Goodbye To Memories

Here is a post that PenSamuri made on the YWP NaNoWriMo site that was amazing. Truly.

Honestly. Because when I read that, my past flashed before my eyes. I am not kidding:

My words are few and simple, but the words I live by: I have never met someone who wasn't important.
But there's more to say.
This place, for all of us, at some point we'll have to leave. One by one, we'll disappear and leave this place to new young writers, full of hope and silliness. They will make friends and continue breathing life into a magical pls e where you can escape your worries and troubles, even if it's only for a few minutes. Home is where the heart is. So this is also my home. We have helped shape each into the people we are now. We may never meet, and in a decade, we might have forgotten about everyone. About counting to ten, nominations, role playing, all those inside jokes and nicknames. But that's okay. Because we might not always remember the things we've done, but they show.
When you open that file from that first year you won, all those memories come back. Maybe you'll smile. Maybe you'll just sit there and think of those friends. Maybe you'll go to the adult site and see if you can find any of them. Maybe you'll remember the faith we all have in each other now and the spirit of kindness and friendship that envelope all of us. Because even if people who aren't here can't feel or see it, even of they don't understand, we are all family, even when we argue.
This place doesn't only help make people better. It creates families and homes. We leave and a new family grows. It will continue growing and we will always be connected. I don't think you can just say goodbye. It will always be calling.
And to the newbies or more recent joiners: Being new isn't bad. It's wonderful. You are the ones who we will hand this place over to when we move on. The veterans... We have to leave in a few years. You have plenty of time to enjoy. Soon you'll be the veterans, telling war stories of the NaNoWars. Maybe you'll remember us and believe in us. I trust and believe in you. You'll grow your own families here. It may be hard to be called a newbie and it may annoy you.
But being a veteran is bittersweet. You have good friends, but you know that the end is approaching. It's sad in some ways.
So be happy that you're new. You get to continue the legacy.
Don't let it die. Keep this spirit of family alive for years to come.
I have faith in all of you, my beautiful family.
As long as we have each other, we can get through almost anything.

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