Labels: In School and Society

I'm just curious... how many of you you wear popular brands, such as Aeropostale and American Eagle? I'm just curious. Yes, these brands have a huge part in my post today.

No, this is not a post that says, "If you wearing these brands, DON'T!" No, it really isn't. I absolutely respect people who wear these- in fact, I own clothes only because my auntie always buy clothes from Aeropostale when she has to give presents to me.

Labels. In life, this is how people judge us. A lot of times, the "infielders," which is everyone calls the self-acclaimed popular crowd at my school, judge people depending on what we wearing. Many times, they will judge everything about us- how we look, our personalities, practically everything. If they don't like what they see, well, they try to change you and just give you a "label."

Have you also read those middle school books where, in the cafeteria, people sit at a certain place depending on their labels? Imagine a lunch room. For example, the "dorks" would gather up at the far end of the cafeteria, the "drama queens" sit next to the stage, while the nerds are huddled a corner. Sadly, this is what we have always read.

Here's a question I will address. Why do many give out labels to what they see? That is a simple question that leads to the hard, cold truth: This is just another way that people judge others. The "labels" make it a lot more easier to see who they want to hang out with. Like, for instance, if there was a clique chic stereotype  that say a girl with glasses, the clique chic may just say to herself, "Man, that girl is such I nerd! I don't think I'd want to hang out with her."

People that are labeled may also get teased or bullied just because they are labeled one thing. Many times, the chic clique/cheerleader stereotypes bully and the jocks end up teasing them for not being "normal." Sometimes, the poor teased victims end up changing, not being their true, wonderful selves anymore, or maybe even become depressed. :(

The good news is, not all schools have people "labeled." But if you are one of those people that go to the schools with labels, then don't be afraid to be yourself. Whether you are called a dork, geek, nerd, freak, drama queen, crybaby or any other labels that I have not mentioned and have pressure sitting on your shoulders because of it, just remember that you should be who you want to be, not what others tell you to be. -<3 Morning, with love

P.S Even the greats have started out with labels, so don't worry! Some famous people have all started out with labels too.

A Letter To My Nine-Year-Old Self

Hullo everyone! Recently I have just read a book that is nonfiction, or maybe even an autobiography. I'm not exactly sure, but it is aimed at late teens/adults. It was something that my mom recommended to me. The book itself is called What I Now Know: Letters To My Younger Self by Ellyn Spragins. What she did was she got several famous woman, people like Ann Curry, the former Today news anchor, and Nora Roberts, an adult author, and the famous person got to write a letter to their younger self.

When I read this, I was surprised about what they wrote. They gave their younger selves advice, advice which they knew now and not back then. And so, because of the wonderful letters that they have wrote to themselves, I was inspired to write my own yesterday (which was the reason why I was gone. Again). I found out that this actually feels therapeutic, in a way. So now, here I am closing off with this!

To My Nine-Year-Old Self,

    It's the summer of 2010, and you are feeling really sad. I know that you are; your best friend had to quit taekwondo because of school and other reasons. Your closest guy friend you don't see anymore, and your the only girl in the classes. Plus, you and your taekwondo master aren't getting along so well nowadays.
   You feel three things, three things that seem to have no hope to change.
   First, you feel as no one is there is no one there to be with you through the good and through the bad, the one that will wipe away your tears, bring you back up, and be there to support you- all the way, no matter who you are. In other words, you feel as if you have no friends.
   You also feel as if you can't be yourself, because no matter what, people tried to destroy who you truly are just because they don't like you.The final thing that you feel as if you can't make a difference because no matter what, people are always covering your spotlight. They are the ones that also are engulfing you in their shadows.
    Well, there are something things that I am going to tell you: don't give up hope. Ever. Facing the trials of life seem scary but you know what: they help us grow, physically, mentally and emotionally, and help us find who were truly want to be in life.
     Several years from now, you will find out- discover- these things that seem to have no hope. They will come in time- and even now I still do not know who I want to be. You will make a difference in life, have friends and shine!
    All it takes is just two things thing: our actions and choices.
    Yes, these. They do not seem to be big, but the moment you choose what to do and how to act, it will shape the course of your life. Just as the quote from a book, called 13 Gifts says: “'I've learned that the universe doesn't care what our motives are, only our actions. So we should do things that will bring about good, even if there is an element of selfishness involved. Like the kids at my school might join the Key Club or Future Buisness Leaders of America, because it's a social thing and looks good on their record, not because they really want to volunteer at the nursing home. But the people at the nursing home still benefit from it, so it's better that the kids do it than not do it. And if they never did it, then they wouldn't find out that they actually liked it.'”
    The best thing of all? You will get second chances in life, believe it or not. Another quote from the same quote agrees with this: “'I've learned that if you wait long enough, you might get a second chance at something you gave up on. And sometimes you'll be the one to give the second chance to someone else.'” (Yes, this book will have an impact on your life- big time).

    Here are some other quotes that may motivate you:

“'If everyone waited to do something good until they had purely unselfish motivations, no good would ever get done in the world. The point is to do it anyway.'”

 “'(T)he world is broken up into pieces,'s up to everyone to help put it all back together. It's about recognizing the spark of life in everyone and everything, and gluing those shards back together.'”

“'The sidelines may be safer but life is played on the field.'” -Supporting You All The Way, Me

Smiley Faces and Frowns

Hi everyone! I know I forgot to post yesterday, sorry! I was really busy with everything, writing, homework and my life. Yes, there will be days like this more to come, days when I will not post at all, so make sure you know that!

Anyways, I am going to tell you the two main reason why I was gone: the first was that I was working on my questionnaire for the tween magazine for girls ages 8 through 12, "Discovery Girls."

This magazine is amazing, even though I discovered this magazine only about a year and a half ago. There was a garage sale in my neighborhood, and this teen girl was selling her old issues of the magazine. I was interested, and asked how much they cost. She just told me that they were 50 cents each, but I could have them for free. I was happy and couldn't wait to start reading.

The first time I read it, my mind was blown. They covered topics that girls are struggling the most, and in every issue, they showed 12 girls that were chosen from each state! I wanted to apply... but I realized that they didn't come to my state AT ALL.

Of course, that didn't destroy me from reading them! It was hard to keep up with the issues because they were only bi-monthly, plus, my parents were super pro-save money! The library didn't keep any issues at all. I was allowed to go on the website.

Then, in January, I read on their site that there was an opportunity for girls, both in all 50 states and Canadian provinces, that 36 lucky girls will be chosen to be models for the magazine, make new friends, make articles and help make the magazine better! I could hardly believe my eyes, so I worked on my questionaire. I hope that I get in!

Another reason why I was gone was I was trying convince my parents to get into a gifted enrichment program that's in Oregon. I really want to go here because it would help me hone my skills as a writer, musician and individual myself! Also, I'd be able to know what I want to be when I grow up! Sadly, my parents don't want me to go because they think that I can't handle it. They still won;t listen to my side of the story about why I can't go. Sigh.

Well, I have to go and sleep now! G'night!

Turn that frown upside down!!!

Hold Your Head High!

Hi friends. Today, all that I really did was being left at home with my younger brother. Normally, we go to school on Friday's (obviously) but this week we had school until fourth period, which is a quarter until noon, and half days.

My Student Led Conference, which I have been dreading about the whole entire week, actually went really well! All of my teachers said positive things about me, even my English teacher, who can be strict at times (and is sometimes known as "the cherry on a toothpick" because, sadly, his face turns red every time her talks and he's really skinny and tall). In fact, I think that English is my best subject. Queer!

Meanwhile, I couldn't ask my old fifth grade teacher for the picture of my group because my parents left me at home for an hour with nothing else to do. That's alright though; I am feeling confident today, and I will email him. It seems easier when you don;t do things face to face, but people can see your sincerity when you do.

Never doubt yourself friends. That's what I learned today. Hold your head high and proud. don;t put yourself down for anything, because you may never know what may happen if your brave enough to do so.

Speak Aloud, Speak Proud!

Hi everyone! Guess what?!

Today is Valentine's Day! Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Here on the side is a picture that I found only while surfing the Net. It says, "I love you every step of the way." The color is rather depressing for the occasion, but it is still cute! 

I'm changing the formatting of my posts, and, instead of just having a picture at the top and bottom of the posts, I'm putting them of to the side. It makes it look a bit like the newspaper. But that's not how I meant it for this blog to be! I wanted this blog to be as if I am welcoming you into my house during the winter holidays, saying, "Welcome in! Every person has their unique story; I'm here to tell you mine." I give you cookies and hot cocoa. We sit on the couches by the fire and laugh and cry as we listen to everyone.

Yes, that is another reason why I wanted to start this blog: I want to share my life story with everyone. Many times I tried to find a voice and speak, but many times I can not because people do not want to listen to my side of the story. I can't believe that it has been a week before I started this, and it has been starting to blossom.

Voices are very important in the the community. It makes people feel that:

1) They are loved.
2) They are heard.
3) They are important.

If they aren't heard, will feel as if aren't important. They will not feel loved and heard, and that friends, will lead to many problems.

Speaking isn't the only way to be heard; express your creativity! It's like an extension of you, an extension of your voice. Sing loud! Write and express what you feel with your words. Dance in the rain or sunshine!

Speak aloud, people, speak proud people. We must all be heard, our voice and thoughts shone. Don't be afraid to speak your mind. -<3 Morning With Love

Dating: A Must At A Young Age?

Hi, everyone! Have you read the title above? ^^ To anyone over the the age of 30, you don't have to read this or listen to my advice.  But if you want, then you may read this. I have been having second thoughts on posting this too, but my guts been urging me to do this anyways. So, with that, after days of thinking, I have finally decided to do this! Sorry to anyone that may be offended by this.

Dating. I've heard of it in my younger years, but I never knew what it really meant. All I knew was that it had something to do with a guy and a girl "going out" together. I only knew what it truly meant at the end of fourth grade, when it started to come up as a topic and when I read Allie Finkle's Rules For Girls: Best Friends and Drama Queens. It meant that I boy and a girl had feelings for each other, and that they were together as couple.

Whenever anyone asks me about my opinion of dating today, I shrug and just shake my head as if I don't know the answer. I respect the people that are dating; I don;t have anything against them. But this is my post for today: I express my true thoughts on the subject dating!

Starting to date now days seems to happen a lot earlier back when I first saw it. I first saw it when about the beginning of this school year, but heard the topic pop up when at the end of fourth grade. Now, my younger sibling, who is two years younger than me, has heard the subject since the start of the third grade and started seeing in in the middle of the fifth grade. I guess a lot has happened since then.

What are some of the things that contribute to this? Well, one of the first things that come to mind is peer pressure. Many of the kids in the "cool" group are dating. And to many who idolize them as model, they may do the same. Some may have friends that are dating and are them to do the same. And, they may think, that if they don't start dating, they won't be "accepted into society," as my sassy character, Daniella, tells her arch-rivals while doing the group project.

Another factor in this is crushing. I could hear some of you groan, yes, but don't worry! I actually think in all sense that this is really healthy, even though I don't have a crush and not looking sometime in the near future to do so. Many of us will have a secret crush from afar.

But know the difference. When a crush starts to turn harmful- when your grades start to drop and your homework has doodles of his name and a portrait of him, then it's time to snap yourself out of it. If your having trouble with this, try to focus on that energy that you use to daydream about your crush, try to use that  energy on something that you love.

Back to dating! Well, there are many other factors that may contribute to this, but I can't think of them at all off the top of my head. But here is one final thing that may help understand my point: our lives.

As I say many times (and if you browse through the other blog posts that I wrote, it may have mentioned it), "we live life only once." And I am trying to enjoy the time for my young years before I mature. We won't be able to play outside as we did when we were six, so I am trying to enjoy this. Plus, I am not going to get my heart broken by some guy that may dump me later.

So, friends that is my opinion. Let hearts fly one Valentine's Day tomorrow! -<3 Morning

Liebester Award!

Anyways, I have been nomitnated for the Liebester reward from EZforever, who is an amazing blogger and individual, by the way. The Rules:

  •  List 11 random facts about myself
  •  Answer 11 questions from the person who nominated me
  • Nominate 11 people for the award, along with 11 questions for them to answer
  • Pass it on to people that have fewer than 200 followers.
So here I go!

11 Random Facts About Me
1) Favorite veggie: spinach!
2) I'm in charge of Operation Santa 2013, an organization made with no-adult help!
3) Orange-Os are my favorite candy.
4) My earliest memory was dancing to the song "The Ketchup Song" aka "Asereje." I was only two when this happened. My parents have a video of me dancing (and nearly hurting myself by dancing too wild!).
5) People say that I could "see" through them, which I kinda don't know what they mean...
6) "King of Anything" is the song of my life.
8) When it comes to coloring, I tend to overdo it and over decorate.
9) Favorite game of all time: “Cops and Robbers!” (Made up game!)
10) I go frantic if I do not go outside everyday!
11) Strange hobby: With all of the kids in the neighborhood, we play "Knights and Castles"!

My Answers To the Questions
1. What’s your favorite song? 
A: I'm not sure. Wither "King of Anything", "Love Song" (both which are by Sara Bareilles) or "Some Nights" by Fun.

2. When you go to a party, would you rather wear formal clothes or casual?
A: It really depends.
3. What was your most embarassing moment with your mom?
A: Okay, so one day when I was younger I had to use the restroom at the mall. I was about two. She potty trained me, but it was my first time to use the public restroom's toilets. Since I was scared, I screamed for her to come her me use the bathroom. Worst of all, the bathroom at the mall we were at was crowded, so everyone heard me!
4. Are you the middle child, oldest child, youngest child, or none of them?
A: Oldest.
5. Do yo prefer eletrical cords, or batteries?
A: Batteries!
6. What religion do you believe in? Are you proud of believing it?
A: I'm a Christian, but whether I'm proud to be believing it I tend to hide.
7. What do you think of ten year olds?A: 20% percent of the people I get along with is the ten-year-olds, so I think they're awesome!
8. Which is better: Christmas or your birthday?
A: Christmas! Presents!
9. Left-handed or right?
A: Right!
10. What is your most favorite dream?
A: Secret!
11. Did you ever have a childhood friend, but then he/she left, argued with, or suddenly hates you?
A: In fifth grade, my childhood friend had to suddenly move away, and we didn't keep in contact because we didn't use cellphones yet. But now, (I didn't know until several months ago) she goes to the same middle school as me.

Questions I Ask the Nominees
1) What is your most craziest memory with your friends?
2) Quote that you live by?
3) What is more important to you: Popularity or Grades? And why?
4) You just get all cranky when...
5) The most strangest thing that you ever received?
6) What is the first thing that comes to mind when
7) If you have one wish, what would it be?
8)What color describes your personality and why?
9) Tell me that was one thing that you regret doing or never wish had happened.
10) What's that one thing that makes you stand out of the crowd? 11) Okay, so it's summertime and you, with everyone from homeroom (if in elementary school, your class from last year) decide to go and study at your teacher's house. Using your imagination, what would you think would happen?

Eleven People I Nominate! 
1) Perfectly Imperfect
2) animalgirlsmagazine 
3) Purrfect Writer
4) Rachel Ditcher 
5) Tela 

.... I will add more people later on, because right now, I will have to get off the computer! Trust me!

Cookies and Lemonade For Everyone! Time To Celebrate!

Hello friends! Guess what? I'm so happy!  This calls for a toast of lemonade and cookies for everyone! My former Algebra teacher has come back to chat with us online! She's still alive! This things remind me of the song called, "Celebration", as the artists sing: "Celebrate good time, come on!"

Yes, I feel like celebrating. But everyday, I do! I celebrate for all of the wonderful things that happen in life, the things that many people, like my friends, classify as "an event that just happened." To them, it's not much of a big deal.

But the things that happen in life are more than just events, especially the good things. They are like the wonderful miracles that helps make life and the world go round that bring us joy. It may be a birthday, which happens in our lives or perhaps an event that is more precious, like seeing a baby for the first time several hours of he or she was born.

It may not seem like these things happen everyday and affect us, but they do internationally. Soldiers from the war are coming back home to see their families. Children and baby animals are born. The environment is being protected. Hungry and poor people are being fed and taken care of. The list goes on and on!

These are the things worth celebrating for. 

Risks This Week

Hello friends. I am going to dread this week.

This is the week where we have SLCs once again!!! No!

... Wait? Do any of you know what I am talking about? Do you know what SLC even stands for? Yes? No? Maybe? Semi-Cord Candycanes? I wish it was called that, because things at school would be a lot more fun. But of course, it isn't. For those who do not know what SLC stands for, I'll tell you.

SLC stands for Student-Led Conferences, something which all middle schoolers are in charge of. In elementary school, you probably have parent-teacher conference, where you and your parents just set up a time to meet up with your teacher and talk about your grades.

In middle school, it is different. There are these things called "teams", and in middle school, where I live, they place you on a team depending on how smart you are (which I honestly don't like). In your team, there are four core classes: math, english, science and geography. There are four teacher with interns. You have to meet up with all four of your core teachers, a five-minute session each.

But there's a catch.

It is called student-led conference for a reason. You are the one who is in control, talking to your parents about grades. Several days before, you collect pieces of some classwork and homework to show. And not only do you meet with your core teachers, you have to meet with your ELECTIVES too. It is an experience that is frightening, which it is only my second time (every year, you must do it twice).

Some people look forward to this. But I am not one of those people. Reason? Alright. In November, I took journalism, which is a semester-long course. Now I was signed up to interview my team. I thought that it wasn't a huge deal, meeting with four teachers, until I learned that 6 other teachers who are interns and Special-Ed helpers go there too. So for third period, I had to sit with them all staring at me. I must deal with that later.

There is something else that I am going to have to do. See, in fifth grade, my teacher took a picture of my table cluster. And I really loved it, those fun times and memories! And out of luck, my younger brother got into his class. So then, I am going to ask him (my teacher was a guy) when he is done talking to my parents.

Yes, folks, I am talking a lot of risks this week. When I was younger, I used to watch "The Magic School Bus". And Ms. Frizzle, that crazy teacher with the school bus that takes her class on wacky field trips, always says, "Take chances! Make mistakes!"

And that is what I am going to be doing this week. I am going to just try and take the risk. That's how you can discover new things, in a sort. Life has it's risks, hasn't it? So we must take this chance, and hopefully, good things would come to use all.


Hello once again, friends! This morning, I went to visit my some of my friends- not the people in my close circle, but just people that I grew up with, and, with the help of middle school, got closer to. All of us were feeling really solemn today. I don't know if we suddenly just "grew up," but we acted mature and asked questions filled with wisdom. One of the questions that someone asked was:

What gifts have been given to us?

It could be anything. Maybe it could be your computer, which you favor so much because you can chat with your friends, surf the web, or even type your stories on. It might also be your iPod, which has your favorite songs and artists. Or it could be the camera that you just love to use and take photos from. Whatever has been given to you.

In that little group, while we were chatting we went from materialistic stuff (like the things listed above^^) to things that money just can't buy. We talked about our friends, family and pets. The conversation kept on going like this, until it went all the way to the qualities that we had gifted to us. In the circle, we went around telling each other this. It was interesting! I had to think really hard to answer this. When they got to me, I said, "The ability to see and bring out the best in people."

My close circle of friends told me this. See, when I first met them a few years ago, I was a completely different person. I judged them everyone depending how they looked. Now, the three friends of mine I judged. *Gasp!* Yes, I did. I thought one was smart-alecky, one was obnoxious, and one had too big bunny teeth. 

But soon, very slowly, I saw the best in them. We hung out a lot more often, during snack, even out at recess! We got along well too. And, since I got along mostly with all three of them, I helped bring out the best in them. The other girl in my group was optimistic, and we both cheered on during games! One the guys was athletic, and so I'd challenge him in four square and kickball, trying to push him to his limit and best. Finally, the last one was creative because his musical abilities, so sometimes we'd sing together. 

And, thanks to them, I normally see the best in people. Most people look, but as Rory from the Willow Falls series by Wendy Mass replies to Angelina in the book "Finally," "'And looking is different than seeing.'"

So, what do you look for in the people? Please comment and tell me!

New Year's Resolution

It's already been a month since the beginning of the year 2013, yet I want to talk about New Year's resolutions.

New Year's resolutions are extremely important. Why? Of course, the answer is very simple. Every year, we make resolutions have to make ourselves better people. We get older, so we must get wiser. We don't want to keep our bad habits, don't we?

And yet, for most of the people that I know off, several months after the New Year, they end up forgetting them and retreating to their old their old ways. So, to help keep with these resolutions, I decided to list things that may help:

1) Make an effort. You can't fulfill you your resolutions if you don't try, right? Remember, these are your resolutions you want to come true, and like everything else, you have to make an effort.

2) Get into the habit. It may seem too late to try, but just do it! Resolutions can't be done out of laziness. For example, if you're goal is to go to sleep at seven o'clock, always make the habit to. Know what I mean?

3) Encourage yourself! Think positive! Your resolution will soon become reality.

Here are my 2013 resolutions:

1) To be myself. As I mentioned in the first post, I don't want to conceal myself. This, the blog, is the first step. Through the course of the year, I will slowly let me true self shine!

2) Get taller! Sadly, I'm shorter than most kids my age. I hope to at least grow four inches and up! I want to be at least 5'6 (1.6764 meters, to those who use the metric system).

3)Write a novel and complete the "Elements" series! This, of course, is for obvious reasons, for the NaNoers! If you don't know, then, I'll be happy to tell you! Writing one of the things I love, and I want to become a successful and published author!

So what are you going to do with your resolutions? Are you going to revive them and make them come true?       -Chilling With the Snowman, xoxo

Beauty Vs. Pretty

Hello friends! Today, when I went to my school, I noticed one thing:

More than half of the school's population was wearing make-up!

This isn't your average make-up amount, when you just paint your nails, add a dab of lip gloss, and maybe throw in some mascara. I am talking several layers of make-up covering your face that can make you not recognize yourself anymore, with some blush, eyeliner and power to help make the spots of uneven skin tone appear even. And all of the simply things like nail polish and lip gloss are doubled by the amount. And, surprisingly, this is the normal amount.

I am not kidding. I was wondering about this. Since when did everyone start caring about how they looked on the inside? When we were in kindergarten, everything was different. We just grinned in the mirror, liking how we appear. Then, as we start to grow up, things begin to change. Everyone (mainly the girls) judged each other about how their appearances were. They put on make-up to make themselves look prettier, maybe to cover up their feeling of insecurity.

Now, I am not the type of person who wears make-up, because I believe that I am a bit too young to even wear some. My friends wearing make-up and dress nicely, but only if it a special occasion, like the first day of the new school year. Every other day, they come as themselves.

Another question was forming in my head: Does how we look matter? Well, I was thinking, yes. It does matter. People judge you by how you look, right? Several minutes before lunch, I finally got the answer to the question: Pretty and Beauty. Looks don't really matter. In fact, as soon as finished my lunch and went to the library, I wrote down my answer. It's not my best handwriting (I had to write it backwards, the mirror way!), but I ant to share this with everyone hear:

New Year, Brand New Start

Um.... hi. This is the first blog that I have ever written, and I absolutely don't know what to do! My heart is beating fast against my chest, my fingers trembling as I type with each word. I'm making so many errors! Oh, why did I even bother to start a blog, anyway?

Oh, yes, that's right! I remember now. All the time, every day, 24/7, I have to blend in. I don't like standing out. I used to, but many people didn't like the way that I was, so I changed. I hid myself- more of blending in- like I said before, until I was in fifth grade. For that one whole year, I was myself. Then, afraid, I turned into my blending-in-the-crowd self. But now, it's the New Year. Everything has changed. And I, as one of my New Year's resolutions, is to be true to myself. The second one is, as the song "Some Nights" by Fun states, is another question we all ask ourselves:

What do I stand for,
what do I stand for?
Most nights, I don't know,

The final one is, as the Glee! cover version of "Some Nights" sings: "Who am I?" It's a question that we might not think about too much, yes. I myself didn't think about it... until I heard the song itself. When you think about it, it's harder than it seems, right?

Oh, yeah! Speaking about who am I, I forgot to introduce myself! I'm not going to say who I am exactly, but I will tell you a few things. First off, my screen name is MorningTime. Strange user name. Well, this is what my close circle of friends call me. This is the name that tells you my true personality all at once: optimistic, bubbly, outgoing and creative. I love to write and sing a lot! And, if there was a song that described my life, it would be "King of Anything," by Sara Bareilles.

*looks up at the blog name* I'm sorry! Another thing that I want to talk about is my blog title: "The Ups and Downs of My Not-So-Average Life." I called it this for a reason: Because life has it's ups and downs, like a chain of long hills. And I'm not your average person, once you look underneath the surface. No one is! We're all unique, and we have are different paths. This is my view in life.

Please do leave a comment! I hope that by the end of the year, I will have grown as an individual, both physically, mentally and emotionally. And I hope, that as I grow, so will this blog.

                                                                                                                        With Lots of Love,
                                                                                                                            Morning Time