Hold Your Head High!

Hi friends. Today, all that I really did was being left at home with my younger brother. Normally, we go to school on Friday's (obviously) but this week we had school until fourth period, which is a quarter until noon, and half days.

My Student Led Conference, which I have been dreading about the whole entire week, actually went really well! All of my teachers said positive things about me, even my English teacher, who can be strict at times (and is sometimes known as "the cherry on a toothpick" because, sadly, his face turns red every time her talks and he's really skinny and tall). In fact, I think that English is my best subject. Queer!

Meanwhile, I couldn't ask my old fifth grade teacher for the picture of my group because my parents left me at home for an hour with nothing else to do. That's alright though; I am feeling confident today, and I will email him. It seems easier when you don;t do things face to face, but people can see your sincerity when you do.

Never doubt yourself friends. That's what I learned today. Hold your head high and proud. don;t put yourself down for anything, because you may never know what may happen if your brave enough to do so.

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  1. Everybody is brave...just in different ways.


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