Missing My Friends + Divergent!!!!

I really like my second and fifth period classes a lot more better than my first and fourth period classes. I just realized that. Really, I'm serious. I suppose this thought came up when I was getting ready for bed, because there are only FIVE weeks left until the end of the school year.
     Time sure flies by pretty fast! Just several months ago, on the very first day of middle school, I was shaking nervously because I didn't know what to expect from middle school, whether it was as hard as it portrays in the books, with the lockers impossible to open, tainted with horrible school lunches and last year's gym clothes and the drama (which, some of this is true). Now, I'm the confident girl who is ready to take on the challenges of next school year.
     But back on topic. As I was saying, I like my second and fifth period classes more than my first and fourth period classes. Why is that?
      Here's some background about my school and how they set us up. We're on a team, which I probably have mentioned before in my previous posts. They set us up into teams mainly about how smart we are, although there is a mix in different teams, like mine. We do the same field trips together and mainly have all the same teachers for the core classes (Geography, English, Math and Science), you get the idea.
     I have the same group of people I have in first period (Algebra) and fourth period (Language Arts). In second period (Science) and fifth period (Geography) I have another group of kids. Now, I'm on the team where they mainly place all of the people with high marks on finals and are gifted.
     Both of these groups, first off, we're really ambitious and high (and over!) achievers.
     Here's the difference between the two, though. The group I have and see in first and fifth period are very similar to one another. Their personalities are diverse, in a way, but at the same time, there are a LOT of similarities from their backgrounds and what they had to go through, which can be good. That means they can get along easily. It also seems quiet and everyone's really focused.
     In the second and fifth period group that I have, we get along easily, but we're all diverse and unique. This group can be playful, fun and outgoing, although they know when to get serious for test when they have to. When I'm in the class I'm always super happy.
     I'm going to miss everyone in the second and fifth period group. The song "Daylight" by Maroon 5, I realized, is really based on what I'm going to go through in these last few weeks I have in this school year.
     In January, I thought that I didn't make that many friends, maybe about 10 or so. But last night, it hit me:
     Many of the people in my second and fifth period classes are my friends, even if it didn't seem like it at first.
     And I'm going to miss them a whole lot, for being good friends. (We're all just friends.)
     I'm going to miss my friend who calls me Pika and Pikachu because of my science organism project, who, although taller than me by a good five or six inches, deals with my shortness (although I am average sized for my school's standards) and accepts me for who I am.
     I'm going to miss the guy who introduced me to the second and fifth period's Playful Poking Wars (the second and fifth period group are the only ones who do this) and who dances songs from Just Dance 4 with me the during passing time before fifth period.
    I'm going to miss the guy who gave me a good amount of nicknames this year (yet teases me playfully), and who is just plain awesome.
    I'm going to miss the girl who sticks up for me whenever I get bullied.
    I'm going to miss the guy who sings opera songs in the hallways with me (we sing them horribly) and is an ally with me in the Poking Wars.
    I'm going to miss the girl who both of us try to make faces at each other and try not to laugh.
    I'm going to miss the guy who, although can be a bit competitive, can be really supportive to people and motivates me to strive harder everyday.
    I'm going to miss the girl who, even though she is about nine inches taller than me, helped me spread the news during the egg drop by us shouting across the hallways (we were allowed to do that only on the day of family fun night) and drew smiley faces on the eggs.
    I'm going to miss the guy who I sadly embarrassed because, while I was helping him, was staring at my arm because I had "goosebumps" (they aren't goosebumps, although they look like it) and the intern teacher told him to go and work on his own work and stop arguing with me about my "goosebumps".
     I'm going to miss the guy who hugged a tree because one of the people in my science lab group, while we were outside, was mad and told him to go hug and a tree, and was nice to me during the partner dancing unit. We also talk a lot too.
      These are the people that I am going to miss because of there pure awesomeness. I think I'm going to cry.
      And really, I used to take these guys for granted. Used to, anyways.\ What changed is knowing of the fact that we should never take anything for granted, even the simple things, because we never really know what there true worth is until its gone.

I was feeling really down until I saw this picture:

It is a picture sneak peek from the movie Divergent, which is also the book by Veronica Roth. And THIS BOOKS IS AMAZING! So I can't wait for the movie.

The Positive Party

Hullo, everyone! Once again, I'm back after several days of being gone from the blogging world due to various reasons and my hectic schedule. Just two more weeks until track and field is Do you guys love the new background and header? It's made by Emma Kate of The Ramblings of Emma. She makes awesome designs, by the way. :D

Well, yesterday, I was planning to blog about something else, when my dad interrupted me and said that it was his friend's child's second birthday and that the party was at a play studio inside the university mall. He told me and my brother to come along, because he's the godfather of his friend's child and that his friend's stepdaughter, who is my age, would . Both of us decided to come along, of course, since we had nowhere to go over the course of our weekend.

When we got there, my eyes just grew wide and my jaw dropped. It was awhile since I last been to the university mall, and several things surprised me. First off, it stood in the place where my favorite science store used to stand. Later did I realize that the store closed down. The other thing that surprised me was the studio itself. It was for the younger kids. That part didn't surprise me, of course, until my dad said, "Go on in and play."

I was surprised. Play? Here? I took a deep breathe in. I knew that I had to be a good sport for my dad. So, trying to must all of the courage that I had, I stepped inside, and walked in.

There were adults that were also party guests playing with their kids. I stood there nervously, uncertain about what to do, when the birthday girl's mom came up to me, handed my a crazy headband and told me to loosen up. "Just go play," she said. "There's some things in your childhood that you can experience here again." So I walked around, and drew on the blackboards that were available.

I guess when everyone said that it was time to dress up did I really begin to loosen up. Adults, too, were not embarrassed by the fact that they were dressed up in cowboy outfits and tutus; in fact, they seemed rather cool about it. In the end, I began to dress up. Luckily, I had my camera so that way I could take pictures of the event! (My parents are letting my post pictures of myself, just for today.)

In the end, when we had to leave, I do have to admit that I really enjoyed the experience. I was really happy about, though, that I took in my time there positively. And we must look at everything in the world positively, don't we? Because out of there, that's how we see the goodness that's in everyone and in everything, right?

"A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words..."

You know, sometimes, I think, that pictures speak louder than words. So, I am modifying my posts and now, I am going to show some pictures that I have taken throughout my day!

Today, it was snowing. Hard. The snow where I live was almost all melted, and the next thing you know, we were hit by a mild snowstorm! It was snowing hard, and ice sickles were trickling down the edge of my roof...

Ice sickles, taken by me!

A really pretty ice sickle taken by my brother!

And now, for  the things that I did inside my house...

The time stamp on my computer is off, but.... it's a
muffin I made during Home Ec.!

The Transcript of the Not-So-Average Call From The Scary Teacher

Hullo everyone. What I am about to show you is a transcript from the phone call I got from a teacher (which I sadly had to pick up) and answer. Not exactly something that happens everyday, does it? But before I show that, I have to explain some things.

First off, I'm using cover names. So:

Lion = my brother
Dawn= Me (Dawn will be covering as my actual nickname)
Voices = my homeroom teacher (and language arts)

Secondly, I need to tell you about my language arts teacher a bit. He's athletic; tall, yet whenever he shouts, his face is red, which I suppose earns him the description that everyone calls him sometimes: a "cherry on a toothpick." He also read, and is on his phone a lot, even during passing time. Once, some people in my class caught him on his Twitter account. But he can be very mean too; he gave a detention once to someone who was smiling at him. If I had to pair him up with a book character from a book/manga, it would probably be Mr. Take from ChocoMimi.


Voices (on phone): Hello?

Lion: ....

Voices (on phone): Hello?
Voices (on phone): This is Voices, Dawn’s fourth period language arts teacher.
Dawn: Uh.... um....
Voices: Is this Mrs. Time?
Dawn: No, it isn’t, because my parents aren’t home right now. You’re speaking to Dawn!
Voices: Oh, Dawn. Where’s your parents?
Dawn: ....... They’re not available. Sighs. Look, is this about the writing thing?
Voices: What writing thing?
Dawn: (to herself), No one was supposed to know that I write! (To Voices), .....Um..... d’you know the poster that you hung up in your room?
Voices: The what?
Dawn: The poster that you hung up in your room for the writing thing? Well, I signed up for it.
Voices: That’s cool.
Dawn: Yeah--
Voices (interrupting): I’m calling about the vocab.
Dawn: Oh.
Voices: Will your mom pick up if I call her phone?
Dawn: She’s at work, so I don’t know.
Voices: I’ll just leave a message.
Dawn: Okay. Bye, I guess.
Voices: Bye.

*end of transcript*

A Quick Little Update...


I am trying a new template. Should I keep it like this:

Option Number 1
 Or like this?

Option 2?

Please tell me in the comments below! -Morning

I Grew! Sorta...

Hi, everyone.

First, I must apologize. Track and Field has just started, and this week were the finals who I have to spend with my fourth period teacher, aka my homeroom teacher. Long story short, everyone doesn't like him because he shouts, is a gym teacher for sixth period. No one really likes him much (and yeah, I admit, I used to not like him) but I'm starting to realize he's actually pretty nice. :D Oh yes, and I must sadly add on homework, my extra-curricular activities out in the community. (I still have to finish up my article for the local teen magazine that's going to come out.)

Now, onto business. Remember how I was at the beginning of my blog? That timid little girl who, in real life, is afraid to speak out? I was very uncertain even how to begin my first blog post, and I wasn't even able start off right!

But thanks to my lovely followers and anonymous viewers.... I have five-hundred page views! Yay! And I all have to thank it too all of you followers and lovely readers. Thank you, so, so much for making this all so possible, reaching 500 views. I actually have 542 views, to be exact.

I, along with this blog, have grown too. I am now a lot more outgoing, for one thing, and I'm growing close ties with batch of people in my second and fifth period class. Sadly, some of them I may never see again, because they said they may move. :(

Another thing that I'm happy about is that I am getting my confidence and leadership skills back, I think. Today, at track practice, was a fun day, where we got to do things that would apparently help us work out too. There was a four-way tug war, and I had to not only scream "PULL!", I also was one of the few who was screaming out instructions and how we would win.

Sadly, I must go today. See ya!