02 October 2013

My Utopia

I love this time of year.
     No, really. I actually do love this time of the year, when everything begins to settle down and our lives become and morph into their normal routine after the hectic school rush for all of us going back to school, when autumn turns into winter (a couple days back, it snowed already!), when, like in the middle—the center—of a cyclone, there is a sense of calmness within the storm. For me, this state of calmness lasts until the end of the year, really.
     What do I love and do during this time of year? Well, many things happen.
     Mornings of the aroma of toast popping out of the toaster,
      Lunch periods filled with books, Photobooth effects, many rounds of UNO and calm read alouds of written stories, read in various classrooms,
     Endless school hours of laughing, jokes and playful bickering with my friends,
     Afternoons with writing while munching on a snack, sipping coca, and after-school volleyball,
     Late nights of reading books.
     This is as close to a utopia as it gets for me, personally.
     So, if you're stressed out, just take a step back from life and relax, because you deserve it.
Inline image 1
Making snowmen

Inline image 2
Sipping cocca

Inline image 3
Lanterns and ice skates.

Inline image 4
And Christmas!


  1. Winter? Already? But Fall isn't even ten days old yet!

    1. Here, where I live, fall started since August. It really depends where you live out in the world....

  2. Hello, Morning! Long time no chat!

    So I was wondering if you would be able to answer some of my questions (nothing personal, I respect your privacy) :D And if possible, not here, where it's public. I would like to talk with you in private :) -YBM

    1. Um... alright. I trust you on this :) As soon as you have this down tell me via comment ASAP, okay? I have to delte the commment. I just don't want the entire world to know; one of my friends yelled out my email address and now I've been getting weird emails. MorningTimeoftheAutumnEast4@gmail.com

  3. I love winter best of all! It's such a cozy time of the year.

    1. I know, right? I especially love it where I live; where I live, our state's known for the lots of snow we get. And it's super warm inside of the house. I especially love walking home on a day when it's lightly snowing; I just love watching the snowflakes fall gently. So true! Er, no pun intended. xD ACK! this comment form always directs me to the google login in page! You know what? I'll just reply as name/URL.

  4. That happens a lot. :)
    I don't get much snow where I live, but it's ever so much colder than the rest of the year.

  5. I'M LOVING THAT LAST CHRISTMAS PHOTO! I can see a great photographer here ;)


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