18 December 2013


I see it.
So now it is
the Christmas Season.
Waving to people you know,
giving Christmas cards to your friends,
scarfing down Christmas cookies and candy canes,
reading comfortably in your room the cards that you have been 
receiving of your friends, where your depicted as Despicable Me minions and Pikachu.

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(P.S. I won't be able to post the book reviews until either Friday or Saturday, because it is the final days of school and I have to finish off strong. Plus, Simbang Gabi, which I will try to get some pictures of.)


  1. Hey Abby! This is Moriah! I love this post!! it's super cool!:)<3

    1. Hi Moriah! Thanks for the compliment! Hope you have a Merry Christmas! What're you hoping to get this year?

      Stay strong and wonderful (and hope you have a Merry Christmas)! :D
      xoxo MorningTime4


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