Discovery Girls Summit + Embrace Your Uniqueness

Well, today, on the Discovery Girls website, which is a magazine (Discovery Girls), said that they were almost finished with selecting the 36 girls that are going to the Discovery Girls Summit that’s going to be held sometime in late July.
     My reaction? I nearly got a heart attack. Literally. I felt my heart beat really hard against my chest and for a moment, I was stunned. I thought they said that they had selected all the girls already, but that wasn’t what their post said, instead saying they almost selected their 36 girls.
     But there’s more to say.
     The summit is the first one that they, the magazine, has hosted. Before, they used to come to states and territories for photo shoots, selecting 12 girls from the state. It’s an opportunity available to all girls under a certain age that live in the United States and Canada. The 36 selected girls would be able to go to their hometown, pose for pictures, write articles and help make the magazine better plus have fun and make new friends from all over the continent.
     This opportunity is something that I want extremely bad. And here’s why.
     Like my blog title, I have said that I am “not-so-average”. I am different than many girls in my town; I have never been over to any of my friends’ houses, know what Instagram does (my friends tried explaining it to me, and I still don’t get it), and some of my and my friends’ favorite passing time in the library is taking silly picture on Photo Booth. Also, although it is the rules for someone whose birthday is passed the cut-off date (which mine’s is), I’m still one grade up than I am supposed to be. Here, that’s is a very rare thing. The list goes on and on.
      Before, I thought that being normal was everything, so I tried to change myself to be normal. But then as I grew older, I realized it is not. Instead, being yourself is important. Honestly, who’d want to blend in the sea of people when you can shine for being unique and original, one of the many shining stars in the dark sky?
     So I changed, and became Myself. My unique personality that many complimented for me being optimistic and cheerful (that’s how I got my screen name). Like the song “True Colors” sings:

“But I see your true colors
Shining through
I see your true colors
And that's why I love you
So don't be afraid to let them show
Your true colors
True colors are beautiful,
Like a rainbow”

 Yet, I am always looked down upon. Underestimated for my size and my age. Many look at me as I am not capable of doing things, both physically and mentally (for example, running the mile for track and field and not being able to run fast), even though I am. All, except seven, look down upon me this way.
      I want to do something great, because I believe, that no matter what age you are, that anyone can do their part to help repair the world. I want to teach kids life lessons, like my fifth grade teacher did with our class (I love teaching little kids; they’re so cute) and give to those that need something more than I do, like making Christmas cards for the children’s hospital and like the $10 garage sale money my mom gave me but I decided to donate for the Miracle’s Children’s Hospital so that way they can by a new incubator.
     And Discovery Girls would actually help me do this, in a way! When I was in 6th grade (or, as some of you call it, Grade 6 or Sixth Form, depending on where you live), I opened the latest issue of Discovery Girls after a neighbor who was hosting a garage sale gave it to me, and it helped me become a much more better person. I learned a lot from it from the past few years I have been reading it, and I love all of the fun things that are included, like the quizzes and DIYs that they feature! I especially loved their March/April 2013 issue; they gave me an insight into something that I had always have trouble with; how to deal being stuck in second place!
     They’ve also never been to to my state and I’m at the final age limit that could apply.
     Good luck to all of the girls applying! And to those that are doubting of getting in; I was a doubter too. But look at opportunities positively! The future is ahead of us, and we might not know what obstacles are there, waiting for us. Just like I say sometimes, “If you believe it, you will receive it!”