of time on my hands to go outside and have snowball fights against the neighbors, but instead, I am stuck inside.

My schedule has also been a bit dull too. Get up, eat breakfast, play the Wii, work on your Duomo of Florence sketch, read the book War and Peace (both homework for Social Studies), measure where the moon is with your astrolabe, do your evening routine before bed, and sleep. Repeat for the entire week. The only thing that is interesting in my schedule that I haven't mentioned is taking pictures of the moon, stars, and try to throw snowballs into the air. (Now, I'm adding listening to music. I'm listening to Daylight by Maroon 5! One of the only songs made by them that I love.)

On the other hand, I've been a bit lazy, too. I guess that is another thing vacation; it makes you feel both of these things. Maybe more of laziness, in some people's cases. Yes, I have been a little lazy, except when it comes to drawing for Social studies, since drawing is something that I love to do!

Well, gotta go. I'm only on the 190 page of War and Peace, and that is definitely not a good sign! -Morning

Women's Day: Shine Brightly Women!

Today is Women's Day! Yahoo! This is the day that we celebrate wonderful woman and all of the things that we have accomplished throughout the past few centuries.

Now, there is one woman who I admire. She is not a real person and not exactly a woman yet, but she is the most awesome person that I admire. Her name is Stargirl Caraway, the fictitious character that the author Jerry Spinelli has brought to life. Her real name is Susan, but she calls herself Stargirl because that is the name that describes her. 

She does all sorts of crazy thing that many of us would think as "not normal": having a happy wagon filled with stones, cheering for the opposing teams and even going to funerals of people that she doesn't really know. The reason why I admire her is because she is one of the things that we must do in life: we must go and repair the world.

What do I mean, repair the world? Well, the best way I could put it to you is by a quote from the book 13 Gifts by Wendy Mass: “'(T)he world is broken up into pieces,'s up to everyone to help put it all back together. It's about recognizing the spark of life in everyone and everything, and gluing those shards back together.'”

And this is what Stargirl is doing. 

On Thursday, March 7, 2013, a girl on the YWP NaNoWriMo site has died after battling Leukemia. Her username was rainbowbandgeek, but was known as Ash. her real name was Sasha Gray, born on May 19, 1999, who died March 7th, 2013. 

The place has been turned into a mourning site. My reaction? I'm mourning with them. I could feel their pain. Even though I've never talked to her in person, by reading through her posts and by how everyone talks about her, I bet she has made a big impact on there. I am quoting a NaNoer writerlious:  She liked to write, and she was very sporty, always playing one sport or another.. she got mvp a couple times..she’d laugh at almost anything really, she had a really good sense of humor..She wanted to be a pro soccer player or a doctor, and a writer on the side. Her favorite colors were green and blue. 

Beautiful and unique, isn't it?
Many say that the thing that describes her is a rainbow rose.

Wacky School Week!

School this week has been so much fun.

At my school, omy science teacher is in charge of the science department, and she is in charge of doing the egg drop for the Middle School Family Fun Night last Tuesday, where the upcoming sixth graders and current students go and have fun with their families. Well, I was one of the few from my class that decided to volunteer. I remember when I was a sixth grader last year, wandering through the middle school walls with my eyes wide open. I decided to volunteer not just because we would get extra credit, I would also:

1) See my circle group from my second and fifth period classes! I have as much fun with these guys (okay, I'll admit, maybe just a teeny-bit more) as I do with my old group from school. There's about 10 of us, but we had a lot of fun anyways.

2) See my sixth grade friends that I haven't seen in a year! Yeah, I hang out with people that are younger than me, and although to some, playing and hanging out with kids several years younger than me is amazing. When I hang out with them, I remember that I am trying to savor the last several months of me as a kid before I turn into a teen. Sigh.

3) It's fun! 

Me and one of the girls from my fifth and second period classes (but isn't part of the circle of friends I have, sadly) were trying to go through the halls and get people's attention to go and do the egg drop, because not a lot of people were going there. It was absolute fun, and honestly, I haven't had that much fun since the summer before seventh grade.

Today is the final day of the quarter! There's only one more quarter till the end of the school year. It's sorta depressing really, because we won't see the two interns that teach Geography and Integrated Science. They gave everyone a test (which had questions saying: This teacher is awesome teacher who is witty and charming, giving students candy when they do good on the the test, and answers, such as "Napoleon retreated to eat beef jerky). Hilarious, right? I love my two interns. Thank you two so much for teaching me all of the wonders of science and georgraohy.

Yesterday, I watched Back To the Future  as a field trip. This movie is very good, but to those who do not like movies with cussing and some adult themed content (I am definitely raising my hand), steer clear from this movie.

Well, any who friends, I must go back to the future. Just kidding, it's something that my science teacher said instead of saying "Back To the Future". I must go back to the YWP forums! -Dawn

Rhythm of Your Heart

Hullo everyone!

Today I just feel... musical, even though I have not publicly sang or performed within the past year all because of my parents' and counselor's decisions. I gave them a chance to choose some of my classes for me, because I know that their decisions would help me grow as an individual, which it has and is right this minute! I've met some new people.

But the thing I want to chat with you guys is music. Music, music, music. It has always been a huge part of my life. Without music, I would be a completely different person right now, and I wouldn't have the strength I've had now.

I've always grew up in a creatively talented family. My cousins are really good at the arts, always painting and making up songs. My grandmother had a major part of as musical production. I sing, dance, act, write, play instruments, everything!

I know; this is where I want to be:
In a recording booth!!!
Singing is the first talent I've ever known. When I was younger, I'd sing all the time, everywhere, with no regrets at all! I'd sing at malls, school, and in the changing rooms of dance and ice skating.

It was- and still is- my comfort to express how I feel. I'd sing songs that were on my playlist of life- songs, both made up by famous artists and me- that I could relate to and just express me! And I still do.

Right now, I'm semi-singing and listening to "I Feel Pretty/Unpretty" Mashup that Glee! made up. It's what I'm feeling. See, I'm insecure about myself a lot. And beauty is one of them.

Well, sorry friends, I must go. I have many things that I have to do (especially homework and making up characters "Ninja Nargles" a game that everyone in my neighborhood will be taking part of! Yes, I am not-so-average)! Depending on my schedule, I may be posting a cover version of this on my Imagination and Creation 101 page within the week or two!